Zeele Sacrifice Root #11 Summary

A summary 8D (chp 10 doesn’t count because I did that one before winter break)
Man, it’s been a while since I’ve done one of these!
Only two more chapters after this and we’re done with volume #2.
That means no more summaries until volume #3 is out (and #3 is going to have some GOOD stuff <- knows because she’s reading the current chapters in Comic Sylph)

聖魂サクリファイス Zeele Sacrifice Root #11
Source: Manga #2


Last we left off, Chikage’s anger problems escalated to new heights. This must have somehow increased his accuracy for he ACTUALLY landed a hit with his sword!

Benjamin, a random passing-byer, goes: OMG!? Chikage actually hit something!?

I know, Benjamin. It’s a shock to my heart as well. Heck, he’s usually so bad, he can’t even hit his own monkey. I mean, how much of a fail are you as a man when you can’t even do that!?

Benjamin: You ain’t even a man, yo.

Truer words were never spoken sir. Back to the story. The chapter opens up with Chikage repeating everything we learned in Root #9: there are 5 tribes of demon and the Lotus was originally theirs. Chikage is not sure about the authenticity of this information so he decides to go find Diamu and punch the answers out of him (<___< he lands ONE hit and now Chikage thinks he’s hot shit. Sigh.).

The scene changes real quick to Shunran. He’s currently administering first-aid to Maya, who is currently bleeding his veins out.

“I can’t leave. I can’t follow Chikage-kun with things like this. Please, don’t do anything reckless, Chikage-kun!”

(I’m surprised Shunran is not going WTF DAT BOY NEEDS THERAPY! Maybe he’s just used to Chikage’s crazy antics…)

Scene change ~ We’re back with Yuiko and co. Aihara opens her eyes to see Yuiko in front of her, offering her hand. Well, this must be an insulting gesture in Aihara’s book, because she slaps dat hand like it owed her money! She screams how she hates Yuiko because she’s always around Chikage. That she’s probably the reason Chikage quit his club ((ಠ_ಠ) bitch, it’s JUST a club. Can’t you think of a better reason to be a bitch character?). So Aihara got the girls in Yuiko’s school to pick on her (because they felt the same way. AND I WONDER WHY CHIKAGE NOR ANY OTHER MALE FINDS YOU BITCHES ATTRACTIVE???? A PUZZLER!).

“You were going to take Fujiwara-kun from me…”

Before Yuiko can go, um, bitch, chill, Diamu stops her.

And there you have it…Chikage.”

Everyone turns to see Chikage. Chikage is all, what? Do I still have Maya’s blood on my face? D: Aihara…you’re a BITCH character!? OMG! Naturally Aihara isn’t taking things well, what with her evil schemes being exposed to the guy she likes.

Well, Diamu isn’t about to let this fun escape his hands (really think he’s letting out his jealousy here). He goes up REALLLLLL close to Chikage and berates him for not knowing anything about what Yuiko had been going through the past few days. Yuiko tries to explain that she’s the one who told Maya to keep mum about the subject so Chikage wouldn’t figure it out. She also tells Diamu to stop pinching Chikage’s butt berating Chikage.

[Chikage is trying not to stab himself in the face right now (probably because he’ll miss >__>)]

[Oh, and Aihara ran off in shame…or because she didn’t want to see Diamu shounen-ai with Chikage xD)

Diamu adds the final blow: Aihara holds a piece of Yuiko’s soul. And Chikage had no clue about it.


Random scene change to that evil chair shota from earlier. He’s watching the drama unfolding with Chikage. It must have excited him because he pulls his glove off and slices his finger (I mean, don’t you do that when you’re watching Days of Our Lives?). He lets the blood pooling out fall into a bowl of water that functions as his tv. It falls into the human world and lands behind Naruto who apparently is too engrossed with the scene too (but he mustn’t be too excited with it since he’s not slicing his finger). The blood starts to bubble and turn into…something (honestly, it looks like fecal matter). Somehow Diamu is able to sense the fecal matter and is all OMG NARUTO! Naruto snaps out of his trance in time to see Chair Shota flying at him with a sword. Chair Shota slices and takes a small knick out of Naruto’s shoulder. However, Naruto must be a pansy or something because he falls to the ground like a sack of bricks.

Chair Shota: Uh…I didn’t even break the skin dude…(llಠ ,ಠ )

Naruto: D: I can see my life flashing before my eyes. I wish I could have done more, instead of living in that @$$#%# well! I’m dying but that means I’ll be able to get revenge Lassie >:U

You just dress thug to hide the fact you're a wimp, don't you Naruto? =___='

Chikage decides to create a barrier – and do an obligatory chest shot for the ladies ;D Chair Shota is all, ohhhhh nice ;D

Chikage: (ಠ_ಠ) despite what you saw earlier, I don’t wear my shoes that way…

Chikage notices this Oni has blond hair.

Chair Shota introduces himself to Diamu – he’s the head of the Yellow Oni, Kamui. And how do say whaz up in the Oni world? By stabbing one another :D However, Diamu rejects Kamui’s hello with his sword. Kamui is surprised by Diamu’s quick reflexes but not for long. Pulling out the BELL OF DOOM, he rings it. The sound makes Diamu all barfy.

Can anything beat being injuried by a bell? Fail!

“I’ll be taking THAT from the little miss here.”

Chikage tries to salvage his man pride by protecting Yuiko from Kamui. However, he goes down in an even more pathetic fashion than our pussy Naruto. Kamui snaps his fingers, which instantly puts Chikage to sleep.

Chikage: >:U couldn’t you have at least kicked me in the nuts?

Chikage: REALLY!? REALLY!?

Kamui advances on Yuiko. She’s staring at him like a deer in headlights. I mean, the boy just took down 3 grown men. What’s she going to do? Kamui places his hand under Yuiko’s chin and smiles:

“This won’t hurt. I’ll be very gentle.”

The power of seeing your woman being man-handled by another man/boy/poop thing spurs Diamu into action, despite previously tossing his cookies. He stabs Kamui in the heart and…somehow is able to be-head him (>__> I’m not sure how that works but…I don’t go around beheading people so I wouldn’t know if that’s possible). Kamui takes the beheading in good humor.

“Guess this doll wasn’t up to par. However, it’s best if that miasma…eat…live…”

Kamui turns back into poop. Diamu pulls Yuiko into a tight embrace, much to her shock (as she screams out).

“Diamu-sa – ?”

“The Sohma…Yuiko…protect…”

With that incoherent sentence, Diamu falls over like a ton of bricks. And turns his hair white. Yuiko screams Diamu’s name. Watching this unfold is Kamui.

“Hmm, that sucks. Game Over.”

The chapter ends with Shunran strolling to the school (thanks to his peeper cranes). He finds Yuiko crying and cradling Diamu, who isn’t doing too hot…


Oh snap! That shota kicked some ASS! I mean, three dudes at once!? (wow that sounds like a bad BL porno >__>). What will future chapters hold?

Teaser: DEATH


You’ll find out…

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9 thoughts on “Zeele Sacrifice Root #11 Summary

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  3. i went on google to look up zeele sacrifice & all the links it gave linked back to ur blog xDDD i also found ur livejournal which last post made me chuckle quite a bit about resident evil. even tho the post was like from november. sorry ranting on irrelevant stuff XP


  4. Haha, the scanalators are releasing Zeele Sacrifice under the name “Seikon Sacrifice.” Here’s the link on mangafox:


    I totally just neglect that poor LJ. I only go on there to bitch xD
    And…RESIDENT EVIL 5 SUCKS MAN BALLS! That post was just the tip of the iceberg. If I ever get the time, I’ve got these little comics I want to doodle about my misadventures with RE5. UGH!
    But that’s only if I ever finish my Card Captor Tohya and Gaia Online Fail Prize strips. I’m super lazy with those xDDD

    Not a problem. I’m glad my bitching made you chuckle :D


    • i just read the available chapters of seikon sacrifice so far & i’m getting quite fond of it. i especially love the art, it has a unique clean style! thanks for recommending it!
      aw you should really finish them doodles! actually, whenever i start something i feel really inspired then after like 5 mins im just like ‘meh…’ LOL.
      you like tohya do you xD?


      • :D I’m glad you’re liking it x3 Yay! It’s slow in the beginning but it’ll pick up! You’ll be going crazy for the next chapter! (well, maybe not crazy, but you’ll be wanting the next chapter to figure out what’s going to happen next ~)
        I like her other work too, Wolf x God. It’s being released here in the US – so far one volume is out.
        Due to her art style, I keep mistaking characters from Zeele Sacrifice for characters in there haha xD

        I work at a random pace ^^; One minute those doodles be a flying everywhere, the next…I forget about them and a month has passed by xD I gotta work on that.
        Haha, doodling is so much fun <3 It's really relaxing (esp the stuff you don't post online bc you don't have to worry about people griping about anatomy or it looks like shit to them. Oh you haters :3)

        I like making Tohya's life hell if that's what you mean xD Just like of CCS, except Tohya is the Card-Captor. And yes, he's still wearing the dresses xDDDD haha


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  6. LOL. playing dress up with tohya i see~
    ditto about doodling, its one of my guilty pleasures when im sitting in a seminar/lecture LOL.
    i’ll be sure to check out wolf x god thank you! i’ve been eying on another comic sylph title recently too, Hiiro Ouji. its pretty promising & i love the art. !!!


    • I’m pretty much ruining his life xD One dress at a time muhahahaha
      OMG, I do that too! Especially when the lecture is BORING! It’s the only way to keep me from falling asleep xD
      :D I like it so far ~ definitely feels different than Zeele Sacrifice but in a good way. The main guy is so cute x3

      Oh, Hiiro Ouji is very entertaining =D Lots of bishies in that one! It’s mostly a comedy though it does try to be dark but fails miserably <- the jokes ruin the atmosphere xD (in a good way)
      I really like it ~ I like the incubus guy the best :D he's a cutie <3 The vampire is entertaining too – esp when he drinks different blood types. He gains different personalities based on the blood type (in one chapter he personified almost every type of bishi you'd expect to find in an otome game haha). I hope you'll like it too ~


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