I finally check back on Comic Sylph’s official blog and 4 entries have been added D:
Gah! I’m behind!
But that means more practice ~
This blog entry was published on January 17, 2011

Title: Notice of BROTHERS CONFLICT‘s official website


The banner on the upper left hand side of this blog (the official Comic Sylph blog, not mine ^^) will take you to BROTHERS CONFLICT‘s official website.

(↓ ↓ まだの人はぜひアクセスしてみてくださいね~↓↓)

Have you already checked it out?
(↓↓For those who haven’t, then please, give it a visit↓↓)


For the time being, if you click on the tab titled “Special,” we have wallpapers and icons designed specifically for use on Twitter. These feature the characters Masaomi, Ukyo, Kaname, Tsubaki, Azusa, and Natsume (the six from the top*).

*if you look at the official page, the twelve boys have their icons arranged where 6 are on top and 6 are below that (click here to see what I mean)


As you can see, these are the ones available now. On January 22, the characters available will switch.


From January 22 onwards, the Twitter icons and wallpapers will feature the characters Louis (lol!), Subaru, Iori, Yusuke, Futo, and Wataru. By all means, please use them★


If you haven’t gotten your Twitter icons and wallpapers with the first 6 boys yet, please hurry and do so!

26 thoughts on “『BROTHERS CONFLICT』公式ページ更新のお知らせ

  1. OMFG *drools*
    thay’re soo hot!!!

    ok back to the reality…
    hehe this thing kinda remember me of Starry Sky (12 bishies, 1 girl XD) and the names too XD
    like Masaomi reminds me of Hana Kimi’s Masaomi XD
    Kaname of Kaname from VK
    Tsubaki of the Tsubaki couple in Kyou, koi wo hajimemasu
    Asuza of Azusa from Starry Sky
    Louis of the Louis that you’re always talking about from Gaia, i think XD
    Subaru of Subaru from Tokyo Babyon/X
    Iori of Ioryogi from Kobato (i have difficulty with speaking out Ioryogi’s name so i always short it of to Iori XD)
    Yusuke of the actor Yusuke Yamamoto that starred in Tumbling and had red hair XD but his name in the drama was Wataru and here’s also a wataru XD

    ok and Futo and Ukyo are like names i never heard of XD
    so yeah if you think “where is the point of your comment?” well it doesn’t have one XD


    • I always like how certain bishies look like other bishies. It’s so much fun to say OMG he’s just like SOANDSO from THATONESERIES xDDD And when you find names that match characters from other series too – so fun to see how different the characters are despite their shared name :D
      Now that you mention it, I thing the reason I lol-ed at Louis is because it does remind me of Louie xD At first I was just giggling because there were all these Japanese names then suddenly a non-Japanese name popped up. It was so random. And it’s Louis. I don’t know…I just couldn’t stop laughing xD

      Comments are always welcomed ;D
      There’s no need to have a point haha


    • I’m not too sure. I’m thinking it is since there was an announcement earlier about this being turned into some sort of game :3 (not sure for what system though)
      All I know is it’s being novelized in Sylph – since I can’t read novels yet, I haven’t looked too much at this title ^^;
      Sorry I couldn’t be of much help


  2. Lol. to play an otome game is like, in my list of things to do in my lifetime. XD
    I really want to try the otome games that are stats based, they seem more fun xD like you actually worked for something lol. i’ll be scouting!


    • Even though it’s angsty and blood filled, I wanna play Hakuouki. Awhile back, a video game company was doing a survey about otome games and wanted to see the interest US gamers had in playing one.
      I haven’t heard anything in a while but I’m hoping there was enough support to at least make them consider the thought of bringing the games over here. One of the titles mentioned was Hakuouki :O

      Those games suck if you’re playing in Japanese Dx My Japanese is limited since I’m still a beginner so I couldn’t understand wtf I was doing. I failed my own tests – and I was supposed to be a teacher! – because I couldn’t understand what the question was talking about (it was Japanese history >___>; ). Also, I played one where your goal was to lose weight – I quit because I was like, I’m not going to be able to understand all this shiz. Ffffff
      (I didn’t know at the time there were walkthroughs ^^; )
      But I would like to play an otome game that’s like an RPG :3 That wouldn’t be too bad because all you do is beat stuff up and don’t have to do much in terms of test taking or making up a schedule ~



      • yesyes i heard about that survey! haha i really wanna play the Tokimeki series. heard they’re really good.
        one of the goals was to lose weight? LOL. HAHAHA. sorry seemed a bit ridiculous. of all tasks you must do and they make the player’s goal to lose weight Lol.
        that would be interesting, an RPG otome game. not sure whether i’ve heard of any, they’re all usually in visual novel sort of format


      • x3 so many good games I want to play <3
        I've heard of the Tokimeki series – the girl version (I think there's a dude version too o3o)! I wanna play x3

        Yeah, it's called Love Revo. I know the manga is being released here in the states (I have the 1st one). The guys in the manga are WAY better than their counterparts in the game. Only one guy was nice in the game. The rest were..kind of dicks ^^; But I only played the introduction so I don't know how they changed later on in the game…
        Also the weight loss thing was crazy. You had to balance work and pleasure or else your character would go spastic crazy and gorge her face out o__O;

        I've only really seen otome games set in an RPG world but never any RPG-ing.
        It may happen! You never know :D


  3. @sylphalchemist
    Tokimeki girl’s side story 3 is the most popular!!!

    aaah i just thought that maybe making a character’s job to lose weight might make the player self-conscious in a negative way.

    i’d support an otome RPG, will make things more exciting! merge dokidoki with action!


    • Ho snap, there’s THREE of them D: Wow, I’m out of touch…

      You know, that is possible =O but it might encourage healthy behavior?
      Not too sure >__>|||

      ;D yes! If guys can have games like that, why can’t girls (I’m tempted to play a game like that which was recently released on the PS3+XBOX360 – the main guy looks so cute x3 The girls can bite me though xD I just want to play the game for him!)
      (Lol, that reminds me of the game Growlanser(sp) – I think I accidentally made the main guy BL for his friend xD I wasn’t interested in the chicks and the friend was funny so I kept picking scenes where I would have him with me xD haha good times (well, they weren’t BL – it was like Sora and Riku’s relationship from Kingdom Hearts – good bro-friends)

      *Growlanser is a rpg x dating game (kind of) for guys but I played it because the main guy looked cute (my criteria for everything it seems)


  4. hi, i can’t read japanese and i really want to read this manga. can you help me please. let me know if anyone is translating it, or if it’s online, if i can copy and paste in google translate.


    • Hello there!

      Just to let you know, BROTHERS CONFLICT is a light novel. As of this post, there is no manga but that might change in the future. A group did express interest in the series but once it was discovered the series was a novel, they quickly dropped the title.

      Hope that helped!


  5. PLEASE, PLEASE, someone translate this novel P L E A S E.
    Why is Japanese so difficult to learn?????
    If you know about any translation projects, please let me know!!! — twitter.com/luizaferreira


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