Zeele Sacrifice Root #10 Summary

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This chapter is definitely a quick one. Heck, I don’t even think it was a full 20 pages o__O;
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Zeele Sacrifice Root #10
Source: Manga #2

The chapter starts off with one of the evil chair people from Root #7 having a good laugh. When asked what’s so funny, he says it’s nothing. We get a closer look at what he’s staring at: it’s Yuiko and Diamu! (perv!)

Scene change ~ we see Yuiko all wet (oh wow, now that I’m re-reading this, that line sounds so dirty. Esp when I put *perv* in the paragraph before xD). Aihara comes running over. OMG YOU’RE ALL WET!? WHO DONE DO SUCH A THING!? Diamu appears. Aihara is about to do the whole OMG SHE’S ALL WET! WHO DONE DO SUCH A THING!? spiel to him but he gives her a look that says, I KNOW WHO DONE DO SUCH A THING: YOU! Thus she gets her little butt out of there. Diamu tells Yuiko that Aihara has a piece of her soul and the two go after her

(a really cute part happens here. Diamu wipes Yuiko’s forehead dry with his sleeve. He’s totally falling for her ^w^)

Aihara goes over to the place where that well is (apparently, if anything is going down, check the well first). A voice asks if she f’ed up. Diamu and Yuiko appear. Diamu: oh heck yeah that girl messed up. And you Naruto! WTF man!? We just rescue you from a well and you’re already up to evil business? Naruto comes out of the shadows. Pretty much he says I DIDS IT FOR YOU! WE AIN’T GOT THAT MUCH TIME! LET’S JUST CARVE THAT GIRL UP LIKE A TURKEY AND TAKE THE SOHMA OUT! Touched, Diamu punches Naruto in the jaw. He tells Naruto to STFU and not to touch his stuff (by stuff I mean Yuiko, not his penis). Also, he could have f’ed up the whole operation. Naruto mumbles it might have worked xD (what a sore loser)

Aihara is naturally thinking, these guys aren’t talking about next week’s physics test. Maybe I should have called the cops on this creeper >___> Diamu looks over at her, probably remembering her existence. He shoves his hand into her gut and pulls out the shard. Yuiko doesn’t want to go yet because she wants to hear why Diamu needs the Sohma so badly BUT Diamu says see ya and sends her on her way.

“Aihara. You really have it together.”

It’s Chikage!

From Aihara’s memories, we see she can be a real dictator. Other classmates don’t like her because of her DON’T SLACK OFF! DO IT NOW! attitude. However, one day, Aihara overhears Chikage defending her, basically telling the others bad mouthing her to STFU. From this point on, Aihara starts crushing on him. One day, Aihara forgets to grab some questionnaires the class was to fill out that day. Aihara: SHIZZZ! Seeing Aihara shitting bricks, Chikage takes the heat for the papers.  Aihara feels shame at letting the guy she likes take the fall like that.

The chapter ends with Yuiko waking up.

Chapter 10 end!

Well, that certainly was a quick chapter! I’m not sure if you all got the reason Aihara did what she did: she was jealous of Yuiko always hanging with Chikage. Add in Diamu snuggling up to her and you have one jealous girl.

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EDIT: Root #11 summary is out and available ~

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