March 2011 Snippets

I figured I’d should have a page for all the snippets I’m doing in the March 2011 issue of Sylph :3 You’ve already seen this listing back in a previous post. The ones with the ** are titles I plan on posting Snippets of.

I doubt anyone will ask but I’ll put the offer up anyway: if you’re interested in me doing a Snippet of something, don’t hesitate to ask. If it’s a title I don’t follow too closely, I’ll still do it (but I ask for forgiveness in advance if I mess up on what’s going on xD)

Color scans

Shounen Oujo**
Sora Kara! My☆Nanny
(From the Sky! My☆Nanny!)**
Brother Conflict
Hana Ori Soushi**
Yamato Kareshi
Shinigami Doggy**
Himegoto wa Hanazono
Shiro Ari (Snow White and Alice)
Doukyo Chu!
Scarlet Prince**
Voice*Boys*Second Voice
Vitamin Z**

Zeele Sacrifice**
Kamigami Shiki★Academy**
Hoshikuzuchou no Pan no Mimi
Koumi and Emi’s Desired Otome Award

10 thoughts on “March 2011 Snippets

    • :DDDDD yes!!!!
      I was going to publish the snippet I had of it last night but I hadn’t gotten to editing the pictures so I decided to wait for another time.
      I love that series x3
      Mary Poppins going hulk = WIN


    • Freebies? Like the pencil board that came with the magazine? :3
      This month was pretty dearth in terms of freebies. The April one is going to be nice! You get two things in that one: a pencil board of Hakuouki and something else :D

      But I don’t mind taking pictures of it :D I can model one of my figmas in the picture or something too xD


      • YES PLEASE. it would be lovelyyy to see what freebies sylph comes with in each issue. who knows, i might get hooked and get a copy myself xDDD

        i just read your tweets about the hard times. hope everything will be alright! stay strongggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


        • I scanned in the pictures, now I just need to get off my butt and post them (so expect a post here soon – blame school for the lack of updates)
          That would be awesome if you got Sylph :D (we could fan girl like mad over it xD) I like it because it’s not too hard to understand (which is perfect for my newb lvl) and it has some nice looking beef cakes ;D

          Thank you :3 Gotta hang in there so I can make the $$$’s, right ;D
          But still…please be merciful Research Methods… :_________;


  1. omgosh thank you! look forward to themmm!!! excitement xD

    i’m loving the art of the serialisations so far on sylph(the ones i featured on your blog xD). they all look refined and pretty! sylph also feels a bit more grown-up…well im not sure but it seems to give off that aura compared to its competition…


    • Thank you very much :D
      This blog has gone through much change since its first creation (and will probably continue to evolve – I feel like I just called my blog a poke’mon or something xD) ~
      I’m glad the stuff I randomly post is of interest to others ^^


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