Sylph Manga Listings for March 2011

I’m rolling around in anxiety – not from tests but because I’m waiting to see if Akadot finally updates their inventory with Sylph.
Don’t skip on me!
This is the last issue I need from you all before my subscription kicks in.
Don’t deny a crazed fangirl her goods >:(

Er….anyway, the reason for this post ~ updated its Sylph listings for March 2011! :D
As a Sylph whore, I must spread the word!
So all 4 of you!
Read! Read and know!!!!
Still no Kuranoa #2 though :<
Maybe in April?

[Edit: updated 3/27]


Himgoto wa Nanazono #4 (I’m not sure if this a play on words or anything, but a direct translation is “Secrets are Gardens”)

Only recently have I gotten into reading this manga in Sylph. At first I was like, wtf is this?! Apparently the main character is a boy who turns into a girl!? And his/her brother turns into a girl sometimes!? And s/he has love interests from both genders!? And I think his parents are like that too??? Because who they call “mom” has a beard…and then there are all these other dudes…who I’m thinking are dudes but with this manga, I can’t tell anymore.

I really need to get the first volume so I can figure out what’s going on.

Recent chapters have just been about random stuff. Like, the main character and his/her brother/sister having a flashback to the escapades they had as children. The most recent I’ve read had a Wonderland theme.

Even though I have no idea what the plot is, this manga entertains. I think it was when the female love interest’s “brothers” came that got me interested.

{Side story: See…apparently…they like to dress in drag. And how the main male interests found this out was just so wrong -> they went to the bathroom only to find those “girls” taking a leak…still wearing their dresses xD (they were using the latrine…or whatever that toilet guys use to wizz in call it) -> love how the dudes freak out and run away. Later to battle for the female love interest (because the brothers don’t like the main character), a battle was held -> to win, you must capture the other side’s teddy bear xD One of the scenes had one of the brothers jump in the air and do a kick. However, since he’s wearing a dress, the force of his down fall causes the dress to hike up. His underwear mustn’t have been doing a good job of holding his boys in because he was free ballin (love the censor button over his crotch xD). One of the male love interests sees this and falls to the ground, foaming at the mouth in disgust, allowing the brother to get his bear.]

I love the random shiz in this series. I mean, a dad who greets his kids in the morning with a rocket launcher to stop his kids from fighting (via guns)? WIN!


Vitamin Z is…okay. I haven’t been following the recent chapters too much. It kind of bothers me how manly the main female interest is. I’m afraid if a breeze blew her dress up, we’d find a penis there! I really would have liked a manga adaption of Vitamin X – that game had cuties <3 (Vitamin Z has a bishi Elvis…which isn’t as hawt as you’d think he’d be :<)


Torikago-shou no Kyou mo Nemutai Juunin Tachi #3

Finally got myself volume #1! I’m interested in seeing how this manga is. The art is definitely pretty (this is drawn by the same artist who did Seven Days), and it’s based off a light novel series made by the same author of Kieli (which we’ll see if that’s a good thing or not – I haven’t read my #3 yet because I have to be in a certain mood to tolerate Hervey’s angst attacks ^^; ). Now don’t quote me on this, but I think this is going to be the last volume in this manga adaptation. There wasn’t a chapter listing in the March edition of Sylph. Also, if you look on the artist’s website, she has a blog post talking about it (back on 12/24/2010):


Torikago-shou no Kyou mo Nemutai Juunin Tachi” will have its last chapter after the January Edition of Sylph.
Though the adaptation was covered with myriad amounts of inconsistencies, there were still those who cheered me on – the author Keibe-san, everyone in the editorial department. Thank you for 3 strong years!
…sorry for the lame line – it’s all I could think of.
I’m guessing the 3rd volume will maybe-probably go on sale some time in the spring.

I wondering if this is going to be like the manga adaptation of Kieli. The manga only covered the 1st book. If you wanted to figure out what happened afterwards, you had to read the light novel (which I am thankful Yen Press is releasing…even if I want to shove some happy meds up Harvey’s rectum). If so…that sucks because the novel isn’t available in English (as far as I know :<).

[EDIT: This has been delayed until April]

シルフテーマアンソロジー1 擬人化彼氏

Sylph Team Anthology #1 Personified Boyfriend

Looks like this got bumped back a month. I still have no idea what this is about. I can probably tell if I see the cover (or this might be another random title Sylph releases for the fun of it – they’ve done it before with Test no Gakuen no Princess and Sweet Machinegun)

[EDIT: I have no idea what this is based on the cover alone. However, the April 2011 Issue of Sylph had a preview of what’s inside this so now I know. Awhile back Sylph had these random little mini comics that I didn’t read because I didn’t know what was going on (although they were pretty to look at). I see now that Sylph compiled those mini comics into this anthology. ]

And that’s it for this post ~

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