Zeele Sacrifice Root #13 Summary

So, you got friends that are feeling blue?
Want to actually turn them blue?
Sneak sodium nitrate in their food :D
It looks and tastes exactly like salt that they won’t know the difference until they end up at the hospital with blue appendages! And are slowly dying ~
Yeah, this text book has the most random stuff ever o___O I was like…wtf? That’s awesome <- yeah, I’m a weirdo like that ~ Explains why I’m majoring in the science field ^^;
This is from a case titled: Eleven Blue Men – basically these homeless dudes were brought to the hospital after they collapsed and had all these symptoms, including having blue appendages. At first it was believed they were poisoned with gas but after talking to the men and going back to places they’ve been, it was found they had ingested sodium nitrate from a soup kitchen place. The source was a salt shaker on the table all the guys sat at, which had the sodium nitrate added by accident. Since sodium nitrate looks and tastes like salt, no one could tell the difference. The old men added the sodium nitrate to their food – oatmeal – and hours later, they’re morphing into smurfs. Pretty cool, huh?
There’s a fun story to tell the kids! Anyway, on to the last chapter of volume #2. Prepare yourself for a cliff hanger! Especially when you find out who the next holder of Yuiko’s soul is!!!!

聖魂サクリファイス Zeele Sacrifice Root #13
Source: Manga #2

The chapter opens up right where #12 left off: Yuiko is freaking out because even though she got a piece of her soul back from Teach, it didn’t merge with her other pieces! Diamu tells her they should leave for the time being and figure things out.

Teach wakes up (I’m not sure how, but instead of being slumped on the floor like a passed out drunk (as he was in #12), he’s now at his desk). A random teacher giggles at Teach’s power nap (o__O; uh) and tells him school is already over. He’s got this face that I interpreted as SHIZ! HOW MANY BABIES WILL BE BORN 9 MONTHS FROM NOW BECAUSE I WASN’T THERE TO TELL THOSE HONRY KIDS TO KEEP THEIR PANTS ON! But it turns out his shocked face wasn’t for the babies, it was for his creepy ass eraser – it’s missing! He instantly runs to the trashcan (lol who runs to the trashcan first!?) but finds it empty. The random teacher tells him the trash had been taken out earlier (wait…in #12 he knocked over all this shiz on the floor yet now in #13, all that shiz is back on his desk, in order, sans the eraser. Yeah, not going to ask who cleaned up his stuff yet chucked his eraser. It’s obvious this person made prior attempts to take out that eraser – hence Teach barreling straight for the trash can). She asks if he threw out something important.

“Oh…no…it wasn’t anything important.”

Right as he says this, Yuiko starts to fall over. She grabs onto Diamu to prevent herself from falling over completely. Diamu is all, hey, don’t touch the threads. Yuiko apologizes and says it’s because she was trying too hard to fuse her soul together. She just needs a second before she can walk. Diamu notes that Yuiko isn’t doing too hot (you think?).

Diamu: It's been 2 volumes. It's about time I start putting my moves ~ on. Now...how do you do this again?

He moves his hands, as if about to embrace her (or to rip her off his threads – he already gave fair warning) when Chikage ruins the moment. Before Chikage can get his anger train started, Diamu chucks Yuiko into his arms.

“This doll is reaching its limits. You’ll have to take care of her.”

Says Diamu before he bursts into…paper >___>;

Chikage is naturally all, did he just explode into paper? Oh…hentai <3 (・ε・)I mean, Yuiko!

[Gone. Gone. It’s gone!!!!]

Yuiko awakens. She’s in her room with Chikage trying on her underwear. Yuiko runs out of the room, making Chikage go I WAS JUST CURIOUS! DON’T JUDGE WHERE ARE YOU GOIN’!?

“I…it’s gone! If I don’t find it…”

Chikage: (ಠ_ಠ) so we’re good about me wearing your bras right?

He follows her to their school and into the dumpsters. I have no idea but Chikage has this freaked out expression on his face upon seeing the dumpster (dirty thoughts come to mind…no pun intended xD).

See? Doesn't his face look like it's saying, oh shiz...this is where I became a MAN... ;_____;

Yuiko doesn’t care. She just sticks her hands right into the bags, ignoring the syringe needles and sanitary pads in her way.

“It’s so…so…important to me!”

Chikage doesn’t get what’s going on but he tells Yuiko he’ll help. As they’re digging through bags filled with pregnancy tests and toilet paper people didn’t want to flush, Chikage decides now is a good time to have a monologue.

[Yuiko…I always thought I was protecting you as if you were my little sister but…recently…when I look at you, I…]

“Here!” Yuiko holds the creepy ass eraser up. “I found it…” She has a happy expression on her face.


SCENE CHANGE – we’re at Teach’s place. He’s looking at some old stuff when he hears the doorbell. He goes to answer it. He finds a smelly Yuiko and Chikage. Teach: O________O; uh… Before he can ask wtf, Yuiko shows him something in her hands.

Teach: My creepy ass eraser! D: You’ve come back to daddy!

“But why…”

“Because your father gave this to you – it’s something that’s very important to you, right?”

The two start glowing.

Chikage: (ಠ_ಠ) uhhhhhhhhh

We go back into Teach’s memories. Turns out his dad is suffering from dementia. Teach now has to shoulder not only paying off his father’s debts, but also taking care of him (which I’m sure Teach is just dancing in ecstasy over – take care of the guy who screwed my life over? Yippee ~/sarcasm) He’s under lots of stress. One day, while having a moment to rest, he thinks to himself about how his life sucks.

“I could quicken it…by my hands…”

For a second I was like, are you talking about smacking your monkey? O__O But it turns out he was talking about strangling his old man.

Later, he comes back from work to find his dad missing again. As he goes around the neighborhood looking for his dad, Teach finds him father. He’s mistaken a youth for Teach.

“Kousuke…you’re my treasure. Are you getting married this time? It’s not a lot but take this as your wedding gift. I’m sorry for being such a failure of a father. I’m sorry…”

The scene ends with Teach crying.

We go back to the present. The pieces of Yuiko’s soul merge, to which Chikage is all OMG HE HAD A PIECE OF HER SOUL!? NOW THAT EXPLAINS EVERYTHING!

Teach is crying as he tells the two “Thank you.” Yuiko smiles as she cries too.

SCENE CHANGE! We’re at the school. The students are talking about Teach. Seems he quit. No one can figure out why – and also why so suddenly! Was it due to his father’s illness? Yuiko and Maya walk by the gossipers. Maya remarks that Yuiko looks rejuvenated. Yuiko smiles.


In class, some dude drops his eraser, which Yuiko picks up and hands to him. He blushes. His friend is all OMG, WAS SHE ALWAYS THIS HAWT!? Maya silently observes their reaction. At home, Yuiko’s grandpa tells her she looks a lot like her mom. Yuiko wonders if she’s been going through puberty or something since she started hunting for her soul (=_____= uhhhh, it’s because you’re getting your soul back – you’re starting to get noticed because your presence is getting more defined with each piece. Remember AIR girl? Even I can see that…xD). Yuiko is still in deep thought as she leaves for Diamu’s place. Chikage is waiting for her outside. He tells Yuiko she’s stubborn for still continuing to visit Diamu.

“So I’m coming with you.”

Both go to visit “Hot Coffee” and find Diamu up. Much banter happens between Diamu and Chikage (love that Diamu called Chikage “goldfish droppings” xD). All the while Maya is watching silently.

“It’s started again.”

SCENE CHANGE! Diamu is back in school. Yuiko is happy. Aihara watches the happy trio from someplace. One of the bitch girls is all, OMG LET’S DESTORY YUIKO’S HAPPINESS!!! ANGER!!!! Aihara tells them nah, that’s enough. Time I stop being a bitch and just tell the guy how I feel.

Bitches: :O whoa…one day, I hope to reach that realization too and stop being a bitch…

SCENE CHANGE to Yuiko looking in her shoe cubby. She finds a letter addressed to her. It’s from Aihara. Yuiko opens it. It’s pretty much Aihara saying my bad for all the shit that happened in the past few chapters. Yuiko is happy about the letter. Quick SCENE CHANGE to Aihara. She has a smile on her face as she’s waiting for her train. Someone comes running by and smacks into Aihara. The last scene we have of Aihara is her falling.

“I’m truly thankful, Ono-san. Thank you.”

You know this isn’t good.

SCENE CHANGE! Yuiko is at home. She’s tells her grandfather the newspaper was delivered. As she flips through the pages, she sees something that makes her fall to the ground:

A fire broke out and killed several people – one being Teach.

Just then, Chikage comes running in and tells Yuiko that Aihara has been killed in a train accident. Well isn’t that the kind of news you want to hear!

Chikage learns that Teach has also died too. That’s when Chikage has an epiphany – all those who carried a piece of Yuiko’s soul have died:

Hayashi (he finally caught on that Hayashi had a piece of Yuiko’s soul ^^;), Master-san, Aihara, and Teach.

As he’s telling this to Yuiko, Yuiko gets a freaked out look on her face. For radiating out of Chikage…is a piece of her soul!



And that is the end of Zeele Sacrifice volume #2. There are two short comics in the back – one where Shunran has dilemma over being asked out – and rejects her in the end due to him choosing his responsibilities baby-sitting Kikuichi over her – and the other is of a memory Yuiko has about her and Chikage as kids – how he protected her from the other kids that were teasing her about not having parents (what lovely little brats…).

I’m done with Zeele Sacrifice until the next volume comes out, which should be in a couple of months ~ Time to restart another project: Hakuouki Jurenka!

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