Been awhile since I popped out a Comic Sylph Blog Translation ~
I’m almost caught up to the main site :D
Just one more ~ [Edit: make that two. The site JUST updated as I’m posting this ^^;]
So, have you all heard of the Tongue Biter? It’s a parasite that targets certain fish. It uses these hooks to get into the fish’s mouth. Once inside, it’ll remove the fish’s tongue and essentially “become” the tongue. In the mouth, the parasite will have access to food the fish ingests. Pretty sick, huh? What’s even creeper is more than one Tongue Biter can parasitize a fish! Talk about a mouthful ~
Now that I’m done creeping you all out with that tid-bit, on to the blog translation! This was originally posted on Comic Sylph‘s official page on January 21, 2011.

Title: Content in Sylph‘s March Edition


Back when I was a 3rd year middle school student…we had these winter short courses offered by the cram schools.
There, while reading a long question in English, I encountered this huge word: Washington
Now, back then, I didn’t know how to read that, right?


So, I thought, hey, I’ll break up the word and see if I can decipher the meaning that way.

「Washing」=洗うこと (“To wash” in Japanese)
「ton」=豚 (“Pig” in Japanese; can either be pronounced as “buta” or “ton”)

「Washington」 = 豚 洗 浄 ・・・・・・!!

[Washington] = PIG WASHING!?

※お気づきかと思いますが、「ton」=豚 は大間違いです。

※Now that I think about it, associating “ton” with “pig/ton” wasn’t the smartest idea.


It was a reasonable thing to do but because of it, I couldn’t make heads or tails of the question! I was so lost…yeah, I’ve got memories about stuff like that.


Despite being that way, I was still able to (miraculously) get into my first choice high school.
So, to all of you who are preparing for your tests, do your best to the end!


Speaking of which, since we’re currently in the middle of the test-taking season, you  examinees will be happy to know that included with the March edition of Sylph (released today) is a shitajiki (pencil board) – just what any examiner needs★


※By the way, “Washington” is actually the name of a place (ワシントン).
I honestly thought it was about “pig washing”…I can’t help but be pissed at the me back then…


*again, I won’t be translating the manga-kas’ names ^^ sorry*


豪華絢爛★ 待望の新連載
『少年王女』 雪広うたこ 企画原案:武蔵野ぜん子

■Cover & Front Color Page

The extravagant★long awaited new serialization
Shounen Oujo” (Boy Princess) Yukihiro Utako


■Styles that’ll make your heart pitter-patter★Heart-racing stories from start to end

『空から! マイ☆NANNY』 氷堂涼二
『薄桜鬼』 作画:ひらく椥 原作:オトメイト/「薄桜鬼」製作委員会
『BROTHERS CONFLICT』イラスト:ウダジョ シナリオ:水野隆志(エム・ツー) 企画・原案:叶瀬あつこ
『大和彼氏』 作画:純愛鏡 原案・監修:アニメロ Dear Girl
『死神DOGGY』 山本佳奈
『ひめごとははなぞの』 わたなべあじあ
『腐女子っス!』 御徒町 鳩
『クラノア』 作画:久遠あき 原作:加藤千穂美 キャラクターデザイン:キリシマソウ
『同居チュウ!』 ことり野デス子
『緋色王子』 村崎 翠
『ボイス・ボーイズ セカンドボイス』 ゑむ
『VitaminZ』 三島一彦 原作:D3パブリッシャー
『聖魂サクリファイス』 天河 藍
『神々式★アカデミー』 暁 かおり
『星屑町のパンのミミ』松本 花
『オカケン』 RATS
『コーミィと絵美のめざせ乙女コミック賞!!』 朔坂みん
『かふぇかふぇ』 オカモトサトル

Sora Kara! My☆Nanny (From the Sky! My☆Nanny!)
Brother Conflict
Hana Ori Soushi
Yamato Kareshi
Shinigami Doggy
Himegoto wa Hanazono
Shiro Ari
Doukyo Chu!
Crimson Prince
Voice*Boys*Second Voice
Vitamin Z

Zeele Sacrifice
Kamigami Shiki★Academy
Hoshikuzuchou no Pan no Mimi

Koumi and Emi’s Desired Otome Award




We present to you the “full” version of Sylph‘s February Cover Page!
DGS Hibiki” The New Year isn’t over! Shitajiki


The manga-ka of “Hakusega!!!” suddenly became ill, so there will be no new chapter this month

**icon is of the manga “Boy Princess”

6 thoughts on “シルフ3月号内容紹介

    • I love the WASHINGTON = PIG WASHING bit xD
      (because I do the same thing with kanji – I’ll break it up to see if I can understand it. Sometimes it’s a success, other times I’m like, whut!? Why is that here!? Confusion!!!)

      Thanks for reading x3


        • :D Indeed!
          It’s always fun to see the happenings of those in other parts of the world.
          Like you for example, it’s totally awesome that anime/manga is popular over in Europe (<-I'm an ignorant boob. For some reason, I keep thinking anyone who likes manga and anime & speak English automatically live in the US .////. Through this blog, I've met fans all over the world!)
          Yay for bishies, er, I mean, manga and anime love!


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