Snippet: Hana Ori Soushi Chapter 2 (March 2011)

Hana Ori Soushi started in the same issue as Cafe Cafe – February 2011 – so again, I have missed the first the chapter. But thank goodness for recaps! I’m pretty much told what happened in chapter 1 in a single speech bubble :D


The gist that I can decipher is there are these thingies called Tane (think seed). Once germinated in a person, they make that person go bat shit crazy. The main female character somehow gets messed up with these Tane and meets 2 dudes – one dude is a guy that recently transferred to her school, the other is her teacher (who I might add looks mighty fine when he’s evil ;D). They tell her she needs to help them fight against the Tane. Any sane girl would tell them to piss off and that’s what she does. The dudes don’t like this. So they do some wacky shiz to her brother and pretty much force her into working with them or else her brother will explode or something along those lines (nice…) <- chapter #1 in a nut shell. Now on to chapter 2!

Points of Interest

  • We meet a new bishi – Yusura. He’s so cute x3 And so happy. He’s totally going to be my favorite (and I’m REALLY hoping he’s a boy and not a trap because that flowery ornament on his head makes me question his gender).
  • Apparently the main chick – Chiharu – is somehow connected to everyone. However, she has no memories of them or being able to use any type of power to combat the Seeds
  • Bipolar bishi – Hisaya – has some emotional baggage that will probably come up and ruin things in the future
  • Teach – I don’t know his name – is Hisaya’s manservant/bitch (think of the relationship Cain and Uryuu had in Stray Love Hearts; except Teach isn’t secretly sniffing Hisaya’s used socks at night…or at least it hasn’t been hinted at that kind of relationship yet)



Chiharu is rethinking about the events that happen in chapter 1 while in class (yay for recap!). However, her train of thought is broken by Teach. Chiharu apologizes. Teach is all, it’s cool ;D  Chiharu is surprised by how different he is from the hot ass he was the night before – fingering her brother so he’ll explode just to get her to work for them. And of course there’s our bipolar bishi Hisaya to think about – and just like Patrick from Hakuouki, thinking of him makes him appear. After her friends ditch her so she can have some ALONE time with Hisaya, Chiharu asks Hisaya about yesterday. He’s all, yesterday *shojo eyes* What happened yesterday? *puts his pinky to his dimple*

Chiharu explains what happens but then dismisses the whole thing as a dream. It was too crazy to be real…right? ^^;

Hisaya: WRONG (╬ ಠ益ಠ)

Chiharu: (ఠ_ゝఠ) crap

Hisaya’s other side takes over and he pretty much scares the shit out of her. However, he turns back to normal when classmates appear. He tells her to meet up with him after school <3 Tee hee ~ The classmates here this and go running off to spread the news: Hisaya and Chiharu are an I-T-E-M ~ (who cares? >__>;)

Fast forward to after school. Chiharu is waiting for our duel personality friend when she over hears some classmates talking about some chick in chapter #1 (man, don’t you guys have better things to do than gossip D:). Saying f this, Chiharu goes over to that chick’s house to garner some info out of her. The chick says she can’t remember anything, only that she got real scared when some dudes surrounded her. When she regained consciousness, she was at home, all cover in organs and stuff. She has a freak out scene. Chiharu pats her on the back and excuses herself.

Comforting the chick must have taken awhile because it’s late at night. As Chiharu is walking home, some kid totally does a spine crusher on her. Somehow escaping paralysis from the waist down, Chiharu asks the boy wtf? The kid says he’s being chased, and we see it’s some dude possessed by the Tane (you can tell because those who are possessed have these leaf-vine patterned tattoos (kind of like what Hakkai in Saiyuki has when he takes his limiters off).  And he’s got a knife.

Chiharu: ffffffffffffff TAKE THE KID!

No, she bravely uses her body as a meat shield since what else can she do? Not like she can poop out a sword to fight him. Rather than die and end the series right there, someone comes and saves her. It’s my happy bishi :D Yusura. After kicking some ass, he turns chibi and runs over to Chiharu.

“I came to meet you ^^”

Hohoho! You player <3 Chiharu turns so red at his words. Apparently he knows Chiharu but Chiharu doesn’t know him. When he asks Chiharu to finish the job (indicating the knocked out Tane), Chiharu just gives him a blank stare. Huh? ಠ̯ಠ Yusura is surprised that Chiharu doesn’t know anything. Before he can go any further, Bipolar bishi makes a scene.

He tells Yusura to back away from Chiharu. Then he goes and yells at Chiharu for not waiting for him. Yusura throws the peace sign at him and the chapter ends with Yusura about to explain wtf is going on.



I’m really thinking Bipolar Bishi / Hisaya is going to be the bishi I don’t like and I hope won’t get with the main girl but he probably will – just to piss me off ^^# I don’t have much of a prediction about what’s going to happen other than I think reincarnation is going to play a role :9


[EDIT: Chapter 3 is out ~]

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