Skip Beat #8 – 10 (manga opinion)

Wow, I can’t believe I forgot to post this.
Jeepers, how long ago did I make this?
Meh, it’s not like anyone was expecting this so I have no pressure ~
Anyone of you 4 readers get snow this week? Any of you drive? ISN’T IT SCARY TO DRIVE IN THE SNOW???
Sorry for the freak out – I just experienced driving in the snow/on ice for the first time in my life. Now I know how all those parents died in shojo manga.
Ice is scary!

For my “manga opinion” I will be blogging about 3 volumes of Skip Beat I have read – #8, #9, and #10 =3

#8 continues the Angel Arc that I’m so fond of. I’m happy with the way it concluded though Shou ruined the ending for me. Ugh, what an ass he is. “I still think she’s mine, and I’ve got the right to do whatever I want with her ?” Really, dude? How can you say that after you told her you only thought of her as nothing but a housemaid and pretty much used her? Then to top it all off, you just abandoned her in the flippin big city (this all happens in the first chapter of volume #1 ~) and you STILL think you have the right to say “She’s mine?” >:I

Also, what he does when Kyoko is on the phone just…GAH! The only good thing about you Shou is your face – and it’s not even THAT decent looking >:U

Ahem, #8 moves us to the next arc where we learn more about Momo. The arc continues into volume #9 and I have got to say, #9 is my favorite thus far. I’ve been waiting for this volume ever since I saw pictures of it awhile back (and I mean, AWHILE back *feels old*). Momo was just gold and Kyoko’s reaction to meeting Ren again was priceless. Love Ren’s pissed off smile xD

Also in volume #9, we’re given hints that MAYBE Ren likes Kyoko :O But he’s still in denial.

Ren: “She’s still in high school.”

Manager: “(・ε・)…so?”


Manager: “The risk makes it all the more fun ~”

Ren: ” (ಠ_ಠ) something tells me you’ve been involved in some illegal stuff…maybe that’s how you obtained the power to destroy cell phones with your bear hands…”

Manager: “Tee hee ;D”

#9 continuing to #10 starts the Tsukigomori arc (hey, I just noticed there’s a typo on the back of my #10 – they spelled the drama’s name wrong :O). It wasn’t as LOL as the previous arc but it did push the story forward. In #10, Kyoko and Ren get cast into a remake of a drama from a while back. The actress who previously played the character Kyoko is assigned makes life hell for the new star. Can she meet this old star’s expectations or will she be forced to quit?
What really ruined this volume for me was the last few pages where, you guessed it, Shou appeared. I can bet you a monkey’s hand ball (whatever that is xD) that he’s going to do something ass-like in the future.

Overall, even though I’m behind, I’m enjoying Skip Beat! I find if you read Skip Beat for the lols rather than the romance, then it’s more enjoyable (because seriously, the romance is S-L-O-W!).

***the icon is from the anime “Shattered Angels”

4 thoughts on “Skip Beat #8 – 10 (manga opinion)

  1. I love Skip Beat XD My favorite volumes are 14-17. I like that arc .<

    Umm, yeah. I drive and got hit with the snow this week. It's scary! Just drive slow, and break in the right places! ^^


    • Lol, sad days. I put my order in for volume 11-13 xD
      Well, at least I know in the future to get volumes 14-17 (I like to collect Skip Beat volumes based on the arc it’s over :3)

      Snow is hitting us all over :O
      I now know rain driving =/= snow driving
      You have to go EVEN slower!
      Especially around turns!
      My dad told me back home, there were like 400 car crashes when the snow hit them. SOMEONE EVEN TOOK DOWN THE STREET LIGHT BY OUR HOUSE D: HOW DO YOU DO THAT??????


  2. I completely agree with the fact that romance in Skip Beat is SLOOOWW!! >.<

    omigod I haven't read these chapters in such a long time :D Brings back memories! Yup, the Angel Arc was also one of my favs! I'm glad that I'm not the only person who thinks that Shou ruined the ending D:<

    It never snows where I live :\ but sometimes I wish it would (not enough to block the roads and definitely not strong enough to be a blizzard but just a light snowfall would be nice) =)


    • I’m told even 20 something volumes into the series and there is STILL no great progress (though I heard recent chapters have changed that)

      Angel Arc is L-O-V-E <3 It would have been even greater had Shou not ruined it with his douchbaggie-ness ):< Ugh, he always seems to ruin the story for me. I'm wondering if he'll finally either a.) get better or b.) die/disappear and stop making waves

      That's what I used to think about here too :0 I'm like, the desert down here gets snow!? WTF??? Five years of nothing and now the stuff is everywhere!
      When you're not driving in it, the snow is definitely fun. I made a (pathetic) little snow man out of the snow that fell here recently :D And I kept throwing snowballs at my dog's butt xD She'd be all, I'M TRYING TO PEE HERE! WOOF!

      TypicalGirl, I didn't know you had a blog too :D Sweetness!


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