Double Meme of Epicness ~ (doodle)

Slowly but surely my doodle list is dwindling ~
I finally got the drive to doodle this after chatting with @arkynox. I was having a shit day and, like an awesome soul sister, she’s was there to listen to me spill my guts out before cheering me up. She’s always there for me and vise versa. This may explain why we’ve been friends for over 10 years…gawd, I feel old just saying that .___.
If you don’t know, on DA, there are things called memes (actually, I think they can be found anywhere but I only know them from DA). Most of them have tasks for you to do – usually in the form of drawing. This double meme is where you and a friend both draw on the same picture. I did one before with a friend because I was tagged to do it (tagged means you are chosen to do the task given – if you don’t do it…you SUCK! Or something like that ^^). Arkynox saw this and was all WE’RE DOING THIS TOO BITCH!

Me: Okay, but I’m a lazy hobo when it comes to DA so don’t expect to see my results in like 3 months

Three months later…you have our DOUBLE MEME OF EPICNESS!!!!! (left if me, right is arkynox)

Love how I f-ed up the Bleach characters xD Arkynox is a huge fan but I’m not into really long series. The only things I know is from what she has told me. But for some reason, Chad has always stuck in my memory. Probably because when I first saw him I was like, STONER! Then I thought, KILL HIM! HE’S EVIL!

But….it turns out Chad is a good guy

Me: …no he ain’t >>

I remember Rukia’s brother guy thing too because he was causing so much drama early  in the series (that’s why I have him in the doodle for #6). I added Kon(?) because I wanted to xD

I’m sorry arkynox that I fudged up your picture D: I drew them too big! I wanted to draw Ichigo’s man nips too! Dx The world needs to ogle at his man nips!

BTW, I totally love the picture your drew of my OC, Red Rabbit. Finally, a picture of him drawn by someone else that DOESN’T look like he’s going to rape someone! (Meni did an awesome one too which made me a happy duck because my OC isn’t a rapist, despite what my other friends like to think… Dx).

Red Rabbit: ;_________; I hate my life. Correction, I hate your friends.

There there Red Rabbit. You gotta get through this. Pants belted on.

Red Rabbit: F you

For those who don’t know, the kissing pair is of the BURGER KING and Sophie from Howl’s Moving Castle. I tried to get arkynox to instead draw Ronald McDonald because that would have been awesome, but she was steadfast on using Sophie. And now look at her, arkynox. Are you proud? Do you know the therapy she’ll have to go through to recover from this?

(even though it was ME who drew the KING haha xD)

I’m just messing with you girl. Thank you so much for being patient with me and drawing the double meme with me. This totally rocks :D

PS. I have no idea what that thing in the end is. I just threw together random stuff together – awesome points if you can list where the items came from. Oh, and the creature’s junk? I have a friend that was sorely pissed that I didn’t draw Cain’s junk floating in that picture I doodled earlier. So there you go, Cree. Ogle away ;D

8 thoughts on “Double Meme of Epicness ~ (doodle)

  1. Hey, so quick question. I placed you on my blogroll and I was wondering if you had a preference on how your site is named. Do you want it to be “Spoils” or “sylphalchemist” or like a mix of both, like so”Spoils/sylphalchemist”?


    • Whichever you prefer. I’ve gone by Sylphalchemist’s Blog, Spoils, yadda yadda ~ I’m not picky ^^ (most usually put my blog under “Spoils”)
      Just don’t put something like…”Coked Up Fan Girl” because that may get me in trouble xD

      Do you have a preference for your title under my blog list? I just put…wtf!? It didn’t show up :U Ffff
      Okay, so yeah, it’s not up there ^^;
      Before I go fix that, is there a specific name you’d like?
      (omg I’m so sorry ;____;)


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