Snippets: Shinigami Doggy Last Chapter..jk (March 2011)

For those of you who just had a heart attack from the title, blame the chapter. As you can see, the title page has a sign held by the main character that pretty much says HEY, THIS IS THE LAST CHAPTER :D K THANKS ~

Then when you flip to the next page, you see the Shinigami doing a rocket kick into the back of the main character’s skull (love how his eyes pop out of his glasses xD), telling him to stop trying to end the series (basically telling us: “j k u all ;D”).

As I have mentioned with my other snippets, I have been bad and have fallen behind with certain series currently running in Sylph so forgiveness in advance if I make mistakes :3

Points of Interest

  • This is a gag chapter


Pretty much the main character is lamenting about how the Shinigami uses and abuses him everyday so he can’t work to support his family right (is it really true the main guy character houses the souls of females???? xD). He makes a wish as he goes to bed to be taller. If he were taller, he wouldn’t qualify anymore to house the souls of girls. Next morning comes and we get a surprise:

Hohoho! Someone hit puberty :D (and is looking mighty fine <3). MC is super happy about being tall because not only does he fit into his clothes but…HE DOESN’T HAVE TO BE THE SHINIGAMI’S BITCH ANY MORE :DDDDDDD Speaking of the guy, the Shinigami comes in to have MC house another female soul. MC tells the Shinigami to shove it in his pants and spin on it – he’s not doing that shiz anymore because he’s manly! The Shinigami tells the MC he can stick his manliness up his rectum and have it spanked in by a leprechaun – it doesn’t matter if the MC is sporting guns and a beard, he’s a guy so he’ll be worked to the bone. It’s the Shinigami’s policy ~

MC: D:

So after having to house another female spirit, MC goes to bed, lamenting once again about the tragedy that is his life. The Shinigami doesn’t work girls to the bone? If only he was a girl…

The next morning, we have this scene:


WTF kind of puberty you undergoing boy????

Though a little freaked out about his new jugs, MC is happy because now that he’s a girl, the Shinigami can’t work him like a horse any more :D Smear that on your toast and like it!

When confronted by this information, the Shinigami tells MC that even though he’s a girl on the outside, he’s still a guy on the inside. But to think…MC would turn into a girl…is this to serve his master’s…needs?

MC: I’m not liking where this is going llಠ ,ಠ

The Shinigami turns into a raper and is all LET ME SQUEEZE YOUR BOOBIES! (I LOVE THIS FACE: )


MC screams in horror and wakes up to find the whole thing a dream. No honkers (like how he checks himself to make sure xD).

You know, deep inside him, MC is missing those boobs

The chapter ends with MC having breakfast with his family. His sister comments on him not eating too much- if he doesn’t eat properly, he’ll never grow up big and strong. Her words bring back the horror that is his dream. He cries that he doesn’t want to grow big, much to his family’s shock. The Shinigami comes in to see the family freaking out about MC’s fear of growing taller xD

Shinigami: ?



  • OMG, I loved this chapter. It was so random and hilarious. I thought MC looked so cute as a girl, though when the Shinigami turned rapist, I feared for him (but that didn’t stop me from laughing at his face. It’s so epic xD)
  • I really need to read more of this series :D I was GREATLY entertained haha
  • I love how in recent issues of Sylph, there have been crossovers happening. For example, if you follow DGS, you’ll get a surprise cameo in this chapter of Shinigami Doggy xD:

The reason these guys were brought up is because MC was grumpy about his role in this manga xD I should be more like these guys!

[Edit: Chapter 7 is up and available ~]

10 thoughts on “Snippets: Shinigami Doggy Last Chapter..jk (March 2011)

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  2. HAHAHAHAH I think I read shinigami doggy before… is it bout the guy who kicked the bucket coz he was chasing after an onigiri? absolutely HILARIOUS!!
    this bonus chp seems to retain the comedy quality XDXD thanks for sharing!! =D =D


    • That’s the one :D I’ve been meaning to read it but school took over and I missed quite a few chapters ^^; I’m hoping to buy the first volume here soon (along with Sora Kara! My Nanny – I love the humor these two exhibit x3)
      I’m glad you liked the chapter :D
      I loved how crazy this bonus chapter was (that face = LOVE)
      Thank you for reading :3


  3. Just a question; How many chapters of Shinigami Doggy has ben released yet? And have they published anny manga volumes of it yet?


    • I subscribe to the magazine which Shinigami Doggy is serialized in.
      You’d probably want to ask the scanlators working on this project about when they’re planning on releasing the next chapter :)

      Hope that helped!


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