Omamori no Kamisama #1

I haven’t done a manga opinion in forever. Probably because I sort of suck at them haha. Well, I just recently finished the first volume in a short series called Omamori no Kamisama. If you’re been following me on Twitter, you pretty much already know my feelings on the subject.

If you don’t know, then let me say this disclaimer right here and now: if you like this series, please stop reading this post ~ (I’m just putting this warning because I don’t want some hardcore fan saying I suck helium for not sacrificing woodland creatures to this series and running out in the streets proclaiming its awesomeness. I learned from an earlier opinion: PUT A DISCLAIMER OR THE CRAZIES WILL ATTACK. K THX ;D)

Summary (from mangaupdates): Iwakura Matsuri is a shrine maiden at her family’s temple, the Iwakura Shrine, where day after day she creates Omamori after Omamori, each one reputed to be uncommonly potent when it comes to fulfilling their possessors’ wishes… A fact that she doesn’t buy into one bit. But imagine her surprise when one day a small boy suddenly emerges from her own omamori which her parents left her before they died! His name is Mimori, and he claims to be one of the gods who dwell inside each and every omamori…

Together, Matsuri and Mimori learn more about love, devotion, friendship, and each other as they encounter more Omamori in their everyday lives.

Sound cute right? But for some reason, I’m not really liking Omamori no Kamisama. It’s not that it sucks balls or anything but…it’s just not really that interesting to me. The story feels jumbled and stuff happens for the sake of something happening. None of the characters catch my fancy either, though Mimori is a cutie <3

Maybe the main reason I don’t like this series is because of Matsuri, the protagonist. She’s really too overemotional for my tastes. It can be argued that hey, she’s a teenager. Them hormones are whacking that girl OUT! AND SHE’S GOT THE CRAZY JUJU POWER WHEN SHE WANTS TO BE A NORMAL KID ~ OH, and her parents blew up in a car accident. But…….even so, I’m just not enjoying the ride. There are times when I think Matsuri isn’t that bad I guess, but then she flips out and makes a simple situation WAY more complex than it should be (again, I get that feeling she’s acting like that just to move the story along). AND WHY DOES SHE CONSTANTLY LEAVE MIMORI BEHIND!? DID YOU FORGET ABOUT THE MONSTERS!?

While we’re on the subject of those monster, wtf is up with them? How come no one is really doing anything about these guys? I mean, in the last chapter, one was friggin trying to eat a kid! Where are the holy police or whatever??? Does this mean during the last 5 chapters, people have been eaten while Matsuri was off trying to help her classmate with her love woes? These monsters must have been here before Matsuri existed – surely there must have been others in her family that have been targeted!? I have a hard time thinking no one would do shit while a monster is running around eating people.

Romance wise…I don’t really see it ^^; You can kind of push it and say Mimori likes Matsuri but I get the impression he just doesn’t want to be left behind. Mimori has been with Matsuri for a large portion of her life. Seeing her having fun with friends or crushing on boys, to me, I think Mimori is scared that she’ll one day not need him. That’s just the impression I got – doesn’t necessarily mean it’s true yo.

To reiterate, volume #1 is sort of a snore. I’m told volume #2 picks up story wise. However, the ending for a lot of readers was a complete fail (like how on mangaupdates, one of the categories Omamori no Kamisama is listed under is CRAP ENDING xDDDDD). Not exactly a combination I like…

Ending my toned down rant post (because I’m sort of afraid of a certain someone who shall not be named reading this and commenting), here’s a random strip I made that pretty much summarizes what happens in each chapter (though chp #2 is the one exception, since it was some other chick getting overemotional instead of Matsuri!):

Random stuff I posted on Twitter:

Matsuri has magical hair - in each chapter it changes length o__O;


4 thoughts on “Omamori no Kamisama #1

  1. So I haven’t read this, and now I don’t think i’m planning to. I hate characters who are mega over-emotional! So thanks, this review helped a lot XD

    ps. I love that dinosaur in the second to last slide. Is (s)he in love with the newly hot man form? Too funny!


    • You know what’s weird? After this post, I started to flip through the last volume (#2) to see how many times Matsuri would over-react in it and get this: there are no scenes like that =O It’s like once volume #1 ended, the editors sat the manga-ka down and said, look, you need to do something about this crazy bitch. Drug her up or something because she’s scaring the readers.
      So Matsuri must now be taking happy pills because she’s actually normal now. I can see why people say #2 is better. Now that Matsuri is acting human, the story is really cute.
      But the ending does blow – HARD!
      I can’t really recommend this series unless you go in with low expectations and don’t mind a crap ending…

      PS. Haha, you like Suzie? My friends gave her to me before I moved for grad school. Their words: She’ll protect you! Also, she likes long walks on the beach and eating mammals :D
      I’m sure Suzie has a penchant for cute guys. She’s been around me long enough to develop an appreciation for the bishies <3
      Thank you for your comment :D


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