The weather is quite beautiful today! Hard to believe it was so cold last week! You could see your breath during the day and there was snow all over D:) People weren’t kidding when they said the weather here was weird.
It was so warm, a resident of this apartment complex took his pet ferret for a walk.
Wait what!? A ferret!?
At first I thought it was just one fugly looking dog but nope. It was a ferret. And a black footed ferret too.
One of the two animals who can give humans the pneumatic version of the plague (the other being cats)

All this talk of plague is making me want to translate a Comic Sylph Blog Post :D This was originally posted on the Comic Sylph official blog on February 9, 2011.

Title: A look into the eagerly awaited Sylph April Edition


February…it’s like a normal month only 3 days shorter
That’s why…to combat the workload we have to cram in this month,
We’ve been stockpiling on energy drinks.


Ho shiz that’s a lot!


…that’s just some of the things here in the Sylph editorial department.
Prepare for a little peek into the April Edition of Sylph (on sale February 22)!
Time to power up!


Here is a view of what’s on Editor M’s desk

新連載の『雅恋 ~MIYAKO~』の写植中ですね。

(S)He’s currently in the middle of phototypesetting our new series: Miyako.
This highly anticipated new collaboration between Sanctuary and Otometo is elegantly drawn by (I’m probably butchering this) Hidou Ren**.
I wasn’t able to get a picture of it, but the beauty of the color page…is something you don’t want to miss!


On to the next desk, shall we ~
What do we have here on Editor F’s desk…?

ん? 隊士たちが…和装ではなく…洋装…だと?

It’s a phototypesetting of the manga for the anime Hakuouki!
Hmm? These warriors…aren’t wearing Eastern clothing…is that…Western clothing?
This is…a most interesting display…


Horizontal to Editor F is Editor S, who is currently in the middle of a color check for our front cover.




Is what his/her speech and glance seemed to say
But (s)he reluctantly let me take a LITTLE picture (but it came out all blurry)

『死神DOGGY』×『空から! マイ☆NANNY』コラボです♪

The cover for this month is a collaboration between Shinigami Doggy and Sora Kara! My☆Nanny!
This is because the first volumes of both series go on sale February 22!


And…what do we have on Editor K’s desk top…?

付録「DGS 4LO&響 ボディペインティングシール」

While everyone else is busy with phototypesetting, you’re playing with your nails? (^ω^#)er…
…these are actually items related to this blog post, in case you were thinking the above.
These are the bonus items that will be included with the April Edition – “DGS 4LO & Hibiki Body Paint Seals
Any more about them is still under wraps…or so it seems.


With all this and that you’ve seen, this month’s edition is going to be bursting with so much stuff!
Next week, we should be ready to unleash our plans to update this ambiguous blog of ours (…maybe)
Look forward to it☆

**I’m not sure if this is the same Hidou Ren but mangaupdates has someone under that name. Well, that’s it for the Sylph April Edition update.

***icon is from FFXIII

2 thoughts on “シルフ4月号鋭意製作中☆

  1. LOL. MY DEAR SYLPHALCHEMIST. sorry for spamming u with comments(my mind just always has an urge to say sumthing). and i have to give you lots of lurve for translating all this. i especially loved this post since it was like a taste of whats going on in the whole manga magazine, editorial department. it looks so exciting! @@
    u dnt mind if i really do start calling u Sylph PRGirl do you? xD


    • ;D there is nothing wrong with comments (heck, I spam your site all the time xD)

      It must be fun being an editor – even though the guy sounds like he wants to crawl in bed and never wake up (poor sleep deprived man). I always like these posts because it gives us a peek at what’s to come x3
      I’m so excited for the next issue, tee hee ~

      Haha, go for it x3 At least I can say I was the first Sylph PRGirl! I loved them before any of you knew about them!!! *crazyface.jpg* xDDD


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