Snippets: Sora Kara! My Nanny! Chapter 8 (March 2011)

Finally figured out why I love Sora Kara! My Nanny! so much. It turns out this manga is drawn by the same person who did, You Nitwit! Heroes are Extinct, which was released here in the states by DMP. That series made me lol so much. I loved how it parodied the Power Rangers xD Surprisingly it ended real well too! :D If you’re a fan of comedy and aren’t picky, I’d recommend giving You Nitwit! Heroes are Extinct! a try (if you find it for a cheap price. I got my volumes off akadot because they were on sale at the time :3).

Points of interest

  • There is great mystery about Victor…who is he really?


The chapter opens with a chimney sweeper singing (yeah, he’s singing xD) about how his job blows (if you follow me on Twitter, you might have seen the tweet I wrote in reply to this: “two words dude: clogged shitter” – anything dealing with poop or body fluids sucks. My friend arkynox can testify to that). Then he starts singing about how he knows e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g ~ going down in the city ~ about how the houses are structured ~ about the families living in those houses (at this point I was thinking, that’s not something to be proud of, prev…).

Hide your kids and your wife, because the chimney sweeper is coming and he wants to sweep your chimney ;D

But there is one house he doesn’t know all about: the house Victor and co live at ~ hohohoho ~

The plot for today involves Leonardo and Victor fly off to attend some Mary Poppins convention (lol, love how ALL the Mary Poppins people are guys and they are Leonardo fanboys! xD). The kids are left at home with the butler and maid. And who should come in then our pervert chimney sweeper from the opening. The pervert chimney sweeper, Lynx, tries to inveigle some info out of the kids about Victor while he’s cleaning their chimneys (I mean the house’s chimneys; not the boys’.  Sylph don’t carry those kinds of titles (; ̄ー ̄)).

He even shows off his chimeny sweep magic to intrice them into talking (yes, chimney sweeps have magic xD). However, Joe pretty much tells him to STFU and clean, much to Lynx’s displeasure. It’s obvious from the way he speaks, Lynx knows about Leonardo and the residents of Joe’s house. When Joe calls Lynx on this, Lynx is all oh shit, this kid is sharp! Exit! Stage Left!

Victor and Leonardo come back ~ much to Joe’s hidden pleasure which he shows via his fist (poor Victor…getting punched by a 9 year old xD).

The chapter ends with Lynx summoning his friends to accompany him while he does a song and dance combo about his evil plans ~ (basically finding out who Victor is and crushing him if he gets in Leonardo’s way <- evidence that Lynx is a total Leonardo fanboy)



  • This chapter brought back some good Disney nostalgia. I used to love it when the villains would sing about their evil plans xD
  • OMG, wtf is this black thing that kept appearing all over the place!? (I showed these pictures on Twitter). Why is no one freaking out!? Especially you, Lynx! It’s crawling up your leg! You know what’s at the top of your leg? Your balls! Do you feel comfortable enough to have that clinging to your nuts!?

  • I had randomly just read a paper for class about how chimney sweepers were somenumbertimes more likely to get scrotum cancer compared to other occupations that didn’t involve dust and chimney ash.  Then I read this manga chapter. I looked at Lynx and thought, you poor bastard…no wonder you don’t care about that black thing touching your nuts *pats on the shoulder in sympathy*
  • I never really thought about it but who is Victor really? Only time will tell ~

I just put this here because it amuses me for some reason xD

This one too. Total Disney nostalgia ~

[EDIT: Chapter 9 is OUT!]

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