Color Scans of Comic Sylph March Edition

For those who follow me on Twitter, you know I was rolling up the walls (the power of happiness gave me the strength to accomplish this feat) because I got my first edition of Sylph via my subscription with Fujisan. No more do I have to freak out about missing an issue or having to buy off… *barf*
Rather than keep the love to myself, I figured I’d do like @chungky and scan in some stuff for you guys to oogle at (@ chungky, you rock BTW for sharing your magazine stuff x3).
Unfortunately…the pictures came out huge! :O I’m definitely going to resize future pictures so they aren’t so massive! (I took up like 3% of my available free picture upload on this one post!!!! That’s how flippin big they are! *lol, that’s what she said*). The reason I say this is because below the cut is IMAGE INTENSIVE! If your computer can’t handle pictures of this calibar, it’s best not to click. I don’t want to be responsible for exploding your computers…(or the massive nosebleeding from the bishi overload x3)

That said, these are scans of the color page in the March Edition of Sylph ~ I did scans because they were in the beginning of the magazine (meaning it wouldn’t crease up the spine ~).

Hope you enjoy ~

Here’s the free shitajiki :3 It’s of Dear Girl Stories ~

Alice x Cross Advertisement

Bishi man candy card game? WANT!

New Sylph Releases

Sylph telling us what new titles will be coming out in February (I have a blog post about that here ~)

Hakuouki Information

Love Hijikata’s expression in the upper left corner. Totally want to put the caption TONIGHT – WE DINE ON TURTLE >:U

For a second, I thought Saitou was pinching Heisuke’s nose. I’m like, whut!? That’s more affection you’re displaying there than in your own arc in Jurenka!

More Hakuouki

The title pretty much says it all. Sylph is still fanboying about Hakuouki. It also talks about a DRAMA CD and the 2nd manga volume, which is coming out in February.

Dear Girl Stories: the Movie

An advertisement for the Dear Girl Stories movie (this was the movie that I mentioned in an old blog post x3). BTW I have no idea what the pickle in the bottom is supposed to represent…And I hope the screenshot in the upper portion isn’t something kinky. That man in the black better be dressed that way because he’s a superhero – and not someone in bondage…

DGS: 4Lovers Only Event

From what I can make out, this is a promotional event for DGS: 4Lovers Only. In the April Edition of Sylph, you get some stickers you can put on your body and in the May Edition of Sylph, you get something only described as a  “Soul Stirring Set” *tentative title* :3 I’m curious as to what that is hohoho ~

Fujoshissu! Drama CD information

Basically Sylph is advertising their newest edition to their DRAMA CD line. In the February Edition, I believe they had sample CDs of this DRAMA CD bundled with it. I don’t really follow this series but it looks entertaining. I need to get the first volume to figure out what’s going on because it gets kind of crazy following each girl’s relationship!

Brothers Conflict article

Sylph must really be happy about Brothers Conflict. I mean, look how huge this article is!

That doctor on page #3 has me worried. He better be a pediatrician or else those toys in his pocket are going to look REAL suspicious. Especially if he has those toys while standing in the McDonald’s Playpen around >___>

I like the fat squirrel the protagonist has as a pet. Dear goodness – it’s HUGE! My dog would jizz herself if she could go chase that thing around xD

Also, how many effin brothers this chick got!? D: I wouldn’t be surprised if the mom knelled over dead once the 12th kid shot out of her Va-JJ. Was the whole neighborhood on her because none of those brothers look alike o__O

Ah, and this article answers a question you gave me earlier, @chungky. Turns out this is being developed as a game for the PSP :3 They’re going to do a Poke’mon thing and split the game into 2 version – Passion Pink (PP) and Brilliant Blue (BB). Lol, I want your PP xD

Miyako article

Another otome game – Miyako. Am I the only one who looked at the main female character and thought CHIZURU!? (Hakuouki). And when I looked at the dude above her, I thought HIJIKATA!? (Hakuouki) IN CEREMONIAL GARB!? To the guy next to Hijikata cosplaying as a priest, A SESSHOMARU WANNA-BE!? (Inuyasha).

Awww, that blue hair monk dude reminds me of Fushigi Yuugi’s Chichiri. Chichiri was so awesome :3 Great comedic relief from that one!

The guys I’d probably chase after in this game would be the happy looking Green Hair Boy and the grumpy looking Red Hair Boy ~ I would so laugh if there was a route for the chicken thing with pants xDDDDD (it’s Japan…it’s entirely feasible!)

Besides talking about the game (which is going to be released for the PSP), this article also mentions that this series is going to turned into a manga. It’s first chapter will be in the April Edition of Sylph ~

Yamato Kareshi article

Whut!? Yamato Kareshi is an otome game :U But there’s no chick in the manga! I thought it was just about a bunch of dudes doing random stuff for the sake of doing something.

BTW love the fish necklace!

It’s a cell-phone based game ~

Advertising for Girl’s Style

I haven’t seen Starry Sky yet but key-chain is just plain cute =O

Lol, I like that guy just randomly nomming on those roses. It’s a good source of nutrition. Sometimes I even get a caterpillar :9 You won’t judge because I have a good looking face ;D

How many flippin’ Harukas are there!? Hasn’t that world been in peril enough!? (how about sending some of those bishies into this world?)

Really cute girly stuff <3

Here’s the last page. Fufufu, I love looking at all the cute stuff Sylph shows off. But then I’m sad by the realization I can’t get any of this stuff ;__; (without breaking the bank). Uta no Prince-sama gets some love in the upper left hand corner. Is it true that there’s going to be an anime adaptation? I hope it doesn’t suck like the manga did…(well, it didn’t suck but if you were hoping for romance, it’s best to look elsewhere…which is sad, seeing how this is based off an otome game).

Cool that Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep is on there. Man, I’m so behind in the KH universe. But I don’t want to play the Little Mermaid world again in KH2 >___< It’s pain! Pain with Disney characters!

The game right next to it – Beast Master and Prince – is drawn by the same artist who drew the illustrations for the Petit Four video game. I want to get the artbook for Beast Master and Prince...the artwork is so sparkly @___@ Plus it’s bishi-tastic <3

I’ve never watched Durarara (yeah, I live under a rock) but those charms are cute <3 Lol, why does that helmet have cat ears? Oh Japan, you just have to put cat ears on everything, now don’t you? xD

I have no idea what Alice x Cross is other than the fact it’s some sort of card game (this is the box that’s located underneath the Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep panel). This box has Hakuouki based cards @___@ Heck, if Magic the Gathering (or whatever those card games are called) had hawt stuff like these cards, I’d totally play the game! Go my sexy steeds! Blind your opponents with your sweaty abs! xD Oh  no! Go into a defense position! Cover your face!

Lol, there’s “My Kare” next to Alice Cross. Ura Kare…psssft プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ (good memories)

x3 How I wish we could get different color PSPs (and DSs!). I’d love a light light blue color ~ would look way more feminine than my masculine black PSP xD

Well, that’s it for the color scans in the beginning of Sylph. I plan (maybe…I’m weird and may forget ^^;) on doing snippits of series I follow (by snippits, I mean like summaries consisting of barely 5 sentences). If there are any requests, just let me know and I’ll do a snippet of it (I’ll try anyway – if it’s of a series I’m not following, I may end up butchering the snippet xD). For a list of titles in the March Edition, please check here :3

As usually, I DON’T DO RAWs ;D

Thanks for reading ~

18 thoughts on “Color Scans of Comic Sylph March Edition

  1. I laughed so hard at “TONIGHT – WE DINE ON TURTLE >:U” Seriously, I’m amazed my roommate in the next room didn’t hear me. x3

    Also, I’ve decided that if it’s in Sylph, it’s automatically pretty. Like freaking gorgeous. :D


    • Haha, you have to admit, that is one unique facial expression – especially when made next to a turtle hanging on a string x3

      I love Sylph. So much eye candy <3 I remember someone said there were so many good looking boys xD in Sylph after reading the magazine for the first time. I totally lol-ed, because it's true x3


  2. hahaha thank you! Love the scans!!! They’re so bright and pretty! now i know what’s going on in sylph hehehe~

    I KNEW brothers conflict would turn into a game LOL. calling them PP & BB sounds really weird. like some baby food or something. but YARH, PP looks good xD seems to carry the division of more attractive characters lol

    all the merchandise promos are so tempting ! anna sui make up in particular
    the alice x cross looks fantastic, i might just want to own it with such awesome illustrations it has lol

    Fujoshissu! does look really entertaining, like a really good comedy! I’m gonna go check that out hehehe.

    thank you for the scans once again!!!


    • :D Not a problem. These are only the scans in the beginning of Sylph because I didn’t mind bending my magazine a little to scan them. Anything else further into the magazine will have to be taken via camera (what can I say? I don’t like creasing my stuff xD)
      So now you know – Sylph is all about pretty boys and good looking things ;D

      PP, besides reminding me of a certain boy’s anatomy, also reminds me of that thing used in Poke’mon to boost the # of attacks a Poke’mon can use before having to get healed.

      I’m so jealous of what the Japanese girls get :O It’s like, I WANT CUTE THINGS TOO!

      Seriously – those are some FINE looking cards. I’d totally be kicking face – summon my Hijikata and make him do a shirtless pose – 1000 damage. YEAYA! Go Boris! Look over your shoulder and smile. DEFENSE BREAK MUHAHAHAH!
      Besides, if boys can have cards of skimpy big boobed ladies, why can’t we girls have cards of hawt, good looking dudes? It’s only fair ;D

      Fujoshissu is very cute. I need to get the first volume though to figure out what’s going on though haha

      Not a problem. I’m glad you liked them.
      And thank YOU for your pictures ;D I love them ^^


      • Lol! same i don’t like giving my magazines any stress xD
        i do very much like sylph’s style. it feels less mainstream.
        we need to play some PEEPEE & DITTO ABOUT THE CARDS. i think poker will be much fun that way.


        • The only time I did crease up my magazine was for a project I was doing a while back.
          I cried man tears. Just hearing the crrrrrrffff of the spine creasing still makes me shutter.
          That’s why now, when I do my summaries, I wait for the volume to be released – Comic Sylph manga is hella durable! It doesn’t crease yet you can get good pictures from them once scanned :D

          I’m so proud of my Sylph magazine. This year on the yearly magazine circulation ratings, it ACTUALLY MADE IT ON! I was like, OMG! IT’S SYLPH! IT’S SYLPH!
          While it didn’t have the highest #’s (who can top Nakayoshi and Hana to Yume?) I was quite surprised by the # of followers it has.
          Go bishi power!

          I’ll let you play with my PP after my sister is done with it – gawd, you can make some horrible pick-up lines with that abbreviation Dx

          OMG, I wouldn’t play the game right. I’d be too busy hoarding all my favorite bishies to myself xD
          Screw a royal flush, Saitou is mine! I’ll never give him up!
          Lol, if we used these cards to play Old Maid, which bishi would be the old maid? xD


  3. @syphalchemist
    hahaha. i can never stand ANY of my books being bent. nakayoshi is little out of my age range, fare thee well young, middle school romantics.
    HAHAHA. its like. wait a second…my favourite is the joker, but whoever gets the joker loses. GAME REVERSED PLEZ.


    • A scoop of ice cream falls to the floor every time you crease the spine of a book…or something like that xD
      I’m a little embarrassed to admit this but I like to read Nakayoshi from time to time ^^ It’s really good practice (and what can I say, I like the innocence – although lately, these kids get into some pervy situations o__O; like, is this age appropriate???)

      Haha xD
      Or maybe we should make the ossan (older man) bishi be the old maid (you know who I’m talking about. He’s that one older guy in otome games that make you think, why the f is this guy even an option? He’s like…my dad’s age o__O; )


      • haha can’t deny the awesome-ness of nakayoshi that ran sailormoon(gawd thats a pure classic). i think i might’ve read nakayoshi stuff without realising, I know more about Ribon.
        I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN. i get a bit uncomfortable when some stories seem to push this message that u NEED to have a boyfriend/girlfriend or that you NEED to have kissed before 13 or sumthing.

        HAHAHA. I’ve been quite fond of the teacher-studdent relationship lately. HEHEHE.


        • I remember all the shoot-offs that wanted to be the next Sailor Moon – Pichi Pichi Pichi Mermaid Melody, Tokyo Mew Mew, etc. (but my goodness, those 12 year olds had some HUGE honkers D: way to make me feel inferior!)
          (and the love interest in TMM totally creeped me out – he’s going to be a serial killer. Just watch)
          I don’t think I’ve read too much Ribon stuff. I know I got a lot of Flower stuff though!

          I really don’t like the stories where they have the kids in creepy situations. Like in TMM, they liked to show panty shots which was so wrong D: IT’S A GIRL’S COMIC! AND THEY’RE TWELVE! NO PANTY SHOTS (they were subtle, but they were there Dx). Or in PPP MM, there was a love for boob jokes (I stopped reading because it was disgusting – how many times can you boob someone/expose your boobs?). There are just some things you don’t do in kids manga…
          (OTL and when they talk about doing the nasty or having to have a BF like you said…just…ugh – and we wonder why tween pregnancy exists. Bad message Japan…bad massage…)

          It depends on stuff, like the age. Like, if you’ve seen Card Captor Sakura, the teacher-student relationship in there was just nasty. The kid was in elementary school Dx Ew!
          Some are cute but…I don’t know >__>; it all depends…


  4. LOL. i only know pichi pichi mermaid melody which seemed quite good actually. i’ve read/watched tokyo mew mew . dnt think i ever will xD
    LOL. HAHAAHAHAHAHAA. I never gave the student x teacher relationship a lot of thought when i watched CCS LOL. i thought it was alright and this is when i was 12 or sumthing HAHAHA. MAYBE ITS MY CALLING TO GET WITH A TEACHER.


    • I heard the anime versions are a lot better than the manga versions. We never got the anime version of Pichi Pichi Pichi here in the US so I can’t confirm this but I liked the few episodes of Tokyo Mew Mew I saw. It wasn’t as creepy as the manga :) (I still don’t trust you Masaya! Stop staring at Ichigo with your unfocused eyes…)

      I like how you and my friend said the exact same thing. I was a kid back then! I didn’t notice!
      I watched the series late in life so that’s how I saw it and went OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG PEDOPEDOPEDOPEDO!!!!! EWEWEWEW haha XD


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