Zeele Sacrifice Down, Hakuouki Jurenka Up Next ~

Muhahah! I finished all the chapters in Zeele Sacrifice volume #2!
You all thought I wasn’t going to make it.
Ah, sorry ~ just happy that I completed everything on my schedule for January :D
With Zeele Sacrifice volume #2 done, the next up for February is going to be Hakuouki Jurenka. It’s about time I blow the dust off volume #2 and get to translating it.
Ugh, I just gotta get used to all the political mumbo jumbo again (I tried Saitou’s chapter around December time but it was all politics and I was like ewwwwww no. I’m on vacation. Screw you Saitou. I’ll get to this later ~).

Here was a list of chapters summarized in January:

I’ll be getting back to comments here soon :3 (thanks you all for the comments x3)

Now for the rest of this post.
For randomness, here are some random youtube videos either I found or my friends sent me (they contain some strong profanity so if you don’t like profanity, I’d avoid looking at these. Also, I’d avoid looking at these if you don’t want your childhood ruined. Oh Mickey…what happened to you):

This first one is a spoof of FFXII. I’ve never played the game but I found this video hilarious. Revolution ~ Sky Pirate ~ Oh Vann, I totally thought of you as a valley girl when I first saw you xD

A Twilight spoof xD

This one has lots of cursing. If you don’t like cursing, don’t watch. I just like this one because it’s so true. If I were Mario, I’d be shittin’ bricks too. HOW MANY TIMES PEACH!? HOW MANY TIMES!?

More cursing. This destroyed my childhood. Poor Mickey. This is #4 in the series because…the others are kind of disturbing o___O It’s funny the 1st time but then when you watch it again, you’re like D: poor Mickey!

Alrighty ~ I think I’ve scared you all enough ~

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4 thoughts on “Zeele Sacrifice Down, Hakuouki Jurenka Up Next ~

    • I’m excited to play XIII x3
      Once I’m done with Last Rebellion, I’m looking forward to kicking face with Lightning (though I’m sad about the lack of bishies :* What can I say? I’m a girl who likes to travel a fantastic-ful world with good man candy xD)


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