Doodle ~

Instead of reading another chapter of my Research Methods textbook, I opted to doodle something first. I figured I’d only be on here for like 15 minutes…

Yeah, that didn’t happen ^^;

But it was most relaxing to do!

(sorry for randomly positioning the text like this. For some reason, this doodle does not want to center o__O) So here is a doodle since I haven’t been doodling much on DA. I have no idea who the kid is. All I know is the first thing I thought of when I saw him was “I’m a pedobear >__>” Part of me wanted to doodle a chibi while another part of me wanted to doodle Nine from Last Rebellion. That may be the reason why the kid has red hair. As to why he’s sitting in the middle of a flippin’ snow field…I attribute that to the cold weather that’s been hitting here. Just recently it got warm – warm enough that I felt like a fool for walking around with a jacket. But then I got a text from my dad saying: “Have fun at school tomorrow. It’s going to be cold again.”


Also, the 3-winged butterfly being there? Totally blame my entomology class. Bugs bugs bugs bugs bugs bugs bugs bugs. My prof really likes his bugs, like a man likes his porn.

I’m hoping as I doodle more, I’ll learn to thin my lines out a bit. They’re really thick ^^; (lol, that’s what she said). Also, I’d like to practice line art too <3 But I’m in no rush. I like changing at my own pace ~

You know, I REALLY like his hair. Like a unicorn walked over to him and barfed on his head xD

**icon is Prier from La Pucelle**

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