Snippets: Shounen Oujo (Boy Princess) Chapter 1 (March 2011)

I must say this is definitely…different. As one can tell from the title, there is going to be some cross-dressing going down. In fact, one could actually think of this as the Prince and the Pauper, only instead of there being a prince, we have a princess. The societal structure of this world is very…unique. Instead of a man’s world, it’s a woman’s world…

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Points of interest

  • In this country, the princess of the land laid down this law: only the women can work. The men are to do their bidding. Thus, this is a society where the women have power and the men are the ones who stay at home and raise the kids. Of course, the women abuse their powers and essentially make the men their bitches (who have no rights or say in anything). Hell, there was a scene where a woman was WHIPPING the dude! What!? That’s just…disturbing (even more so if the guy was liking it o__O). The only ones really exempt from this bazaar law are the poor – for both men and women are poor (and what poor man is going to sit there and let some chick whip him…unless, again, he’s into that sort of thing). BUTTTT, one has to watch out because even if you are poor, there are slave traders out there that specifically target males who they plan to sell to rich women so those crazy whores can do whatever the heck they want with them…(this is like every man’s nightmare…or possible dream <- again, if you are M).


The story opens up with us learning about the way this country is structured (look at my “points of interest” if you forgot ^^). Our protagonist, a boy named Albert, is getting lectured (and sat on xD) by a woman who I am assuming is like his caretaker (we’re never really told). She warns him that even if he is poor, he is still a possible target for slave traders. She tells him to avoid going into the city.

So naturally, he goes into the city. And he brings his friend Theodore. Both go into the city to see the decorations placed in honor of the queen’s birthday. However, rather than a being greeted by a grand spectacle, there is nothing! Seems the queen is sick so she canceled her birthday celebration.

Albert and Theodore look around at the creepy pro-female society and think, yeah, let’s get out of here. I don’t like the sounds those whips make when they strike human flesh… However, Theodore’s hat gets blown away and he goes chasing after it…into a dark alley. Nothing good EVER comes out of a dark alley, and Boy Princess is of no exception. Lurking in the alleyway are some slave traders. And guess who just got caught ;D

Random scene change to some chick and her bespectacled bitch manservant. She sees the slave traders hurling the boys off. She whispers something to her companion. What could it be?

Girl: Ha ha! Sucks to be them :P Let’s get some KFC ~

Guy: >__>

No, actually, she told Glasses here to go buy Albert! After some man-negotiations, Albert is purchased! But Albert isn’t too happy. He gives Glasses the death glare which for some reason surprises Glasses. My heavens, I wonder why o3o (the answer is obvious if you saw the colored pages). I guess the girl likes the way Albert glares because she tells Glasses to also add in Theodore to her purchase. Yay ~ NOT! Albert tries to make a break for it but gets caught by Glasses: “You can’t escape me ~” He knocks the kids out by having the slave trader breath on them (lol, stinky breath XD)

Albert wakes up to find himself butt nekkid. Congratulations Albert, you’ve been purchased by a pervert. He also sees this:

Better be lucky he’s not using the other end on you Albert. Glasses, who we later learn is named Gii, is cleaning Albert up before he presents him to his mistress. When questioned why he is blindfolded, Gii says he doesn’t want to fall under a hypnotic trance Albert might induce via osculating his extremities xD LOL WHAT!? Even Albert is like, WTF YOU HAVE ONE TOO! AND SINCE WHEN COULD YOU USE YOUR BALLS TO HYPNOTIZE SOMEONE????

Gii tells him to STFU as he starts to mop Albert. Albert is all, oh hell no! And totally tea bags Gii’s face xDDDDDDD

(of all the defensive moves I could make, crotch thrusting into someone’s face would be the last thing I would do)

Naturally Gii, who I think has nutsac-phobia, is freaking out. He starts screaming like a drunken monkey who just stepped on a mousetrap (I wouldn’t keep your mouth open like that Gii…I mean, your wiggling and stuff…it could fly right in there…). Due to all the activity, Gii’s blindfold falls off and he sees two things: 1.) a birthmark on Albert’s leg that he remembers seeing in his past, and 2.) Albert’s penis. Freaking out level has now increased by 5 levels.

While Gii is trying to stop Albert’s penis from going up his nose, Albert tells Theodore to run for it (yeah, I was like, Theodore was here the whole time?) but Theodore is too busy chillin in a pool to react. So that plan failed. All it did was make Gii angry, and he takes it out on them via cleaning.

Now clean and shiz, Gii takes them to meet his mistress: the princess! What’s more? She and Albert look just like one another!

So here’s the big question: is Albert girly-looking or does the princess look like a man? *touches chin and ponders*

Questions aside, she tells them to eat, sleep, and be merry because you fools be my new bitches. Albert does not like being someone’s bitch so later that night he tries to break out with Theodore. Upon leaving he sees a picture of a woman that makes him think, HUH! WHY YOU LOOK SO FAMILIAR MA’AM? Unfortunately, having this “moment” with the picture allows Gii to crawl out from the ventilation duct and capture them: “I told you: you can’t escape me.”

Gosh man, you’re like Uryuu except more pro-active in your creeping o__O;

The princess isn’t too happy when she learns about this. She gave them food and a place to sleep. The hell else you boys need?

Albert: A PS3!

Albert tells her it doesn’t matter what she does for them, they aren’t her slave. They just want to go home! The princess sighs in exasperation. She looks to her side and sees some swords. If you aren’t going to obey me then Imma going to have to beat you into submission! While swinging her sword around like an angry drunken pirate after losing a karaoke contest, the princess accidentally misjudges her swing and brings it down on Albert who is meat shielded by Theodore. The princess is all, oh shit! Rather than be freaked out about the princess stabbing a kid and said kid bleeding all over the carpet, Gii takes the sword from the princess and tells her she needs to be more elegant when she slashes down her opponents. Like so ~


“Gii! Stop it!”

Gii stops his posing. Albert tells the two that if they heal Theodore, he’ll do whatever they want. He’s my best friend…

The princess agrees. The scene shifts to Albert and Theodore, who is now all patched up. Theodore is being returned to the outside world. He tells Albert that he’ll become stronger so he can break Albert out of here. The two have a bro-friendship moment.

“So wait for me.”

The chapter ends with the princess and Gii talking. Gii wonders if it’s prudent to allow Theodore to go free. The princess tells Gii to STFU, they only need Albert. Hopefully they won’t regret this >3> Albert comes out, proudly strutting around in a…dress?

So the princess bought him to model her clothes? WRONG!

“From this day forth, you are to take my place as princess!”




  • How many here think Albert is going to turn out to be a lost prince or something?
  • How many here think Gii is going to somehow be related to Albert in terms of being his old family’s servant or whatever?
  • How many here think Albert is going to over throw the creepy WOMEN > MEN law into something more along the lines of WOMEN = MEN. Whipping is only allowed in the bedroom!
  • How many here think none of the above is going to happen and instead a giant robot falls from space and Albert will have to send forth the castle’s “Go Go Rangers” to combat this evil? jk
  • I totally think the guy in the colored page who is crossing swords with Gii is going to turn out to be Theodore. I didn’t mention it in the “PLOT” but Theodore is actually two years older than Albert. I know, I had to read that over because I was like, you shitting me!? This shortie!? We’ll see if a time skip happens ~ (it’s the only reason I can think of – otherwise, he’s just a character we haven’t met  yet)

I included this because I like the placement of his hand xD

On to chapter 2!

11 thoughts on “Snippets: Shounen Oujo (Boy Princess) Chapter 1 (March 2011)

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  2. This is an interesting manga. I look forward to more posts about it.

    I think #4 of that list is going to come true. I mean, look what happened with SLH.


    • :3 it’s definitely different ^^ but I think that’s what makes it interesting. Also, I like the butler, Gii. His male phobia will make for some interesting scenes in the future!

      ._____. ugh SLH…wtf happened? You used to be going places Dx


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  4. I liked this. I’m interested to find out how everything turns out. Yes I do agree with the Losty Prince-theory and the WOMEN=MEN-theory of yours. I had the same thought as I was reading it. It’s be fun to hear this as a drama CD, too. (After a Drama CD, perhaps an anime?)


  5. was reading dandandandan… didn’t like it, then decided to give shounen oujo a try and…
    i loved it! =D
    the scanlation is only up till chapter 7. i did not expect that ending D: (of volume one)
    i feel sorry for alexia T.T


    • DADADADAN is good if you like comedy and want nothing but comedy ~ (although the later chapters do get a bit dark o__O;). Haha, it’s cool if you don’t like DADADADAN ~ Everyone’s got their own preferences. Heck, I don’t like Hakase Ga!! much (Hakase Ga!! also runs in the same magazine as DADADADAN) but it’s popular enough to get a drama CD ;w; To all their own…

      I heard the scans have started up again :3 Be prepared for some more heartache! Shounen Oujo isn’t done with the tragedy yet!

      (you and me both :A: I wanted her and Gii to end up together!!!)


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