Comic – Why did we do that again? (Final Fantasy 13)

A quick post before I go to bed
This is of the game Final Fantasy XIII. I just recently started the game – and it’s currently one of my obsessions (in case you couldn’t tell from all my recent icons xD). I wish I started this game during winter break (even though I didn’t have a PS3 back then o3o). I hate only being able to play when I’m taking a break from studying. I just want to plow straight through! xD
I love how pretty everything is – I see everything because the camera likes to go sightseeing on me. It keeps going in weird spots. I don’t know how many times I’ve ran into walls because the camera was fixated on a pile of garbage and wanted to share this with me ^^; But it’s just amazing how each series has changed. I remember being awed by FFIX‘s graphics xD (I was like, YES! IT’S NOT THAT UGLY BOX GRAPHICS LIKE IN FFVII <- which took me FOREVER to beat because I kept quitting. Once Aerith died, I lost interest ^^; )

Note: This was a quick doodle – I wanted to get back to the game x3 so please excuse the quality (and the fact I pretty much guessed at everyone. The enemy in the last panel is NOT what the enemy actually looks like. They look way more sinister ^^; )

This comic was based off a scene that happens in the beginning of the game.  You’re with Snow and his crew, who are hiding out behind some boxes because they are being shot at. Snow gives a prep talk and pretty much says, DON’T WORRY GUYS! WE’RE GOING TO BE O-K! SO LET’S STAND UP AND MAKE OURSELVES A TARGET! :D

People with him: YEAHHH! (`∀´)

Me: (ಠ_ಠ) uh, guys…you realize those are bullets being fired at you…right?

I was kind of hoping that they would get shot at because…come on, you don’t just expose yourself like that in a gun battle (note: when I say expose, I mean stand up and make yourself a target; not the getting naked exposed. That would probably make your shooters fire more bullets at you xD)

[EDIT: Lol, gotta love friends. A friend left me these clips of FFXIII on my DA account. It has some dirty language & mature content – giving warning before you push that play button]

4 thoughts on “Comic – Why did we do that again? (Final Fantasy 13)

  1. I’m playing this game (for the second time) too. I couldn’t beat it last time because I didn’t have enough free time. But I love the FF series and especially this one ^^ & those cut scene dubs are hilarious!
    “Maybe if you spent less time unzipping all your shirts” (I’m quite thankful for this actually hahah <perv.)


    • :D I didn’t know you were playing FFXIII too!
      I’m really enjoying it but looks like I’m going to have to put it on hold here soon (Lent is coming up, and for Lent, I usually give up playing video games =x so I won’t be playing my PS3 until after Easter ;___;)

      My friend is awesome for finding those xD
      I totally lol-ed at Snow’s stuff
      “I don’t usually give little girls guns…I give them something else…hehe, if you know what I mean” ;D
      I love that part because I totally thought Snow was a pedo when I saw he was engaged to Serah. I was like, DAT GIRL IS ONLY 12 (then I learned her true age…but I still scream pedo xD)

      The shirt comment was hilarious because it made me do a double check of Snow’s outfit – he totally does have lots of shirts on xDDDD


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