Rebel Thong

Recently I have gotten into the habit of reading manga adaptations of Western romance novels. Why? Because they amuse me greatly! xD It’s interesting to see how Western romances and Eastern romances are similar yet different. I notice both tend to have a preference for tsundere characters, though the Western ones are more tsundere in personality only while the Eastern ones are tsundere in personality and in violence ^^; (I have no idea if I just used the word “tsundere” in the right context but who cares? *eyes the Grammar Nazis*). Lol to these male love interests getting a hard-on because of how cold these girls are to them at first xD Are all men M like this? o3o

Ah, to the point of this quick post!

I just finished reading one of these manga adaptions, called “It takes a Rebel,” or “Tameiki no Gogo as listed on mangaupdates. Here’s the plot:

“Alex hates hearing that she gets preferential treatment because she’s the daughter of the CEO of a top department store, so she works harder than anyone else. She is incensed by Jack, a scruffily dressed rep of an ad agency , when she visits regarding a new ad – and to top it all off, he has the nerve to try to seduce Alex! There is no way this kinda guy can work properly…but seeing Jack’s presentation the next day, Alex can’t take her eyes off him…”

Corny right? But I liked the cover and it was labeled as complete so I decided to give it a shot.

Is it me or does this pose convey a "omg get him off me!" message rather than a "take me baby!" one?

About halfway through the manga, there was a scene that made me laugh my butt off. I figured I’d post about it since it was just so amusing ^^ (to me at least)

***all scans belong to Shojo Manwha Scans – I did NOT scan these myself***

Lol! xD (When I saw that thong, I was instantly reminded of Butterflies, Flowers pssfftt - you shojo boys are crazy xD)

LOVE her expression (I would so wear the same expression if a dude in a thong appeared in front of me xD)

And you know you have to have people appear when confronted by this situation xD

I can't read the Korean text, but I'm sure gramps is saying something along the lines of "I like the way your balls fit in that thong, boy" xD

Ah, that was amusing ^^ But I think the greatest amusement for me was when I looked up the book on amazon:


WTF UGLY!  xD Maybe my perception of sexy is off but to me, this is NOT sexy! This is when you run out of the house screaming before dialing 9-1-1 (“There’s a creepy man in nothing but his boxers posing erratically on my bed! And I think his hair is made out of plastic. And he rolled around in some Doritos because he couldn’t afford a decent tan”)

8 thoughts on “Rebel Thong

    • The manwha definitely entertained (I have no idea why I’m so drawn to these types – I guess I like corny romances. Plus I like to lol at the crazy situations that happen xD)

      THANK YOU! I’m not the only one who thinks Caspian here is CREEPYYYYYYYY! UGH, put a paper bag on that guy’s head. Or at least fix that hair!


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    • OMG, I loved this series just because of that thong (wow that doesn’t sound healthy).
      If you ever want some awesome comedy, I recommend Butterflies, Flowers. You’ll laugh your ass off.
      And there’s a thong in there.
      And it’s not on a girl.


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