Saitou Arc Part I (summary)

Like I mentioned earlier, with Zeele Sacrifice volume #2 down, I would return to summarizing the chapters in the final volume of Hakuouki Jurenka ~ As much as I was feeling like a G6 after reading Harada’s wonderful arc/chapter, I was hoping to fly even higher with some wonderful Chizuru x Saitou moments, because let’s face it, Saitou is the best.
*falls to a ground as a bullet wizzes by*
Haha I kid! I kid! ^__^;;;
So anyway, I finally got to reading Saitou’s arc and I have just one, extremely toned down word for it: poopie
It wasn’t even a Saitou x Chizuru arc! It was an arc that basically told you the entire plotline again (in case you forgot from the last 3 arcs), only with Saitou standing a WEE bit closer to the front of the panels.
Oh, and there’s creepy BL hints o__O;
After re-reading what I wrote, I can honestly say I was steaming by the time I finished summarizing Part II (I mean, the whole summary isn’t even 2 pages). I’m thinking it might be better if you all just…skipped this arc. Really, I just troll all over the place.
I was debating whether to even post this…
Yeah, I trolled that hard >3>
I find it humorous I started out all optimistic but by the end, I was getting ready to throw my dining table out into the driveway xD
So just saying, I’m not giving this arc any love so really…wouldn’t advise reading any further ^^;

Title: Hakuouki Jurenka (薄桜鬼 巡恋華), Saitou Arc Part I
Manga-ka: Kiri Mochi (錐もち)
Source: Manga

The Saitou Arc... >__> dfkjakfjeaoiahgoiahgoi

The chapter opens with Saitou monologue-ing in the moonlight. He talks about how he was born left handed. Because of his dominant hand being his left hand, he sucked at stuff (from what I remember, RIGHT HAND = WIN in Japan while LEFT HAND = FAIL (that’s what my mom told me was the deal when she was young). So I’m guessing that’s why Saitou is lamenting in the light of the moon?). We see Chizuru is with him, so he’s got an audience for his one man show. She’s pretty much thinking, you poor guy. Come into my arms and let me show you the lovin you’ve been missing. I don’t care which hand you use in the bedroom hohoho ;D

The second page…strangely repeats part of Saitou’s speech from the first page, only we’re seeing the two in a different angle o__O; (totally getting Mamotte! Lollipop vibes (anime vers). See in the anime, for some reason, a 5 min flashback happened. After that, we go back to the present only to go back to that EXACT same flashback! WHUT!?). He continues his story, saying when he held a Shinai (those wooden swords used to beat people in anime), he became a sword wielding machine. He kicked the faces of those who teased him about his dominant hand. However, because his kick-face level was so high, he couldn’t find anyone to kick HIS face (so yes, we’ve now established Saitou is an M).

“What is true strength?”

Saitou says the old him was obsessed with finding the answer to that question. Chizuru asks what the him now think true strength is.

“It’s simple. He who wins when two swords cross is the one with strength. That is what I believe.”

[But…in actuality that is wrong]

Saitou goes to say before the Shinsengumi, he challenged someone important (I’m not good with historical terms so I’m just going to be vague ;D) and killed the person. He was doing a victory dance when people were like, DUDE! WTF!? YOU KILLED HIM!? :U

Saitou: Isn’t that the whole point? *confused*

Well, because he derped up the fight, Saitou had to leave.

*flips page*

Holy snap, how long is this monologue!? To make a long story short, he wandered around until he met the Shinsengumi boys. There he found some bros who he can have wet towel fights in the bathroom with and help him score chicks.  YAY ~ FRIENDS!

Chizuru can see this monologue isn’t going to be ending anytime soon so to spare us readers Part IV of  Saitou’s story – “HOW I BECAME A MAN IN THE SHOWER ROOM – NEVER PICK UP A DROPPED BAR OF SOAP” – she brings us back into the past so we can figure out how we got to this point in the chapter ^^;

Way to personify the emo atmosphere Saitou...holding your sword to your neck >__>

Way to add to the emo atmosphere Saitou...holding your sword to your neck >__>

I’ll be honest…I have NO idea what’s going on. One of the sucky things with Jurenka is it just poops you wherever it feels like in the story line (and I have yet to read/watch the other spin-off/anime). I’m sure those 4 readers who are reading this probably already watched the anime and don’t give a monkey’s left nut about the politics – we all want the romance ;D So I’m going to be skipping the history stuff.

Okay, now that I got that out, let us continue. The gang is celebrating New Years with some eats. Stuff happens. Everyone is all, OMG STUFF IS HAPPENING! LET’S STAB THINGS! So they go and stab things. Chizuru is left behind because she doesn’t stab things. She sits…and cries…^^; (which she’ll be doing here in a few sentences :D).

More stuff. For plot reasons, Chizuru volunteers to be a messenger because Phil and some dude are going to be too busy getting themselves killed to do the job. Chizuru tells the guys peace out and goes to find Saitou because of stuff.

We find Saitou fighting Benjamin (I don’t know his real name so I’m sticking with Benji). Benji is impressed that even though Saitou is human, he’s still able to keep up. And I think Benji is a little turned on by that fact >__>;

Chizuru thankfully comes and shatters the BL tension.  She tells Saitou he has to come back to prevent Phil and that one dude from being slaughtered like…Justin Beaver walking pant-less in a prison…yeah…that’s a good analogy… >__>;

The romantic atmosphere ruined, Benji says he’s signing out. But before he leaves, he fanboys about Patrick and his endowment ~ (he actually says Patrick is endowed with great powers but same thing right ;D).

“Watch yourself.”

(wow, that was so inappropriately placed xD but Benji REALLY says that)

As Benji flies off on his Segway of Doom (or whatever), Saitou grumbles about not being good enough (as in an opponent, not a BL partner ^^; ). Chizuru goes, huh? to which Saitou is all, nevermind. Let’s get out of here before Patrick shows up like he always does.

Patrick: Hey did someone call? ;D Looking FABULOUS ~


So yeah, Patrick’s here…not even one page after Benji says to watch out for Patrick xD In a rare moment that shows this is a Chizuru x Saitou arc (and not the Saitou Emo Arc), Saitou tells Chizuru to get behind him. Patrick laughs at the thought of a mere human protecting Chizuru.

After a lot of talk from Patrick because that’s how he pumps himself up for a battle, the two fight. Saitou goes down like a ton of bricks fired from a cannon which was aimed at the ground after Pikachu did a quick attack on it…basically he went down hard and fast…

(is it me or does the Saitou route have a lot of BL hints o__O; none of the other guys were like this. Oh Saitou, your milkshake (or whatever the male equivalent is) brings all da people running to you with straws…is that how that saying goes? >___> …sounds right…I think)

I mean, look at this one scene. Change the words and you have WHOLE another arc going down…

Back to the fight. So Saitou is getting man slapped. Patrick is all GIVE UP and Saitou is all NO! Chizuru doesn’t like seeing a bishi get his face damaged so she tells Saitou to just stay down – she’ll go with Patrick. It’s cool, man. Your milkshake took one for the team.


“Even if I ran away from here, in my heart, I’ll remember the betrayal I dealt to those precious to me.
”“For me…whether it’s a woman or my subordinates or something precious…all of them…with these hands…and this blade…I’ll protect them.”

(・ε・)I wonder if he’s talking about Chizuru? >___> because he’s like…said nothing sweet to her so far… Rather than question what the hell Saitou is talking about, Patrick just giggles at Saitou’s words before slapping him around more. And once again, Saitou is down!

Patrick likes kicking people when they’re down – he mocks Saitou. Not going to protect your “precious” one? Huh? Huh? HOW DOES YOUR MILKSHAKE FEEL NOW?? *steps on Saitou’s head*

However, even though Saitou is down, he’s not out. He has a death glare on his face that either says, if my arms weren’t broken, I’d kill you or I just saw up your kimono and I’m currently trying not to choke on my vomit.

You like what you see? Want me to jiggle my hips a little so you can see them oscillate ;D

Apparently Patrick likes Saitou’s death glare because he pulls out some Ochimizu and drops it in front of the beaten Saitou.

Patrick: I like the way your eyes sparkle, boy ~ Take that and become an Oni that can kick my butt! I want YOUR straw!!!!!!!!

Chizuru: (ಠ_ಠ) okay, seriously dude…stop turning this BL.

Saitou ain’t got anything better to do so of course he drinks it. The chapter ends with his wounds healing and his hair turning white ~

I. AM. BEAUTIFUL :D er, I mean, I'll kick your face >_)


Click here for PART II (don’t do it man – my summary on this arc is just going to get even more grumpier!)


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