Snippets: Cafe Cafe #3 and #4 (March 2011)

A kind of new title, Cafe Cafe started in the February 2011 Issue of Sylph (which I haven’t gotten around to reading yet). I remember this manga-ka because she did a one-shot in Sylph not too long ago (in the October 2010 Issue of Sylph) called Skeleton Girl. I bring this up because I must say this manga-ka has a fondness for tsundere female protagonists (a trait I’m not much of a fan of ^^; – rather, I don’t like violent tsundere) and love interests that love to take their abuse (<_< which explains why these guys like these girls. I mean, most girls don’t run around kicking guys in the nuts…everyone’s got their own kink I guess ^^; ).

From what I can tell, Cafe Cafe is pretty much just a slice of life comedy title. Each mini-chapter covers some random event that took place that day.

The overall “story” revolves around a young girl named Kazuno. She runs and operates a Japanese style coffee shop (not sure what means – I’m guess the inside looks Japanese?). But she can’t make coffee (don’t ask). However, despite this frankly weird disability, she continues to do her best; for this shop was her father’s – I’m not sure if he’s dead or what >3> I’m saying dead because mangas like to kill off the parents. A second character in this story is an Arabic Prince, Ashruff(?), who is charmed by Kazuno and wants to take her as his wife. However, Kazuno isn’t interested. And she shows this with her fists. But rather than be daunted by her assaults, he continues his pursuit of her.

Follow the adventures of this coffee shop owner and her royal pursuer ~

Oh, a third character is Prince Ashruff’s manservant, Cedric. He’s your usual stick up the ass fellow who pretty much wants to dry hump his master’s leg in love (you know what I mean). Naturally he sees Kazuno as not worthy of his master’s affection, not that Kazuno cares.

Points of interest

  • There are none. This story doesn’t really have any…story stuff…^^;


Mini Story #3

Ashruff obtains a camera…I think you know where I’m going with this ^^ (LOL to the fact the prince converted his pictures into goods, like t-shirts and a body pillow, for what I’m assuming is for his own private use. He was even going to put one picture on his jet pssfft xD )

Mini Story #4

Pretty much we learn how Kazuno fucks up her coffee.  When Cedric says she sucks at life for failing at this, Kazuno says that she’ll one day perfect the art of making coffee (read the label ^^; dear goodness child!). Her mother couldn’t make coffee either (Cedric: your family is full of fail =______=) but her dad would still drink her coffee, saying it had a flavor only Kazuno’s mom could bring out (probably explains why he went to an early grave ^^; ). Prince Ashruff is inspired by Kazuno’s story and says MARRY MEH! Of course Kazuno tells him to go shove a beaver up his A-hole.

The chapter ends with Ashruff coughing up blood from drinking Kazuno’s coffee ^^;

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