Snippets: Okaken oneshot (March Issue)

I’ve finally starting my journey into the world of FFXIII. At first I was a little nervous from all the negative hype I’ve been hearing about it but so far I’m actually enjoying this game ^^
It’s been awhile since I’ve last enjoyed a FF game. See, I hated the sphere system of FFX Dx And Blitz Ball could go die with Sin.
I didn’t play FFXI because that’s online (and I’m not much of an online gamer ^^)
Lastly, I skipped FFXII because…Vaan wasn’t cute ^^; He looked like a mix between Barbie and Ken, and that’s creepy.
May FFXIII continue to be fun ^^ (because I’m looking forward to FFXIII-2 :3 Lightning looks badass <3)

Ah, sorry for showing off my gamer geekiness. To the one-shot!

This one shot is definitely amusing ^^
You know, I find it weird that while I’m not much of a fan of BL, I enjoy BL jokes.
Strange, right?
The reason I mention this is because Okaken likes BL jokes.
Heck the opening makes it look like two guys are about to do some “dirty” riding.


"Hold it in a little longer" "Gasp, I-I can't. I'm already...can't..." <- actual lines xD

Ayana has been feeling weird. Her shoulders have a sensation of heaviness – like there’s something perched there. And she can’t shake that feeling that someone is watching her. When she reports these feelings to a friend, Ayana gets a solution – visit Okaken! Okaken is short for the Occult Research Society (Oka – Occult (Okaruto) and ken – Research Society (Kenkyuukai). Though only composed of two members, this group deals with purifications and curse repulsions. Plus, the president is a hottie (even if his personality could use some work ^^; ). [Love how the friend is fan girling over the president xD] Ayana thinks this might be too much when her phone suddenly rings. It’s a text. However, rather than check it out, she drops her phone in fear.

Okay…maybe visiting this Okaken isn’t such a crazy idea!

Ayana goes to the old abandoned school building (why does every school in Japan seem to have one of these?) to search for the Okaken office. Upon finding the place, she opens up to find…this:

Like how they don't even bother to explain why they were doing this ^^;

Naturally, any sensible person would be all, SORRY FOR INTERRUPTING YOUR KINKY TIME! and leave – which is what Ayana does.

[I saw something that I wasn’t supposed to see…] <-this line amuses me for some reason

One of the boys comes out and asks Ayana if she’s not going to come in? I’m sure Ayana is thinking, ummm…I don’t play those kind of games with people I’ve just met o__O; For plot reasons, she goes in and tells her situation to the two.

"You want a hit?" - seriously, that phone looks like a joint...actually, it looks like a chocolate bar...that's being smoked o__O;

Proving the rumors true, the president is indeed a cutie – what can I say? I like the megane bishi ;D with a gruff personality.The president explains her plight – the text she received contains a curse.  It was probably sent out as part of a mass text. Normally this wouldn’t have any effect but because she replied back to the text, she activated the curse (see kids, this is why you don’t open any emails or texts from people you don’t know. Most likely they’ll kill you or your computer). Ayana tries to defend her case, saying she only sent the reply because she wanted the person emailing her to stop. The president says that as long as she doesn’t respond, the curse should not continue further…

Ecstatic, Ayana happily runs for it, thanking them.

President: =___=; I’m not done…

A rejuvenated Ayana goes back to her friend (who is envious about Ayana being able to see the president ~ You should have  brought me with you ~). The two notice that Ayana’s phone is a little dirty. Ayana decides it’s time to get a new phone – what with her curse being stalled and all <3 However, while getting a new phone, she gets attacked by some crows! While Ayana is freaking, others around her ask what’s up with her? Looking at her reflection, Ayana sees that the crows attacking her aren’t being reflected. WTF!? It’s time to go back to the eye candy pair!

The president instantly zooms in on Ayana’s phone – whut!? Is that the new Iphone :D Where are the old text messages? Ayana confesses to deleting them – because they were creepy. The president tells her that by deleting the texts, she has activated the curse (and pretty much calls her a dumbfoot for not realizing that – hey man, I wouldn’t have thought that – and for running before he could finish explaining everything). Something starts to hammer on the door. The president asks Ayana for the texter’s number. Since Ayana has photographic memory (lucky…), she gives it to him – and he sends a curse to the sender…which backfires xD

Oh, remember that other guy? The one on the bottom? Pssft. Well, he’s actually got a role now – he’s going crazy. And a tail just got pooped out from his rectum :D


President explains he’s a “dog” that goes crazy until he finishes feasting – on what you ask? Everything moving ^^; The president sends Ayana to hide under the desks while he deals with Fido. Maneuvering himself in front of the door, president avoids a lunge from Fido just as the door bursts in and the thing enters. Fido: FOOD! Thing: SHIT!

Ayana has a front row seat to Fido’s munching. In shock, she accidentally hits the chair next to her. The sound alerts Fido to her presence. Just as Fido is about to eat her, president jumps in the way. Fido noms on his shoulder but wakes up…and has an oh I’m going to be in so much trouble for this look xD President tells Ayana to go get some food for Fido (while he spanks Fido with a newspaper xD). Ayana does so and comes back, much to the president’s surprise. Ayana says she couldn’t just leave them after they helped her. President tells her that of course they helped her: she’s a client. If she got hurt, they wouldn’t be able to collect the bill from her.

The guy is exposing his chest. Do I need any more reason to show this?

Ayana: (ఠ_ゝఠ) what?

President gives an outrageous figure. Of course, she could always work it off:

“Do you really think we’d let someone who knew our secret live?”

End ~

I’m hoping this one-shot gets serialized x3 I like the Zombie Loan feel I got off it ~
You never know – I mean, Crimson Prince started off as a one-shot before it was serialized.

**icon comes from Final Fantasy XIII

3 thoughts on “Snippets: Okaken oneshot (March Issue)

  1. OH! Oh! Oh! This is soo cutee!
    And the beginning, the whole kinky-time comment…you made my day!
    I enjoy BL as well as BL jokes so I’m kind of interested in this one.
    I do hope it gets serialized.


    • Haha, I’m glad you liked this :3
      I’m surprised by how entertained I was (having a megane-bishi definitely helped to bolster my opinion ;D)

      That’s cool :3 My friend is a hardcore BL fan. We have many a good BL jokes shared between us. I always like how she yells at me for not being a BL fan. What can I say? I like to dream a cute boy will one day get with me (and not say my brother or dad <- creepy!).
      At times like this, I remember the sage words of Myung-Ee from Moon Boy: if all the cute boys are getting together, that leaves only the ugly ones for us girls to marry xD (she said this to some BL girls who responded by stealing her underwear haha)

      Me too x3
      I also wanted another one-shot to get serialized. It was featured in Sylph awhile back. It was about two magical girls that fought evil. The twist? One of the magical girls was a boy. I loved how he freaked out when the boys at school mentioned liking the magical girl he masqueraded as xD YOU GUYS ARE SICK! Dudes: =__o what's your problem?


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