Snippet: Vitamin Z Chp 10 (final) (March 2011)

Reading this last chapter of Vitamin Z brought back memories of my high school graduation.
I remember those kids I used to hang out with – the fun ones, the crazy ones, the ones who moved away…oh, and the insane freshmen. OMG…they were crazy on ecstasy, man…I wonder what terrors those hyped up drug monkeys are unleashing on the world right now? They have had to graduated by now…

Freshmen aside, Kei’s graduation speech in the final chapter of Vitamin Z was really touching, even though it was weird how he started it: “Yeah, I didn’t give a shit about you people at first…” <- definitely an interesting way to start a speech xD (note that I exaggerated what he said). I like how he was all, go and make friends. Good friends make life enjoyable. I’m glad I made friends ^__^ Me: awwww – I can totally relate. College was pretty dull until I finally found a crew :D Then it was fun times. I’m only sorry I didn’t meet them earlier (how we met was pretty coincidental :3 and I’m loving whoever put us all there at the same time :3)

Sorry for the random stroll down memory lane. Shall we get to the snippet?

You’ll get a better picture of this at the end…because they reused this image xD

As mentioned before, I haven’t been following Vitamin Z too much. Back in the day, I was excited for this serialization at first but the whole thing…I don’t know. Maybe it’s because when I first started trying to read this series, my translation skills weren’t up to par and I was unable to comprehend what was going on…..

That would turn anyone off!

Or maybe it was the art/bishies, esp Elvis bishi and Short-shorts bishi. They kind of creeped me out. There are some things in this world that aren’t meant to be bishified, and Elvis is one of them. On that same note, there are some things bishies aren’t meant to wear, and short-shorts is one of them. Lipstick is another.

(The main reason I dislike short-shorts on men is because my uncle parades around in them during the summer time. It’s as bad as you’re envisioning it. Why does he wear them? Heck if I know! Even my dad is all, just look away when he bends over… Me: D:)

However, since this is the last chapter, I figured I’d do a snippet of it. Just to let you know, I added the first bit of this post to warn you all that I have no clue what has been going on so forgiveness in advance if I mess up on the plot.

Points of Interest

  • She didn’t get with anyone… (I’m seeing a theme here…for those who don’t know, two previous titles in Sylph – also based off otome games – Petit Four and Uta no Prince-sama, ended with the female protagonist getting with no one >__> which kind of sucks because the whole point of otome games is getting with someone (unless you get the bad ending)…but I’m thinking since she has so many guys she can get with in the game, Sylph didn’t want fans to murder them for making her choose someone so they opted out (or they wanted to get readers interested enough to get the game so they can hunt down the guy they wanted the female protagonist to get with). Whatever the case, it sucks because these series are just teases ;___;)


I’m guessing there was some kind of evil plot going on behind the scenes with the principal? Well, whatever it was, it was overthrown. Everyone is happy. Not only because they saved(?) the day, but also because THEY’RE GRADUATING! OMG THE STUPIDEST PEOPLE IN SCHOOL ACTUALLY HAD A HIGH ENOUGH GPA TO GRADUATE!!!!

(before you call me mean for saying they’re stupid, the teachers and students at this school were the ones who dubbed the boys A4 (which has a secret meaning – IDIOT/aho). <-Blame them)

After the graduation ceremony, everyone is all yaaaayyyyyy!!!! and crying at the same time. The students are especially happy because now that they’re not students anymore, they can chase after their teacher without legal repercussions!

Teach: o__O what?


I kind of figured the end would be lame like this (romance wise) >__> However, since I wasn’t interested in her getting with anyone (Sylphalchemist wasn’t interested in these boys…save for the butler/servant guy – I’d tap that xD), I didn’t mind this ending as much as I did in Petit Four (Shizuka!!!!!!!! (இ(ェ)இ)).

On a random note – I’m shocked by how FEMININE the female protagonist became :U Before, she looked a lot like the evil cosplaying principal/chairman. Seriously thought she was packing a pee-pee in that skirt xD

Random stuff:

I decided this looked more appropriate for the end, especially since all the guys were pretty much saying SHE’S MINE! XD

When I was flipping through the Sylph, I came upon this scene. I was like, OMG! IS THAT A FLIPPIN –

Then I opened the magazine wider and found out it was a finger xD I was like, oh thank goodness! I thought that was a pee pee xDDDD (I blame their facial expression for my confusion. WHY YOU BLUSHING DUDE????)

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