Mass Manga Opinion #2: Hana Kimi #1, Moon Boy #4-7, Pandora Hearts #2-3, Happy Boys #1

Another week has gone by and I have read some manga…quite a bit of manga…thus, another mass opinion will be presented to you all
(I’ll be honest guys: it’s rare for me to read THIS much manga in such a short time. It’s not that I’ve been buying a lot, it’s just I have quite a back-pile and I’m just now getting to it ^^)

This “Mass Manga Opinion” is definitely a  mixed bag.
Gender Bender, Rabbits v Foxes, Butlers, and GILBERT <3
I seriously wonder what kind of tastes I have?
Most people say, I like shojo! Or I like shounen!
Me? I have no idea…I know I don’t like bitchy characters…that’s a real turn off…or really sad stuff. I get enough of that from life thanks :______:  Guess anything that interests me, I guess xD (or has cute guys ;D)
Anyway, to the “Mass Manga Opinion!”

Manga that will be looked at:

  • Hana Kimi #1
  • Moon Boy #4 – 7
  • Pandora Hearts #2 & #3
  • Happy Boys #1

Disclaimer: What you are about to read are my thoughts about a manga/anime/light novel I have read/watched. These posts are not intended to act as professional reviews or any of that jazz. It’s just me saying what I liked or didn’t like. Sometimes, I even troll on a series. Doesn’t mean it sucks. It just means I didn’t like it so I’m going to bitch about it ;D (because I spent money on it that I wished I hadn’t). If you liked the series that I didn’t like, that’s cool. Just ignore my post and leave it be. Same with if you hated a series I’m loving on. I’m just putting this warning so you all don’t get pissed at me (and you understand what you’re getting into if you continue to read any further) :3 So I shouldn’t see any crazy comments telling me I suck – because I put a warning here ;D K?

Hana Kimi is a title I’ve been wanting to read but wasn’t interest in buying just yet (I mean, the sucker is like 20+ volumes long!). I was sort of hoping somewhere in the future, VIZ would re-release this series in the BIG version, like it did Fushigi Yuugi (I really keep riding on that, don’t I?).
However, I got the chance to finally read this when I went to my local library: THEY HAVE THE WHOLE SERIES! OMG, SWEET!

If you don’t know, Hana Kimi is about this chick who dresses as a boy. Why? To gain entrance into an all-boys school. Is this so she can have her own harem? No no no. She’s doing all this to get the boy who she admires so much to resume his high-jumping. Ohhhh… o__O; what?

Yeah, it’s a little weird but that’s what manga is about sometimes. I enjoyed the first volume. Not sure how they plan on making 20 volumes worth of story though. The guy she was hoping to encourage back into high jumping has already found out her gender (that was quick!). In fact, two people already know it. I thought this series was going to drag out her gender secret for at least a couple volumes!

Overall: Satisfied
If you like this, you might like: Angel Diary (both have gender bender themes & are pretty much there for the lols. Plus there are cute guys too in Angel Diary, who just happen to be supernatural :D), Girl Got Game (OMG I LOVE THIS SERIES. Sure it’s got gender-bender like Hana-Kimi and it does involve sports…kinda, but what’s awesome about Girl Got Game is the comedy. You cannot read this title without bursting out laughing! LOVE LOVE LOVE this title!)

Moon Boy #4, #5, #6, #7

I was going to write a (not so positive) opinion for Moon Boy but the amount of love I’ve been seeing for this series made me falter a bit. Frantic by the fact it seemed that only I was the one who disliked Moon Boy, I took to the web to see if there was someone, ANYONE, who felt the same as I (and to confirm that I’m not an angry soul with hairy legs). That’s how I stumbled on this review. My goodness! It perfectly described everything I was feeling about this series D: YOU SPOKE TO ME MAN!

I’m still going to stick it out with this series, just because there are only 2 volumes left (and from what the review said, the last 2 volumes are where the story takes a good turning). But I’m in no rush. I’ll just wait till I find it used or cheap on ebay :3

Overall: Read the review and you’ll understand ~ (and it reduced the anger train I was about to start up xD)
If you like this, you might like: 11th Cat (had cute art like Moon Boy but that was it >__> it as like the author just gave up on the series. I mean, the BFF is STILL locked in that shed, guys! Remember him? The person you all went to the evil lord’s place to save? Yeah, him. You want to rescue him before you go off and adventure), Angel Diary (haha I recommend again xD has lols like Moon Boy and has an Angels vs Demons theme (like the Foxes vs Rabbit thing) x3 Plus it ended well – there were even side stories provided for the side characters <3)

Pandora Hearts #2 and #3


Correction: GILBERT <3 Gilbert came back!!! Well, he didn’t really come back…er…how to…

Ah, I know how to remedy this: SPOILER ALERT!

So we find out Gilbert is actually Raven. Psfft, who here DIDN’T figure that out (or maybe it was just my Gilbert senses that allowed me to discern his identity? :3). I’m so happy he’s back x3 I love the friendship between him and Oz ~ (I’m a sucker for friendship).

Poor Alice…she didn’t get to kick butt in these volumes ^^; Maybe in the future?

Even poorer Oz D: He’s dad is a real dick! WTF…where’s mom to slap him in the face? (they probably mentioned she died or something in volume #1 but I haven’t read that volume in awhile ^^;).

I’m looking forward to future volumes. A twitter friend said the bishi numbers increase with each volume, and I like me the bishi ;D

If you like this, you might like: Black Butler (it’s Black Butler man. Do I need a reason?)

Happy Boys #1

I needed shipping filler for my akadot order and Happy Boys was going for a good price.

What is Happy Boys about? No, it’s not about boys who are high on Viagra, enjoying a good spanking by women dressed in G-strings (or whatever guys find “Happy” Nekkid chicks holding a case of beer?). That’s just… >__> weird (and that oddly describes the theme going down in that manga, Gakuen Prince, minus the G-string <- it’s flippin shojo too D: !!!). It’s about these cute guys and their escapades at a butler café.

Pretty much that’s it.

From what the afterward explains, this is a manga adaptation of the live action series Happy Boys (pffffttt – the title makes me lol).

I like what I’m reading. It’s a nice comedy manga plus you got some good eye candy to entertain. I don’t know why this has a shounen-ai tag on it when you look this title up on mangaupdates. But it’s probably like with Café Kichijoji de. This title is pretty much the same thing as Happy Boys – good looking waiters getting into some crazy escapades. In the past it had the shounen-ai tag but I assure you, no one was interested in the other. They were too busy avoiding the giant boulders thrown by their enraged co-worker to concentrate on romancing xD I think eventually the tag will be removed for Happy Boys too (in case you all were holding back because you aren’t into the shounen-ai scene :3)

There is only one more volume of Happy Boys (it’s a really short series) but I’m probably going to get it when I find it for a good price.

If you just want to read something to lol at (while getting a good dose of bishi), I think you may like this manga.

Overall: Satisfied
If you like this, you may like: Café Kichijoji de (as I said in the review, they are remarkably similar. But I love Café Kichijoji de more because of the crazy shit they get into. Happy Boys is tamed compared to Café Kichijoji de. Plus the art is N-I-C-E <3)

And that is it for my “Mass Manga Opinion #2” :3 If any of you reading this have some recommendations for the “If you like this, you may like this:” section, please leave a comment below ~ I’ll credit you of course ;D

9 thoughts on “Mass Manga Opinion #2: Hana Kimi #1, Moon Boy #4-7, Pandora Hearts #2-3, Happy Boys #1

    • Good to hear Hana Kimi still stays fresh. I heard it kind of dies in the middle so I was a little worried about continuing the series.
      I need to pick up the next volume on my next visit :D


  1. I’ve never read hana kimi xD but i have watched a couple of episodes of the live-action series.
    HAHAHA. YOUR IMPRESSION OF HAPPY BOYS JUST CRACK ME UP HAHAHAHAHA. its a very suggestive name. i wonder whether the publishers ever think about that or maybe this the suggestive connotation is the effect they want to achieve lol


    • It’s really entertaining :3 Nothing crazy happening though – like magical girl transformations or giant robot duking it out xD
      I like how the one guy is freaking out because he likes the girl but thinks she’s a dude so that makes him gay. He’s all I’M NOT GAY! NOOOOOOO!!! XD

      If someone said she read the manga Happy Boys, that would be the first image that came into my mind. Happy Boys sounds like a porno xD
      You know the Japanese and their Engrish. They probably didn’t think much of it. Oh, just boys who are very happy with life ~ that sounds like a good clean title :D



    true true about the happy boys title. but i would’ve thought that the english publishers might tweak it a bit


    • :D isn’t he just awesome? (is it sad I like him more than the main male lead?)

      Yeah >___> Were I a 13 year old and screamed, I WANT HAPPY BOYS, I think my parents would shit out some puppies xD It’s not a dirty manga at all but…like I said, oh you Japanese and your Engrish xD (I wonder what they would have changed the title to instead of Happy Boys? Boys who are Happy? Not sad Boys? Happy Not Sad? xD Boys Boys Boys?)


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