Mass Opinion: Forest of Gray City (1-2), Dazzle (10), Moon Boy (1-3), Eureka Seven LN (1)

Hello there ~ how are you all this fine day? Me? I’m currently freezing my phantom nuts off :D I don’t know how but this place once again got hit by a cold front and is currently in the single digits. Add the wind blowing at a disgusting 20-30 mph rate, and you get weather that feels like it should be in the negatives.

This is the desert!
You know it’s bad when, last week, for 48 hours, the place where I’m currently residing at was colder in temperature than Alaska.
+_______+ ALASKA!
But it isn’t all negative ~ I finally put in my akadot order because they updated their inventory with February’s Sylph <3 And you all saw earlier I got the newest issue of Sylph (March Ed) from my new subscription x3
Sylph whore happiness ~~~

Anyway, the point of this post. I’ve actually been readings stuff surprisingly! Not only stuff from  my rightstuf order but some used books too – I heart used books stores x3 Rather than have individual posts, I’m just going to have one combined poster :3 Here are the series I’m going to talk about:

Series to look at:

  • Forest of Gray City (complete)
  • Dazzle #10
  • Moon Boy #1 – 3
  • Eureka Seven #1: Blue Monday (light novel)

Disclaimer: What you are about to read are my thoughts about a manga/anime/light novel I have read/watched. These posts are not intended to act as professional reviews or any of that jazz. It’s just me saying what I liked or didn’t like. Sometimes, I even troll on a series. Doesn’t mean it sucks. It just means I didn’t like it so I’m going to bitch about it ;D (because I spent money on it that I wished I hadn’t). If you liked the series that I didn’t like, that’s cool. Just ignore my post and leave it be. Same with if you hated a series I’m loving on. I’m just putting this warning so you all don’t get pissed at me (and understand what you’re getting into if you continue to read any further) :3 So I shouldn’t see any crazy comments telling me I suck – because I put a warning here ;D K?

I’ve been wanting to read Forest of Gray City for awhile (back when Ice Kunion was releasing it). But I kept putting it off since Ice Kunion hadn’t published the 2nd/final volume (or at least I wasn’t finding it at my bookstore). Time went on. Yen Press rescued Ice Kunion’s line and released the second volume of Forest of Gray City. But I still put it off due to laziness. By the time I remembered this series again, it was already hard to find volume #1 . Fffff. However, as I was looking at these used books, I found this series – both volumes!


And they were at a good price too :D Yay for savings!

Overall I liked this series. It was short and sweet. The pace was nice and it didn’t really feel rushed until midway through #2 – because there was all this drama starting to build but it was like someone told this artist, hey, this series is ending with this 2nd volume and she was all, oh. Well…can’t have drama if I don’t have more volumes. RESOLVED! But it wasn’t too annoying or anything like that.

The ending is kind of open but it ends at a spot I’m satisfied with – it’s totally easy to see what’s going to happen next :3 (and if you know me, you know the kind of endings I like <3)

Oh yeah, what is the story about? It’s about this chick who is in need of money so she rents out her spare bedroom. Due to drinking too much one night, she signs on a male tenant. Problem? Not really. Both live their lives separately, regardless of the other’s gender. But slowly, they start getting closer and closer. However, drama in both character’s pasts make it hard to breech that line between friend and more than friend ~

I make it sound dark but it’s not. This manwha had some good comedic moments x3 (a reason why I love manwha comedy shojos).

Overall: Greatly Satisfied

Next up is one of my orders from rightstuf: Dazzle #10. I’ve long given up on trying to figure out what the plot is. It went from a girl going on an adventure (via her father kicking her out of house ^^; ) and meeting a man out to get revenge for his murdered father to a complex tale involving clones, immortals, and past lives. This is totally turning into Tsubasa, minus the BL hinting vampires and adorable Mokona.

I totally just ignore the foreshadowing or angst moments now (I know that’s bad but it’s too confusing to keep up with – I’ll just wait to the end and go, OHHHHHHH! So that’s why they were all doing that…shiz, you couldn’t have just said that earlier???). I’m just sticking with Dazzle for the lols. No matter how dark this series gets, it’ll always bring a chuckle out of me. Especially from Alzeid. I love how he broke the 4th wall in the bonus chapter at the end:

Rahzel: “What about you, Alzeid? A decent wish?”

Alzeid: “…” “I want to go back to my former character.”

Both Heat and Rahzel: [HE SAID IT!]

Rahzel: “W-well, I don’t think your loser character is that bad”

Alzeid: “I see, so I’m the character everyone bullies…”

Heat: “Y-yes, there are people in the world who like losers!”

Alzeid: “Do you enjoy being liked by weirdoes?” ;_______;

For those who don’t follow the series, Alzeid went from some ass kicking character to…well, a loser. I’m sad by how low he has been kicked (and from what the manga-ka indicated in her afterward, he’s about to fall even lower). He’s my favorite character! DON’T DO THIS TO HIM!

Oh yeah, so what’s the plot in this volume? Here’s what’s on the back:

Drama abounds in more ways than one! Rahzel is back in school, facing Clarissa for the first time since her adventure began. Can their friendship remain close after all that Rahzel has been through? Meanwhile, Rahzel is cast in the school play, but during the final performance, she spots a special person in the audience from her past, and he’s not at all pleased with Rahzel’s behavior…

Yeah, I’m like, lol why is she back in school? What happened to finding the dad’s killer? xD

This volume ends on a SUPER cliffhanger. Like, fffffff I need the next volume!!!! But Tokyopop released this back in December of 2008 >___> As of right now, there is no listing for volume #11.

Fufufufu why do you always do this to me Tokyopop? :____:  And you wonder why I rarely buy stuff from you now and days? What # series is this that I have on my shelf that’s incomplete? Hohohoho *cries bloody tears*

Overall: Satisfied but sad the next volume doesn’t have a release date (I heard it had something to do with licensing issues…maybe?)

Next up are the first 3 volumes of Moon Boy (points to you if you’ve made it this far) . I got this solely because of the art. It’s so friggin cute! (you’d think I’d learn my lesson with 11th Cat >___>).

I’m not sure how I feel about this series. I really don’t have too much affection for the main female and male protagonist. More correctly, I’m not liking how the female protagonist is pursuing the male protagonist. I can understand wanting to save him because he was an old classmate of yours, but romantically being interested in him is kind of pushing it. He was kind of a jerk when they were an elementary school together. Then he goes and disappears. Five years later, they meet again and he’s got a new personality along with others hidden in his psyche.  His other personality scares the crap out of me. My goodness! Yet, this girl who didn’t really have that close of a relationship with this boy, hasn’t seen him in 5 years, and gets verbally abused by his alter ego constantly, LIKES him?

o3o dur?

I had a whole bitch rant written but I decided to erase it and hold off on my judgment until I finish the series. The secondary characters are enough to keep me interested. Plus I’m curious about this whole bunnies vs foxes thing.

Overall: Meh

Information: Pretty boy-crazy 5th grader, Myung-Ee, doesn’t really want to waste her time on class president, Yu-Da Lee, who doesn’t meet any of her requirements for eye candy… (Too short! Too young!) But when Yu-Da disappears one day, no one except Myung-Ee seems to remember him. Teased about her “invisible boyfriend,” Myung-Ee transfers high schools five years later in search of greener pastures (read: prettier boys). Only she finds herself face-to-face with some of the most beautiful boys she’s ever seen…and Yu-Da, now a class secretary, who doesn’t remember anything about her! Startled by this new development, Myung-Ee’s positively floored when she learns that she and Yu-Da are “Earth rabbits” being hunted by a clan of shape-shifting foxes, some of whom comprise the very student council that surrounds Yu-Da! Will Myung-Ee be able to save Yu-Da from these foxes in sheep’s clothing?

Last up is volume #1 of the Eureka Seven light novel series. My friend arkynox is a huge fan of the anime. However, I’m a cheapo and rather than buy the anime, I settled first on checking out the light novel. This is my first light novel from Bandai and overall, it wasn’t too bad. Every now and then I would run into some awkward sentences and grammar errors but otherwise it was a pretty decent read.

It definitely starts to hook you the deeper you read. I read this on my bus rides to and fro school but once I got to a certain point towards the end, I ended up staying up to finish it xD I’m looking forward to reading more of Eureka Seven, the light novel. Renton is just so cute ~ Usually I want to slap shounen heroes across the face but for some, I like Renton :3 Yay!
I’m also happy that Eureka didn’t turn out to be one of those bitchy characters shounen series so love to have!

Overall: Enjoyed

Summary on the back:

Renton Thurston is a young 14 year old who is tired of his boring life and spends his time lifting, an extreme form of aerial hoverboarding. One day, a large mecha known as an LFO crash lands in his grandfather’s garage and a beautiful young girl named Eureka emerges. This begins a journey that will change both of their lives…

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