Snippet: Scarlet Prince 13th Blood (March 2011)

I was debating whether I would do a snippet of Scarlet Prince because I haven’t been following this title too much. However, since I keep getting “Scarlet Prince”
search hits on my blog, I figured I might as well add this on if I have time :D Enjoy ~

Again I repeat that I have been out of the loop with this title so I’m not sure what’s been going on so forgiveness in advance if  I mess anything up

Points of Interest

  • Okamoto has an older brother who likes to suck the blood of girls and I believe has a harem of mind controlled females (judging by what the last page showed)


For some reason, the main chick, Mana, finds Okamoto’s brother slurping some bloody from a chick. She tries to stop him but he easily subdues her and nom noms on her…only to discover the nasty flavor of her blood xD

I think something important happens here because Okamoto’s brother has this OMG face but whatever it’s supposed to mean is ruined when Wataru, that guy exorcist friend of Mana’s, comes looking for her. He sees the situation and has a hissy fit. He tells Okamoto to go suck himself and takes Mana home.

Okamoto learns from his brother that Mana and Wataru left for a job. However, they left their stuff behind. Okamoto rationalizes that he’ll give them their stuff when they meet next…but it’s winter break. So instead Okamoto goes to Mana and Wataru’s place. Upon ringing the door bell, Wataru sees Okamoto and throws another hissy fit. He yells at Okamoto because his brother is a douchebag that attacked Mana. Okamoto is all OHHHHH? :O Wataru continues: because of that douchebag, Mana is now stuck in some serious shit. Okamoto freaks and runs around Wataru to find Mana. And he finds her…

Okamoto: dwah!?  (|||°٢° )

I’m guessing Mana is doing some training. When Wataru enters the scene, Okamoto yells at him: wtf man? How is correlated to serious shit? Wataru tells him that it’s some serious shit because she’s doing some training to fight against the evil vampires (Okamoto: =___=; whatever dude). Mana declares that she’s taking down Okamoto’s brother – they may both be vampires but that doesn’t mean he and Okamoto are the same – Okamoto’s brother is a douchebag that attacks girls! HE MUST BE NEUTERED!

Okamoto is inspired by Mana’s words and says he’ll go with her on her crusade to neuter his brother. He may be my brother but he’s a douchebag that attacks girls. That’s not cool.

The chapter ends with them going to Okamoto’s brother’s room. Inside they find the brother surrounded by a harem.

Team Neuter: Σ(゜д゜;) the hell!?



  • For someone who hasn’t followed the series, I was able to pick up what was going on just fine :3 I’m hoping Okamoto grows up to be as fine as his brother, minus the attacks on women and turning them into his harem slaves.

[EDIT: Blood 14 is out!]

8 thoughts on “Snippet: Scarlet Prince 13th Blood (March 2011)

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    • Haha, I love how hawt the brother looks x3 (but I like the incubus guy the best ~ he’s so cute <3)
      The story is very comedic :3 Nothing hard core Twilight-y or Vampire Knight-ish ~
      School probably got in the way for the scanalation group :( School…how you hate us…


    • Haha, glad you liked it ^^ No idea where “GO SUCK HIMSELF” came from but all credit goes to my mind and its crazy imagination ~

      I’m glad you liked the snippet :D Thank goodness this chapter was easy to follow (before, I wasn’t going to include this due to time restraints and being behind on the chapters Dx). I wanted to share with the world Okamoto’s brother (because for a guy that attacks girls and makes them part of his harem, he has a nice face ;D)


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