Snippet: Zeele Sacrifice Root #18 (March 2011 Sylph)

Remember how I said that I MAY BE MIGHT SORT OF WE’LL SEE do those snippets things?
Well, I decided to give it a shot ^^

I’m currently trying to reduce the amount of time I spend loitering around on the internet (not to say a little loitering isn’t bad – it’s just I hate it when I plan to only go on for a few minutes and end up surfing for hours. I’m burning day light; especially now that the weather has gotten so much better! Dx It’s a bad habit I’m slowly trying to reduce).

So, instead of surfing the internet today, I spent that time reading the newest chapter of Zeele Sacrifice :D It’s sharing time!

Taken with my lovely camera ^^ (sorry, I don't want to crease up my magazine)

NOTE: I haven’t gotten my February 2011 of Sylph yet so I have no idea what has happened in the previous chapter – so sorry in advance if I get anything wrong with the information in Root #18. I’m just going by how I interpreted it m(_._)m

Points of interest:

  • Yuiko’s soul is almost all complete. All that is left is Chi-chan’s!
  • We learn more about the Sohma – it is an object that essentially gives life (to not only the Oni but to humans as well, as we see in the case of Yuiko and the “shard holders”).
  • Shota questions whether Chi-chan is even human – his speed and skills are unlike that of a human (I may be reading too deep into this but I’m kinda hoping that means Chi-chan might be special :D and won’t die like the other “shard holders.”)
  • It’s hinted that maybe the White Oni are/were cannibals. I’m not 100% sure. I’m just going by what Shota was screaming:

僕たちだって死ぬ気で食うのをやめたんだ! お前らだけ虫が良すぎるんだよ今更!

“Don’t think for even a minute you fallen, who ate the flesh of your own kin, will ever be allowed back into heaven!
“We stopped our feasting, even if it meant death. It is you all who are the selfish ones here!”

Quick overview:

Shota makes another appearance. After whisking away Yuiko (and Chi-chan, because he was clinging to Yuiko like a spider monkey xD) from Diamu, he tries to inveigle the Sohma from Yuiko but she pretty much tells him to shove his words up his rear. Shota isn’t too happy with this and decides a more direct approach is necessary – SLICING IT OUT OF HER! Chi-chan engages the Shota in battle. Yuiko runs for it (I’m not sure what she’s talking about, but she keeps referencing a place she needs to go to in order to be useful…yeah >__>). With Yuiko gone, Chi-chan super seiyans and kicks Shota’s butt. However, Shota gets the upper hand via a sneak attack and rips the shard out of Chi-chan. But don’t think he’s out yet folks! Diamu comes in and struts his stuff. He grabs the shard and sends it to Yuiko. Then he and Shota fight. They shout stuff at one another (I mentioned ii above – the cannibal stuff). Naturally, Chi-chan is like, umm…>__> maybe I should leave…
The chapter ends with Maya finding Yuiko. She’s…napping!? o__O; er…


“Yuiko…you’re the only one who can help the White Oni//Byakki…good luck…”

I now have an excuse when I fall asleep class. I was trying to save the world teach! xD

Oh my, I’m definitely excited for the next chapter! Will Chi-chan bite it now that he doesn’t have the shard in him!? And what about the cannibalism!? =O That’s definitely a surprise! We’ll have to wait until the April edition is out x3

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