March 2011 Sylph Furoku x Snippet of Kamigami Shiki★Academy Chapter 5 (final)

As requested by @chungky, here are some pics of the furoku included with the March 2011 Issue of Sylph. The furoku is a shitajiki or pencil board of the popular series, DGS. These are the two main characters (I don’t think they have names – it’s something like C-kun and D-kun):

On the back is stuff that I can’t understand really ^^; Something about a card game.

Here is my shitajiki chillin’ with the Hakuouki shitajiki one of my earlier Sylph Issues had (on the back is Okita but I’m a Saitou girl – thus I have Saitou glaring out at me ~ Kya ~ xD)

As you may have noticed in the title, I’m also adding a snippet in combination with this post. Not because I think this post is lacking but because I’m too lazy to write an official snippet of Kamigami Shiki★Academy and instead I’ll be doing a REAL quick sub-snippet (or whatever). Since I haven’t followed this series at all – which is bad of me since this is done by the manga-ka who drew both Harada’s and Heisuke’s arc in Hakuouki Jurenka – I have no idea who the fudge these characters are or their back story. The only reason I’m doing this is because it’s the last chapter and I like to spoil :3

This kind of steals from Stray Love Hearts. Basically the student-council-thing-whatevertheyare are being kicked out of office by some evil dick who looks like Patrick with black hair. Black Patrick spreads some rumors about the student-council-thing-whatevertheyare and so everyone is all GTFO. The people of the SCTW (student-council-thing-whatevertheyare abbreviated) are like, welp I’m giving up but the main girl cries. Everyone knows the power of shojo tears. It motivates the SCTW to not give up – WE’LL NEVER LOSE WITH LOVE ON OUR SIDE! They hold an assembly and say WE’RE NOT LEAVING BECAUSE YOU LOVE US! Random people they’ve helped in the past chapters scream they love the SCTW which makes the other students scream they love them too (don’t ask). Black Patrick flies away crying and the chapter ends with the SCTW doing SCTW stuff.

The end (and no, the series does not end with the main girl and main guy confessing their feelings for each other. It’s more like, Boy: stay by me…but don’t read into it. Girl: OKAY! ending)

5 thoughts on “March 2011 Sylph Furoku x Snippet of Kamigami Shiki★Academy Chapter 5 (final)

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  2. thanks so much!!! i’d LOVE to own that DGS pencil board, i don’t know whats DGS abbreviated for though but looks like a cute shounen ai story lol! . love to know more about it!

    omgosh i wanna read Kamigami Shiki★Academy now. the art is so my cup of tea and the story sounds interesting! i dnt mind it being similar to SLH! xD

    thanks so much darling!!!


    • Ah, DGS is short for Dear Girl Stories. I haven’t really followed the story since I started collecting Sylph a bit late in the game but it has something to do with those two guys helping girls out with their problems. Think Miracle Train, except the girls call for help instead of riding on a train and these hot dudes just appear to help console her through her problems xD There is (I believe) a rival gang that also is out to help girls, so these two compete (?) with one another. Not sure if the two boys in the furoku are shounen-ai for each other. If anything, there is more romance found in the relationships they have with their cats than with each other haha xD
      I like their boss. He wears the most random things as masks (I think he once walked around with a large hollowed out fruit on his head xD).
      Apparently this series is pretty popular. There’s a lot of merchandise on sale on Also the series got turned into a DS game. (I’m not sure but I think the reason for the popularity comes from the voice actors?)

      I’m ashamed that I didn’t keep up with the series. Especially since I loved her adaptations in Hakuouki Jurenka. What’s sad is even though the main two characters in the cover picture didn’t really profess their feelings for each other, two side characters I liked got together :D (they’re the other two in that last picture – the boy with spiky hair and the chick with long hair x3)
      I compare everything with SLH (since that was one of the first big series I worked on summarizing – it’ll forever be a part of me, despite the fact I didn’t like how it sort of died in the end) which doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing ~ It just means I can’t stop thinking of SLH when I see something similar xD

      Not a problem :3 Thank you for being my first requester with these snippets <3 *hugs*


      • rival gangs of men going out to help girls? sounds like a host club Lol. haha i thought they were shounen ai over each other since the illustration was rather SUGGESTIVE~
        eeeeurgh. i never liked it when the main couple doesnt get together, well depends on the story i suppose bleh…

        thank you again for the post! look forward to more sylph goodness!
        muah muah muah!


      • [wow, just realized I never replied to your comment :U]

        Lol, it’s definitely different ^^
        (I notice shojo titles like to do that sometimes – have the guys hanging all over one another even though they’re actually into the girl xD)

        ;___; I know! I like it when the main character gets with someone because it makes it worth rooting for them this whole time (but then again, it depends – sometimes the person she gets with is an abusive douche who needs to be in prison – however I don’t tend to read mangas with such a male lead so I usually don’t have to worry about that).

        ;D not a problem (I have pictures of the April 2011 furoku you requested as well ~ however, I’m just being a little lazy with getting these posts out xD)


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