Shinigami Doggy

I was recently informed by the scanalation group, OTL-Scans, that they have picked up Shinigami Doggy (死神DOGGY), a series currently running in Comic Sylph :D
Yay ~ more Comic Sylph love
(My informant also hinted there may be future Comic Sylph series they intend to do :DDDD)
*confetti shower*
For those curious about the series,  here is a description found on Comic Sylph’s official page:


2人が繰り広げる ソウルレスキューDOGGY’Sライフ!!

Ken, the main protagonist of this story, is unfortunately killed in a traffic accident.
However, he is unable to pass over due to lingering attachments for his impoverished family back in the living world.
Appearing before Ken is a man who claims to be a “Shinigami.”
The “Shinigami” tells Ken if he agrees to a certain condition of his, he’ll save Ken’s soul from the afterlife!?
A haughty, sadistic Shinigami, and a boy who got another chance at living.
Watch their story of “soul rescues” unfold – it’s a DOGGY’s life!

I plan on reading this series when I get volume #1 (which is going to be out in February).
[Because I like reading the RAWs with the scanalations x3 It’s good practice for me!]

You can find the first chapter on OTL-Scan’s web site: Chapter #1

I’ll be adding Shinigami Doggy to my “Comic Sylph” page. If you’re interested in seeing what else is available, you can find that information here.

**icon is of Cornet from the video game Rhapsody**

10 thoughts on “Shinigami Doggy

  1. what’s your favourite comic sylph title? to be honest i’ve never heard of the magazine til i arrived at your blog. *walk of shame* does it has awesome freebies :D???
    i’ve always been leaning towards margeret, lala, & hana no yume. does it has awesome freebies too :D???


    • While I like a lot of them, my absolute favs would be:

      1.) Zeele Sacrifice (this is the series that got me interested in Comic Sylph. At first I was just reading it because it was a supernatural shojo but now I’m reading it because I’m like, OMG who else is going to die D: Not my fav characters!!!!)

      2.) Stray Love Hearts (though it could have ended better, I enjoyed this series because it was fluffy and had some NICE eye candy ~ emmmm, eye candy <3)

      3.) Kuranoa (another title I was expecting to be a simple supernatural shojo but it turned dark, quick! Two sisters fighting against one another for the possession of the body which survived a car accident (because the girls are twins, they look alike so no one can really tell which twin survived), which means being the one to live – it's crazy because one of the sisters has a complex. She's like, I hate you but I love you. And she's so nuts, she even scares the bishies in this manga. They pee their pants just at the mention of her name! Very suspenseful)

      4.) Sora Kara! My Nanny! (this is totally just for the lols. Think Mary Poppins except Mary is a dude and he's a klutz with magical powers. He won me over when he crash landed into a window while flying via umbrella x3)

      I have many others too. I enjoy Comic Sylph for the shojo x really good looking guys combo xD And don't be sad about not knowing about this magazine's existence. It's only recently the magazine has been catching some popularity (mostly because of its manga adaptations of otome games (dating sim games for girls) – like Hakuouki :3 Before this used to be bimonthly and no one knew of it ~

      As for freebies, it usually depends. Most of the freebies include a free sample drama CD – because Sylph recently launched its own drama CD label. In addition, other items include posters, booklets/artbooks, stationary, key-chains, etc.
      I never really know what's going to be included haha

      OMG, I went crazy fangirling about Comic Sylph…sorry OTL


      I like Lala too :D (though I've never subscribed. But the freebies look SOOOOO cute!). Same with Hana to Yume. Heck all the shojo magazines look awesome :D


      • thanks for the info! its quite informing :) zeele sacrifice sounds intriguing. kuranoa sounds a bit er. freaky.
        i havent bought any subcriptions surprisingly, but its only because the publishers create spin-offs e.g lala dx, lala special, i forgot how many friggin hana no yume there was, i just remember the number made me go wth and i gave up.
        i’ll be sure to check out comic sylph if it reaches in my nearest store, the last time i went i found tons of BE Boys magazines


        • Sorry again for the crazy fan-girling ^^;
          I really like Zeele Sacrifice <3 It entertains me so (except now I'm like, DON'T DIE!!!! ;_______;)
          Kuranoa is definitely different but it's fun to see what's going t happen next ~

          So there ARE different spin-offs! I was like, wait. How many Hana no Yumes are there!? Am I just reading this wrong!? I-I'm just going to look away now xD

          Lucky :O You have a store that carries Japanese magazines. OMG, is it Kinokuniya? I've heard those places are awesome.
          Haha, isn't BE Boys a yaoi magazine? xD Someone must have really been itching for some BL haha


  2. kinokuniya is awesome but we don’t have them in here in london :( I usually get my stuff from japan centre which sells everything japanese(as the name suggests) from food to books & sake(secretly goes for sake tasting).
    the U.S has kinokuniya & sanseido bookstores thoughhh (im j-worded)
    HAHA YES BE Boys is a yaoi magazine, they are the mags that never fail to be on the shelves. they even stock all their spin-offs like BE Boys Gold or something.


    • Oh snap, you live in London? That’s awesome :D I’m always amazed by the different places people I meet live. I keep thinking everyone lives in the US xD Oh, how ignorant I am!
      You’re so lucky you have Japan Center. Right now I’m in hillbilly town (only reason I’m here is to get my masters) so there’s not really much here Japanese-wise. Heck, I’m lucky enough to have an Anime club at my school!
      What I would love is to live near a BOOK OFF. They sale used manga at cheap prices. I remember in HI, they had a huge wall dedicated to $1 manga on sale. How I wish I knew Japanese back then… :___:
      Kinokuniya would be lovely too ~ I visited a friend in WA & went crazy in her Kinokuniya. It was so adorable. They had An Pan <3

      Haha, heaven forbid the world be denied BL xD
      I'm hoping they at least carry other titles like Lala or Hana to Yume for the non BL readers


      • haha. heading to jcentre tmorw for lala issue 3!
        Lol hillybilly town, i was in boarding school before & that was like. i had no connection with the outside world.
        $1 manga??? ZOMGOSH. that’s just like. a STEAL basically.
        is An Pan the bun with red bean paste or sumthing edible? not sure xD
        I found a magazine that carries pretty good BL titles – Craft magazine!!!


      • I hope you find it x3 (well, by the time I reply to this, you’ve already stated on Twitter you found it so…YAY!)

        Yes, it’s kind of like that! There are brand name stores and Walmarts but it’s so tiny and in the middle of no where o__O You have to drive hours before hitting another big city! (and there are like no Asian stuff anywhere here. I was so happy when I found udon noodles on sale xD)

        Isn’t it! Ugh, I hate the fact that when I had the opportunity to buy them I didn’t have a job/money (heck, I was still in HS) and no desire to read manga that wasn’t in English. Darn you, young me!
        Yes :D The most delish dessert ever! (okay, maybe not the most delish but it’s up there!)
        o__O Craft? Like it has arts and crafts stuff in it?
        …dude, does that mean it’ll teach you how to make yaoi origami >___>;;;;;;;;;
        Or how to capture your favorite lub lub moment in stain glass?
        xD that’s crazy! I’ve never heard of a magazine like that haha


  3. Lol, I remember a few years ago I use to splurge my money on manga released by TokyoPop & VizMedia. It was crazy expensive and now I’ve switched to another English publisher called Chuang Yi and its like, 1/3 of the price.
    LOL. HAHA. Craft is just the name of the magazine. My favourite BL manga – ‘Seven Days’ use to run in it, its completed now. The BL is really mild, soft & really sweet, it features relationships that are more genuine lol.(sorry becoming sappy here) Cuz a lot of BL manga I’ve come across is like, FOR THE SAKE of being BL.


    • Ugh, don’t remind me about how expensive manga is. Can you believe that TP is now asking for $11.99 for their manga!? The same quality as when it was $9.99 too Dx
      Must learn Japanese fast – I want to read many of TP’s titles like Maid-sama, Shinobi Life, Silver Diamond, etc. but I’m not interested in paying that much for the same quality :/
      This is motivation x3

      Oh, I’ve wanted to check out Seven Days (bc the art looks pretty xD). I heard it’s not really BL but more like more shounen ai.
      Haha, while I don’t read much BL, I do know what you’re talking about. It’s like a lot of the BL out there is just for the sake of BUTT SEX! Like how in some shojo manga, it has SMUT just for the sake of having SMUT. No romance really. Just, I’m a girl, you’re a boy, let’s get nekkid and do this thing!

      Ah, so Craft is the name! My bad haha


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