Magical Maid Bunny Caindy ~ Doodle

My first art trade :D
(that’s not with RL friends~)
I thank Meni for giving me the opportunity to do this
Oh Caindy, don’t you glare at me!
It’s your fault for always walking around like there’s a stick complete with tree up your arse xD


Title: Magical Maid Bunny Girl CAINDY

For those of you who are like, why is that cute girl blushing?And looks like she’s about to slaughter someone?



Cain: I HATE YOU!!!!

Yeah, I was so happy drawing this picture, I had a face like this when I was done xD

Caindy took FOREVER to doodle! This chibi here was quick but before hand, I was trying to draw him all sexy-like. But then I re-read Meni’s requirements:

Gender-Bender, Moe, Apron, Magical Wand, Bunny


This picture took away so many of my firsts: first gender-bender, first magical girl x bunny creation, first time drawing a maid outfit, first time drawing a really PO’d chibi. I kind of feel violated xD jk

The reason Caindy has so many flippin colors in her outfit is because I associate rainbows with magical girls. Though now that I think about it, you usually have a bunch of girls, each one certain color, that together can make a leprechaun jizz his pants (leprechauns get off on rainbows…right?). I tried to make the outfit look both maid-like yet magical girl like. Think I failed but I like it! Love the over abundance of ribbons and hearts I included xD

Background story:

Cain was your average dick bishi. He would strut around like he was hot shit and shoot down any shojo heroine’s self-esteem like it would give him a trophy. Then one day, while posing shirtless in the school gardens, a magical fairy appeared and told Cain he was to become a hero. Cain slapped that fool like it showed up pantless at his door.

“I’m not doing that! I’m a dick bishi! Dick bishis don’t care about nothing but themselves. Gawd, I’m beautiful.”
“If you’re so desperate for a fighter, go look for a magical girl. They love to whore themselves out in the name of love.”

The fairy wasn’t too happy about being jack-slapped.

“Magical girl, huh? Well, I can make that happy.”

With a swish of its wand, Cain shorten in statue. Protrusions erupted from his chest. His butt jiggled as it increased in size. His overall shape didn’t change because he was pretty girly in the first place. However, one thing did disappear. And I think we all know what that was.

When the magic dust settled, Cain looked at his new form. He was a moe girl!

“WTH!? My pretty boy looks! My pretty boy abs. My pretty boy…OMG WHERE’S  MY PENIS!?”

As Cain searched on the floor for his missing appendage, the fairy explained to Cain about the details of its spell.

“Since you didn’t want to be a hero, I’ve turned you into a magical girl. If you want to turn back to normal, you have to defeat the evil Panada Boy and save the world.”

It was pretty obvious Cain wasn’t listening to the fairy, for he was too absorbed in his current task: locating his little friend. The fairy pulled out a heart-shaped locket and beaned Cain in the head with it.

“Ouch! #^$*&#^”

“That locket contains a special gem that will grant you special powers. Hold it and say the wor – “


“…sure….if you say the words “Hop Hop Flop Flop ~ I’m here to serve justice, Master!”

“I’ll run around naked if it means getting my third leg back. I’m not liking the breeze I’m feeling down there.”

“…I hate my job.”

Cain clasped the locket in his hands and recited the words. A bright light engulfed him and the surrounding environment. Cain looked down to see his clothes exploding into hearts, leaving him stark naked.

“I WAS JOKING!” Cain screamed, about to cover himself up when he noticed his new mammary glands. “Hey there, ladies. How you doing this fine day?<3”

The fairy threw a rod at Cain’s head, preventing this parody from becoming weird.

The light started to condense and wrap itself around Cain. However, after a certain period of time, the light stopped doing anything else. The fairy shouted to Cain: “You need to twirl and pose!”

“The f**k I will!”

“You gotta or else the light won’t condense into your magical girl outfit! Use that rod to help you – twirl it or something.”

Cain flipped the fairy off.


The fairy pulled out its iPhone. It selected the camera app and focused the lens on Cain.

“So, heard you’re the student body president. And you’re on the run from your crazy family.” The fairy spoke as it twirled around Cain, camera pointed at the girl the whole time. “Wonder how they would react if this showed up on facebook? Headlines: SLH is gender bender! Kumoide Cain – he has boobs! And likes to walk around naked on campus with a magical girl wand. How will you live that down at the ass-bishi meetings?”

“Oh you son of a bit-“

“Less cursing, more twirling.”

With no choice, Cain did as told (after making sure the fairy put its phone away). He posed, did dips, and even threw in a jump for kicks. The light responded to his actions. Each movement made an article of clothing appear from the light. First was a stripped dress, followed by puffy sleeves. Crawling up his legs were patterned stockings, complete with purple shoes. Wind blew through his now long hair, throwing it into the air. A bow formed on the top of his head, followed by…bunny ears!? Doing a final spin, an apron appeared. Cain was about to stop when the fairy said: “You need to end with a pose!”

“Am I going to have to do this every time!?”

“It has to be cute or you’ll have to restart from the beginning!”

“Sh*t man!” Cain twirled his rod before bringing it to rest at the top of his head. He lifted a leg up and bent it like a flamingo. His free hand made a W with his fingers that he held in front of his eye. “Tee-hee!”

The light exploded and for a brief moment, a muscular bunny posed in the background behind Cain. A few seconds passed before Cain looked down and sighed in relief – the clothes stayed as clothes.

“Good job, Caindy. Though the ‘tee-hee’ was creepy.”

“STFU. I did was I had to do. And who the f is Caindy?”

“You are, Caindy! You’re a magical girl so you need a magical name!”

Cain looked at his outfit and noticed something. “An apron. Bunny ears? What the hell is wrong with you?”

The fairy shrugged. “I’ve got some strange fetishes. Be lucky I’m not into whips and leather like the others <3”

“You people need to go die…”

“Now now, that’s no way for a magical maid bunny girl to talk! (Cain: that’s too much!) From this day forth, you’re Caindy, defender of love and justice!”

And here starts the new spin off series to SLH – Stray Love Caindy ~ He’s going to pop a can of magical girl up your ass ;D

To randomly end my post, here are some of the reactions certain characters in SLH had to Cain’s new appearance:

I'd tap that <3 Female AND underage-looking? Oh yeah. Kotetsu likes it dangerous xD

Cain-sama <3

Yeah, that's your brother, Ren.

Yeah, Hiyoki. That's the guy you chose in the end. How does it feel?

Oh yeah, here’s the awesome picture Meni drew me. It’s of my OC, Red Rabbit :DTHANK YOU SO MUCH MENI! THIS PICTURE ROCKS :D HE LOOKS SO SEXY <3

9 thoughts on “Magical Maid Bunny Caindy ~ Doodle

  1. This picture took away so many of my firsts: first gender-bender, first magical girl x bunny creation, first time drawing a maid outfit, first time drawing a really PO’d chibi. I kind of feel violated xD jk
    I took your drawing virginity ;D lol

    The fairy shrugged. “I’ve got some strange fetishes. Be lucky I’m not into whips and leather like the others <3″

    hohoh! ya Cain don’t forget how was really pulling the strings here! hohoho!

    love the back story so much xD


    • Lol you did!
      My innocence xD How could you Meni!

      You’ve got to admit, in lots of magical girl shows, there’s always that one magical girl (usually evil) running around in tight leather and sporting other bondage paraphernalia xD It’s always like, wtf o__O; um, go away and put on some real clothes. K thx…

      I’m glad you liked it x3


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