Saitou Arc Part II (summary)

The fact you’re reading this intro means you either plan on continuing further with my summary of part II, or my Chizuru icon has caught your eye.
This is the final part of the Saitou Arc.
If you thought part I was missing out on some much needed romance, then don’t even bother looking at this second part.
It ain’t getting any better.

Title: Hakuouki Jurenka (薄桜鬼 巡恋華), Saitou Arc Part II
Manga-ka: Kiri Mochi (錐もち)
Source: Manga

Patrick: Pull down your trousers, boy and let's get started >;D Saitou: I hate my life...

The chapter opens with Saitou turning into a Rasetsu. Patrick is all muhahahahah you suck! Let’s fight >:D So the two fight. Patrick talks about stuff that I don’t understand…or care about xD (see, this is why Jurenka sucks. Don’t just jump into the middle of the storyline and expect us readers to understand what’s going on).

About 8 pages into the chapter, Patrick finally finishes talking and says he’s going to drill Saitou’s butt pillows with his sword. Benji (oh, he’s finally be given a name – Amagiri) comes back and stops Patrick from carrying out his BL threat (Benji: that’s what I’M here for ~ MASTER <3). Something about Patrick’s goons needing him for something.


He tells Saitou he’s leaving his wife in Saitou’s care (Chizuru: what? (ఠ_ゝఠ)). Patrick leaves, though we know later on when he’s alone in his man cave, he’s going to throw a hissy fit about this.

Chizuru decides it’s a good time to say something before she gets kicked back into her corner again of non-existence.

“He was ordered to by the Shinsengumi…that’s the only reason he did it…Saitou-san, who didn’t even hesitate to turn himself into a Rasetsu, was left cruelly vulnerable…”

While Saitou stares out at the foliage in man pain, Chizuru…cries ^^;

The next 6 pages are history stuff. Phil and that one dude died. The Shinsengumi had to move to someplace else. The group changes their name, and dons Western clothes. Harada and Bandana dude leave. Okita leaves too. Stuff happens where Saitou has to flee with Chizuru, leaving Hijikata and Isami behind.

I'm just putting this in here for man candy =__= might as well get some use from this manga...

[Edit: gonna have a whine fest here – skip if you don’t want to see ~]

WHERE’S THE FLIPPIN ROMANCE!? >:U Is this the Saitou arc or the Snooze arc!? This is the FOURTH time I’m being fed this SAME information Dx I don’t care! As cruel as that sounds, I-DON’T-CARE! I’m only reading this because I thought there were going to be cute Chizuru x Hawt Guy scenes >3<

Okay, now that I’m done throwing a paroxysm, let us continue ~ ;D

[Edit: this is where I stop trollin’]

While napping out in the woods, Saitou leaves to go have a man moment in the moonlight. Chizuru follows him and acts as his audience. To make a long story short, Saitou is all, I’M WEAK to which Chizuru gives him confidence by telling him to grow a pair and wave it around.

Saitou: “That’s the first time…anyone has said that to me.” (lol to the fact he actually says this xD)

Saitou...are you really contemplating what Chizuru said? o__O;

They meet up with Hijikata and learned that Isami bit it. Stuff happens.

With his new man confidence, Saitou tells Hijikata hey, I’m leaving, and whips his new balls in the air. Hijikata watches Saitou’s act before going okay o3o; (I’m scared). The two part ways. Chizuru goes with Saitou because, well, this is the Saitou arc (that’s the only reason I can fathom). The chapter ends with the two looking up at the snow together.

“As long as they don’t betray their heart, regardless of their birth or status, they will be warriors.”

(ಠ_ಠ) What?


So yeah…that’s the Saitou arc… >__>|||


I’m hoping Heisuke’s arc is better since it’s drawn by the same manga-ka who did Harada’s chapter. Ffffff, anything is better than this. Way to surpass Okita’s arc in terms of lame-ness, Saitou. At least Okita somewhat flirted with Chizuru (by flirting I mean threatening to cut her legs off >__>; ).

PS. LOL! I just realized that Patrick never came back for Chizuru xDDD Lol, way to just leave your “wife” behind. She’s not a shovel you loaned to the neighbors then remembered about 5 months later xD

P.S.S. I also just realized this but where was Heisuke!? O3O He had one shot in the beginning and that was it.  No love for the shota…

4 thoughts on “Saitou Arc Part II (summary)

    • Seriously! My goodness, a body pillow offers more romance! Dx
      As it stands, EVERYONE is better than Saitou right now :<
      I don't think you can get any lower than a romance story with pure dialogue…(and no action)
      (he didn't even TRY to hold Chizuru or anything…stupid BL emo Dx)
      We'll see how our last two boys do x3


    • If you plan on following, prepare for sadness. The anime ends super depressing (from what I’ve heard).
      And I really recommend you don’t read Jurenka. It’s…not too good :(
      The art is nice but the story is too broken. It keeps jumping all over the place with each bishi. I’m totally lost when it comes to story. I had to ask a friend why Patrick was the evil bad guy in the first place xD (because you’re never told in Jurenka).
      I love how Jurenka automatically assumes we know people and then kills them off, expecting us to feel sad. I mean, I feel bad that the guy got chopped but I don’t understand why everyone is crying for this dude and not the 23 behind them ^^;

      Phew ~ long rant haha
      Dude, how many Harukas are there!? I think version #5 was mentioned in Sylph briefly. I know there are like different characters for each version @___@ It looks pretty but dang confusing. I’m told Haruka is more similar to Fushigi Yuugi, due to the 4 Heavenly Gods references ^^


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