Zeele Sacrifice Root #12 Summary

Did you know the Sea Spider isn’t actually a spider?
That the Horseshoe Crab isn’t really a crab? It’s actually more related to a spider!

THEN WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD YOU CALL THEM THAT!? Dx Way to make my studying harder!
On another note, we have Zeele Sacrifice Root #12
Time to find another shard of Yuiko’s soul ~ oh, and expect lots of huggin’!

聖魂サクリファイス Zeele Sacrifice Root #12
Source: Manga #2

The chapter opens up at Master-Oni’s coffee shop that no one seems to frequent. Inside, we find Diamu on a bed (I’m not going to ask what kind of café has beds inside. I’m just going to play the ignorant card and not read into that). He opens his eyes and looks around. Maya, who is nearby, notices Diamu has regained consciousness.

Maya: “Oh! Young master! You’re awake!”

Diamu: “Maya? Yuiko…is she…”

Maya: “Thank goodness. Yuiko is fine. Daruto-san has been keeping an eye on her.”

Diamu: (╬ ಠ益ಠ) You might as well have given her a box of Cheerios for protection– at least that can withstand a paper cut!

Daruto (where ever he currently is): ಡ_ಡ I hate my life right now…

Master-Oni appears (yeah, I’m like, you’re still here?) – he pretty much just babbles about what happened in Root #11. However, he adds in that Maya was found injured, most likely due to the Yellow Oni tribe. Diamu flips out about this but Maya tells him it’s nothing big.

Diamu: ;________; oh Maya, if only Daruto was like you. Such a trooper.

Daruto (where ever he currently is): ಥ﹏ಥ I’ll never live this down will I?

Diamu looks to his side and notices a vase full of flowers.

Diamu: “What are those for?”

Maya: “Oh, Yuiko brought them. She said it’s because…she was checking up on you”

Diamu: “…checking up on me?”

Master-Oni: “How asinine. What a stupid girl. Doesn’t she understand her role as a sacrifice?”

Diamu looks at the flowers with an expression that says “huh, you don’t say.”

Diamu: "...I pray I'm wearing diapers or else you'll need to get rid of this mattress, Master-Oni. I've been out for a while and the bodily functions are kicking in ~ Ahhhhh :D

SCENE CHANGE! We’re now at school with Yuiko. She’s wondering what kind of flowers she should bring when she visits Master-Oni’s café, “HOT COFFEE ;D” (total video game nerd joke there. Points if you know what that means. If you don’t, I’ll give you a hint: GTA San Andreas). Yuiko then wonders why she is so concerned about Diamu. He may have protected her but that’s just because of the Lotus inside of her…right?

SCENE CHANGE! Yuiko is putting stuff away in a random room when someone calls her name. It’s Chikage! It seems Chikage has been out of school for a while (from a finger snap!? Count your blessings that Oni didn’t feel like clapping his hands! Way to make Naruto look like a fine warrior…).

Chikage: “You came to check up on me every day, right? Mom told me. Thank you, Yuiko.”

Yuiko: “Of course. I went to your place and Diamu’s because I was so worried…”

Chikage: (ఠ_ゝఠ) come again

Yuiko: (=╹◡╹=) ?

Chikage: (╬ ಠ益ಠ) RAWR!

Yuiko: (ಠ_ಠ) uhh

So yeah, Chikage isn’t too happy about Yuiko going to Diamu’s place. He grabs her by the shoulders and head butts her yells at her for being so reckless (what’s a chapter of Zeele Sacrifice without Chikage throwing one of his paroxysms and being violent?). He goes off about the Oni. He tells her the only reason she was protected was due to the Lotus in her.

But Yuiko ain’t having any of that. She slaps Chikage’s hands off (to which I’m sure Chikage is all, wtf!?).

Yuiko: “You’re wrong!”

Chikage: “O____O Yuiko!?”

Yuiko: “That…I don’t believe that is the reason.”
“Yes, he is an Oni. And I know he calls me a ‘sacrifice.’”
“But the fact is, he got hurt protecting me!”

SCENE …PERSPECTIVE CHANGE! Aihara is walking, probably thinking I’m going to start a new leaf and rekindle my love for Chikage :D She hears a commotion. Peering into a room, she sees Yuiko and Chikage. Yuiko tells Chikage she wants to visit Diamu. Chikage is all, ;________; don’t go! And hugs her.

Aihara: ಡ_ಡ Now that’s just low

Chikage...you're the childhood friend. The childhood friend has like a 3% success rate with the shojo heroine. Give up.

Yuiko is pretty much going uhhhhhh to which Chikage is all OH OOPS UH…DURRRR HEE HEE >////> He brings up Aihara (right now, Aihara looks like she’s about to go sliding down a wall, silently crying along the way). He wants to know what Aihara did to Yuiko but Yuiko tells him not to blame Aihara. She did all that because she sees Chikage as someone very precious to her.

“And you know…I…want to be someone who can stand on her own two feet, so no one will get hurt because of me.”

Chikage: (ఠ_ゝఠ) Holy sh*t! Where’d that spine come from!?

Yuiko’s bracelet starts to glow, though no one notices it. This initiates a SCENE CHANGE to Diamu. Pretty much he says, it’s time for me to do stuff. Oh yeah. SCENE CHANGE to Yuiko walking alone in the school hallway. She thinks of Chikage, who tells her fine, seeing as I’m scared to see you whip your new penis at me again, we’ll go visit Diamu – together. Let’s meet after school. Then she thinks, hey, I wonder why my arm is glowing? OH SHIZ! IT’S DAH BRACELET!

SOMEONE WITH A PIECE OF HER SOUL IS NEAR!!!! (overdramatic voice)

Her…I guess homeroom teacher(?) comes up. He mentions Hayashi (the chick that bit it in chapter 1) but is stopped when Diamu appears. After telling the teacher to get, Yuiko jumps on Diamu.

I'm the badass guy. Of course she's getting with me ;D (or I die)

“Diamu-san! You’re awake!? Is your body okay?”

Yuiko notices there’s something weird with Diamu’s body. He tells her he can’t move yet so he’s using a doll. With her hand on his crotch heart, Yuiko acknowledges that his body doesn’t feel right (lol). Diamu adds that he doesn’t know how long he can manage the doll. Fusing her soul together will have to be done by Yuiko herself. Yuiko has a face that says BRING IT! Diamu smiles and off they go.

SCENE CHANGE! The homeroom teacher is reading a letter by the window. He has an I’M NOT HAPPY face while he’s closing the letter. For plot reasons, shit on his desk fall to the floor, including a pencil case. The pencil case opens and more shit falls out. The one item we care about is a creepy looking eraser (seriously – it’s like Barney the Dinosaur got wasted one night and ended up impregnating the ugliest Poke’mon you can think of). The teacher reaches for it with a thoughtful expression on his face when he realizes someone is in the room with him. He looks to the side and sees Yuiko and Diamu. Before he can say WTF, Diamu rushes over and grasps his man boob. The homeroom teacher has an expression that either says OMG I’M BEING MOLESTED or OMG MORE <3! Can’t really tell. Diamu struggles a bit but he manages to open the way ~

What we see in Teach’s memories:

We start off looking at a grave stone. Seems Teach’s mom died. His dad tells Teach they both have to be strong now that mom isn’t here. He gives Teach a present for school – it’s that pencil case with the creepy ass eraser. Little Teach is very pleased with the gift.

A few years have passed. While walking home, Teach passes a bunch of ladies gossiping to one another about Teach’s dad. After being laid off due to his company downsizing, Teach’s dad has become an alcoholic. Teach tries to tell his dad to get off his lazy ass but Teach’s dad just says to STFU I’m bonding with Jack which Teach does. A few more years pass. Teach is yelling at his dad for taking the money he made from his part-time job. Seems not only is dad an alcoholic but he’s also taken up the healthy past time of gambling. Teach’s dad scolds Teach, saying a parent has the right to use his kid’s money (wow…a parent parasitizing off their kid…usually it’s the other way around!). Another jump into the future. Teach is older and has a girlfriend who he recently proposed to. She tells him to come meet her parents and tell them about the engagement. Teach is a little nervous but he looks real happy (…never look happy in Zeele Sacrifice, Teach. That’s just asking to be thrown into some emo situation). While going to the bank to withdraw some funds for the wedding, Teach gets a slap in the face when the lady behind the teller tells him he basically has no money. Teach later yells at his dad for taking his money. His dad waves off the situation, saying he’ll pay Teach back.

“Don’t f*ck with me! You can’t pay me back because you gamble away any money that comes into your possession! Do you understand what you’ve done, old man!?”

His fiancée’s parents say get the f away from our daughter. They think due to Teach not having any money and now in debt, that he’s a gambler who is going to use the fiancée to garner money from. This doesn’t help Teach’s self-esteem, but for some reason he doesn’t deny this which makes it look true >__> (this is totally what happened with Cain and his sexual deviance accusation in SLH. SAY SOMETHING!!!). People at work also think of Teach as a low-life gambler, making his life hell to the point where he quits. BTW his fiancée dumps his ass (I’m guessing he never explained what’s been going down to her >__> well, if she can dump your ass that fast without listening to you, I think it’s for the best Teach. Though…I kinda feel bad for what’s going to happen to you in Root #13).

Random SCENE CHANGE. Teach is at a park when some nurse comes over and tells him to help his dad out. Naturally Teach isn’t too inclined to help his dad – the guy ruined his life pretty much.

“That man is no longer my father.”

SCENE CHANGE to years later. Teach is visiting his father in the hospital. He apologizes for not having seen his father in a while. He reports he’s got most of the debt paid off. Before he can finish, his father asks:

“Who are you?”

This breaks the connection between Yuiko and Teach.

Yuiko: “I was rejected!”

[I failed…]


What are you doing reading this!? Root #13 is out! Go! Go and read it!!!!

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