Snippets – Kuranoa Bullet #14 (March 2011 Sylph)

Hohoho, I’m actually keeping up with my Snippets commitment x3
I find it more and more amazing at how faster I’m getting at reading :U
I remember a year ago it would take me a week to read a chapter
Now I’m getting to the point where it barely takes me an hour (yeah, I’m still slow but still!)
Of course, that depends on the text content and wtf everyone is talking about ^^
I hope I’m still practicing a year from now
I’m really interested to see how I do :O

Sorry for the digression.

Next up on the Snippets line is Kuranoa.

NOTE: I’ve been a bad girl with this series ^^; *sweatdrop* I’ve actually skipped reading the last few chapters…ahaha…so that may explain why I’m kind of lost with this chapter ~ (I thought the 2nd volume would have been out by now! So I figured, rather than mark up my magazine, I would instead mark up the volume xD). I’ll try to do the best I can, so no hate if I get things wrong.

Points of interest:

  • Say bye-bye to Nana, because that boy is gone. I’m not sure if he’s going to magically come back later. From what Ichi said, it’s not likely we’ll see him again… >__>
  • We learn that Kuranoa is something made by both Shiori and Minori when they were younger. However, somewhere along the way, Minori forgot about Kuranoa. Shiori still remembered it though, because it was very precious to her.
  • However, to continue holding onto Kuranoa is a dangerous thing.  If one has another world in his or her heart, if things got bad in the real world, he or she would retreat to this world (this is why Minori remembered Kuranoa after the bus incident). But if one relies on this other world to escape his or her problems, it can tear his or her perception of reality and dream apart – which is what had happened to Shiori (so that’s why she’s a little whacked in the head).
  • As her stability started to crumble, so did her Kuranoa (which explains all that black shiz from earlier chapters)

Quick Overview

Minori runs to the roof of the school and finds Nana. He tells her she’s an idiot for looking for him because he’s about to disappear. Minori asks why Nana doesn’t just go back to Kuranoa. Nana explains it’s because he’s not Shiori’s guardian spirit anymore (it’s some bird dude now). Since this is probably the last chapter he’ll ever be in, Nana gets to monologue it up. He tells Minori the truth about Kuranoa (as mentioned in my “points of interest”). He also adds that while Ichi was able to push Minori forward to gather her memories, Nana found he himself could not push Shiori to do the same. Each memory Shiori got was filled with sadness and it tore her apart.

Slowly, Shiori started to get obsessed with Minori. She also started to lose herself. She had been running from her lies and problems for so long that when they came rushing back to her, it was like a crushing wave.  This is why earlier she secluded herself in her Kuranoa. Nana tried to help her out but Nana realized too late that his aid was futile. He blames himself for Shiori being in the condition she was. Minori tries to stop Nana’s depression train by telling him he was the one who was always there for Shiori.

“Isn’t that why you were her Guardian Spirit this whole time!?”

Nana cries as he professes his feelings for Shiori. He wanted to be her strength. He wanted to protect her. But in the end he…

Before Nana can finish, he disappears in front of Minori, whispering Shiori’s name. Ichi comes flying up. Minori tells him what happens. Ichi tells Minori that there will be more partings for her in the future. They may be painful and sad but he’ll always be there for her.

“So do your best, Minori.”

[Kuranoa isn’t a place you can hide away to. Because you can never escape good-bye.]

Well that certain was a shock! I didn’t think Nana would bite it so soon. But then again, this is a series where only one sister can win…right? Ugh, so many good chapters in this March edition! x3


3 thoughts on “Snippets – Kuranoa Bullet #14 (March 2011 Sylph)

  1. Oh so chapter 14 covers the recent drama cd. I was really sad while listening to it ;_;

    I guess the next chapter would be Shiori’s side? It’s been months since I listened to so I really can’t remember which one happened first.


    • I was really surprised that Nana left D:
      He wasn’t so bad. I was actually staring to like him more (or maybe it’s because I have a thing for cat-boys?)

      Wow, I didn’t know the manga had caught up with the drama CD =O amazing!

      I have no idea what’s going to happen next. Last I remember of Shiori, she was kind of vegging out with bird guy.

      I’m so excited for the next issue of Sylph because I’m curious as to what happens next x3 Will Nana come back?


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