To tell you the truth, I never really knew what drama CDs were about xD
I thought they were about…singing or something <- yeah, lame I know OTL
I actually got to listen to a drama CD the other day.
It was for Kuranoa. I must say, I really liked it. The part I listened to pretty much covered the first chapter of the manga. However, it added extra tid-bits that made the story flow better. However, I like the manga because I got pictures to go along with the voices x3
The only downside about drama CDs is they cost an arm and a leg to import!
I wonder if itunes would ever consider selling drama cds…

I talk about drama CDs because that is what the topic of this blog post translation is :D This was originally posted on Comic Sylph’s official blog February 4th, 2011.

Title: The drama CD of everyone’s favorite series, Fujoshissu!, is out!


The super popular Fujoshissu! series – currently serialized in Sylph – has been turned into a DRAMA CD!


*the above lists the voice actresses for the 3 main female characters*
*as usually, I suck with names so not even going to try ^^*


Here is the cast selection for the boys whose hearts have been captured by these fine ladies:
With such a wonderful line-up of voice actresses and actors for this DRAMA CD of Fujosshisu volume #1 (released by Sylph Comics), the love struggles Yuki-kun and Megumi are fighting through will be painted perfectly in your head★


Also included is a bonus track featuring our girls taking part in a fiery, one-day summer doujinshi convention – the Summer/Natsu Comissu!
This is an original scenario created JUST for this DRAMA CD!


At this Natsu Comi, Yuki-kun and Take-chan will cosplay as characters from Dengeki’s Durarara! (squeal)
To the editorial department of the Dengeki light novel collection, we thank you for allowing us to do this.

アスキー・メディアワークス 電撃文庫編集部にて
「あ、あの! この女の子たち、腐女子なんですけど!

…wow, I’ve just been hit by a wave of nostalgia. It was the summer of 2010…
The place – ASCII Media Works Dengeki Light Novel Editorial Department
While working as a temp over at the Fujoshissu editorial department, I remember constantly screaming:
“E-excuse me! These girls! I know they’re fujoshi! But, is this really allowed!?” (think he’s talking about the BL stuff they engage in ^^; )
I’ll never be able to forget those days…


Oh my. Let’s see, there are many other amusing tracks to play.
Please, go and take a listen for yourself.


The DRAMA CD of Fujoshissu! is available at the Dengeki Store, on Amazon (f you Amazon – you don’t ship this CD out of Japan >:/), Animeito as well as other establishments that sell popular goods!

電撃屋で購入すると、御徒町 鳩先生描きおろしの

If you buy from the Dengeki Store, included with your purchase is an alternative cover drawn by the manga-ka, Okachimachi Hato!


(Check it out here★)

**icon is from FFXIII

4 thoughts on “ドラマCD『腐女子っス!』好評発売中です!

  1. thank you for the translation! enjoyed reading it, love the enlightening feeling i get!
    loved ur strike-through comment about amazon HAHAHA. thats so awesome that you can get an illustration with the purchase of the drama cd! (they really know how to market their stuff)
    the only drama cd i have was a freebie from lala dx – haruka(again).


    • ^___^ glad you liked it (the fact you could understand what I typed means my translations are comprehensible :D – victory pose! *one of the hardest things about translating (besides figuring out what they’re saying xD) is trying to convey the translation in a manner that is kind of true to the original context but also makes sense in the translated language)
      Amazon.jp is just a jerk >:U there is all this awesome stuff I want to buy but I always get SORRY WE DON’T SHIP OUTSIDE THE COUNTRY – SUCKS TO BE YOU FOREIGNERS MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
      Figurines, games, cute girlish accessories…WHY AMAZON.JP??? WHY???????

      It makes me green with envy that all those who live in Japan get all sorts of bonuses. Like, I know if you fill in some survey card included with each issue of Sylph, you can get free stuff D: STUFF!

      The only drama CDs I have are the freebie samples Sylph has every now and then ^^; It’s too expensive to buy them ;___;


      • Lol! *worship pose* hahahahahaha.
        the only stuff i ever look for on amazon.jp are magazines! they stock everything and im like oh yeaaa amazon.jp u awesome, you so stronggg then i realise they dnt stock hanayume. VHYYY.

        lol u capitalised ‘stuff’ but the only thing registering in my mind is ‘FREE.’ HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAHA


        • D: whut!? Amazon.jp doesn’t stock Hana to Yume!? The shock! My word, Hana to Yume is so hard to find. It’s like people do that on purpose. It fills them with some sort of morbid enjoyment to watch the fangirls (and 3 fanboys) fight for the few issues they release…

          I so want their free stuff D: Because not only is it free but it’s cute!
          They also sell other goodies in their store (keychains, bags, folders :___________; oh how my tears fall at the thought of so many cute things that are too expensive for me to buy!!!!!!!!!!)


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