Recently, I learned of an album by Sound Horizon called Marchen. The cover looked bad-ass (fairy tale awesome yo) so I decided to give it a try.
I have honestly no idea what’s going on xD This album sounds like it’s from some sort of musical play. People are talking one minute, then singing, then screaming as their arms are being sliced off before singing again (yeah, I’m like whut!? as well :O)
Curious as to what the hell it is I’m listening to, I decided to search around for some lyrics and translate them ~ If someone else benefits from these translations, then S-W-E-E-T ~ (maybe you all can tell me what this is about xD).

**Oh yeah, these lyrics have German in them. I may have a bit of the blood in me but I don’t know squat outside “sauerkraut.” So these parts will remain untranslated unless someone speaking German steps up to the plate (and judging by how unknown this blog is, chances of that are P-R-E-T-T-Y slim)**

Lastly: Emm, I like Mar. His voice is sexy. I’m not ashamed to admit that. Also, I love the strings (I’m a whore for strings such as guitars in my music ~). And wtf to Ode to Joy randomly playing xD
(This song really likes its run-ons and ambiguity in who the subject is o__o so sorry in advance if there are errors. I’m still practicing ~)

Included are random doodles I drew :3 (I’m not sure how the characters actually look – these doodles were how I pictured them in my head ^^)

Title: Song of the Twilight

――そして、【第七の喜劇】は繰り返され続けるだろう…… ?
[Und die siebte Komödie wird sich wiederholen
(ウント ディージープテコメディ ヴィルト ジヒ ヴィーダーホーレン)]

– Well now, seems the the show will continue with this “seventh comedy.”

飢餓と病 疑心と殺人

This body burns
With a fire that cannot cleanse me**
This heart burns
With flames fueled by a hatred that seeks revenge
Hunger and sickness, doubt and murder
A dark age lying dormant in the Id
Black deaths string together into my Mertz***
I’ll love you, even if it means being damned to hell
I loved you

[Diese Geschichte ist Fiktion
doch deswegen ist nicht alles an Ihr erfunden.
(ディーゼ ゲシヒテ イスト フィクツィオーン
ドッホ デスベーゲン イスト ニヒト アレス エーア エアフンデン)]

The ideas expressed in this tale are fictional.
But…that doesn’t mean they aren’t entirely untrue…

―― そして今、此の地平に宵闇が訪れた……。
[Und jetzt Dunkelheit liegt sich über die Lande.
(ウント イエッツト デュンケルハイト リークト ジヒ ユーバー ディ ランデ)]

And now…darkness is falling on this world…

[Denn die Ende entgegen, eine rechtliche Rachetragödie, der sebte horizont『Märchen』
(デンディ エンデ エントゲーゲン,アイネ レヒトリヒェ ラヒェトラゴディ デア ゼプト ホリゾント メルヒェン)]

Bursting with demise, this evening’s revenge tragedy****, in this seventh horizon.

私は『誰』なのか? 記述が抜け落ちた 真っ白な其の頁(かみ)を 宵闇に染めてゆく
気付けば井戸の底  空を見上げていた 抱いていた可愛い少女[Mädchen(メートヒェン)] 口を開いた

Who am “I?” The pages that held that information were blank, and stained black. When I came to my senses, I found myself at the bottom of a well, staring up at the sky. In my arms, I held a cute girl. She opened her mouth.

「ウフフッ…愛シテルワ、メル。コレデ私タチ、ズットズーット一緒ネ? アハハハハ!」

“Ufufu…I love you, Mar. Now we can be together, forever and ever, right? Ahahaha!”

BG: 「復讐シヨウネ?」
「復讐シヨウ」と 彼女が囁く その声色は 何処か懐かしく
何の為かなんて 誰の為かなんて 憶い出せぬ儘 衝動に従った

BG: “Shall we get some revenge?”
“Let’s get some revenge.” She whispered. I felt like I’d heard her voice somewhere before.
Even though I had no reason to, nor anyone to do this for, in my memory-less state, I felt an urge to comply with her wishes.

苦痛に歪む顔 悲痛に喚く声 戦慄と後悔の中で

Face contorted in agony, voice screaming in pain, trembling with the regret harbored inside

嗚呼 復讐は罪が故に 粛々と受け入れ給え 嘆いた処でもう手遅れさ
遂に モリから イドヘ至る 㐂(喜)劇の幕は上がった

Ah, but revenge is a sin! Please accept this without fuss. It’s too late for tears.
At last, arriving from the forest to the Id, the curtains of this tragic***** drama has risen.

「さぁ、美しすぎる屍人姫に ご登場願おうか。」

Seven actresses!
“Ah, her beauty can’t be captured with words. Corpse Princess, you’re needed on the stage!”

3…2…1…![Drei…Zwei…Eins…und los!]

死せる今 幾ら憾めど 刻は既に遅く
お嬢さん[Fräulein(フロイライン)] 君は独り[Du bist allein(ドゥ ビスト アライン)] 夜の旅路 彷徨う屍体
偶然に出逢った物語(Roman)  嗚呼 此れも運命
小さな口[Kleine Mund(クライナーモン)] 七の苦悩[Sieben Pein(ズィーベン パイン)] 忘れぬ間に紡ぎなさい さぁ

You are dead. Fret about it all you want but it’s far too late. My lady, you are alone. A corpse who wanders in the night. A tale encountered by chance. That’s right, even this is part of destiny. With that small mouth, spin together those seven troubles while you still remember them.


“Now…please, sing”

Kam… Kam…Die Nacht kam…
(カム…カム…ディ ナハト カム…)
Das Sieben Märchen…Lalala…
(ダス ジーベン メルヒェン)
Kam… Kam…Die Nacht kam…
(カム…カム…ディ ナハト カム…)
Das Sieben Märchen…Lalalala
(ダス ジーベン メルヒェン)

墓場から始まる 七つの童話[Märchen(メルヒェン)] イドの底に潜む 矛盾の罠
物語の策者は 作為的な嘘で 錯落なる幻想を紡ぐ

Seven fairy tales born from the grave. The author of these engaging tales – filled with contradictions that lay dormant in the Id – weaves together an illusion made with deliberate lies.

光と闇が織り成す世界(モザイク)の中に 愛と憎悪が溢れる

In a world (mosaic) where light and darkness intermingle, love and hate overflow.


I felt like I had once been in love
The flames of hatred tremble and leap
I felt like someone had loved me as well

↑ 嗚呼 でもそれは気のせいよ ↑

Ahhh, but that’s just your imagination playing tricks on you!

キミが誰かを怨むなら その復讐に手を貸そう!

If you have a grudge towards someone, let me help you get revenge!

Kam… Kam…Die Nacht kam…
(カム…カム…ディ ナハト カム…)
Das Sieben Märchen…Lalala…
(ダス ジーベン メルヒェン)


“Aim your melody to the east, as if you were returning back to your black death!

Freude, schöner Götterfunken, Tochter aus Elysium
Wir betreten feuertrunken,Himmlische, dein Heiligtum!
Deine Zauber binden wieder,was die Mode streng geteilt;
Alle Menschen werden Brüder,wo dein sanfter Flügel weilt.
フロイデ シェーネル ゲッテルフンケン トホテル アウス エリーズィウム
ヴィール ベトレーテン フォイエルトゥルンケン ヒムリッシェ ダイン ハイリヒトゥム
ダイネ ツァウベル ビンデン ヴィーデル ヴァス ディー モーデ シュトレング ゲタイルト
アーレ メンシェン ヴェールデン ブリューデル ヴォー ダイン ザンフテル フリューゲル ヴァイルト

愛シイ腕ニ抱カレテ目醒メタ… モリへ至ル井戸ノ中デ…
私ハ殺意ヲ唄ウオ人形… イドへ至ル森ノ中デ…
錏痾蛙遭嗟有合或吾会在唖逢娃婀堊 (アアアアアアアアアアアアアアアア)… モリへ至ル井戸ノ中デ…
宵闇ニ踊ル深紅(あか)ト漆黒(くろ)ノ影… イドへ至ル森ノ中デ…

I awoke to find myself cradled by the arms I love…from the forest to the bottom of this well…
I am a doll who sings of murder…from the Id into the forest
AhhhhhHHhhhhhhhhHHHHHhhhhhhhhh, from the forest to the bottom of this well…
Crimson that dances in the twilight and shadows of pure black…from the Id into the forest

人ヲ殺メテ … 未来(ひかり)奪ッタ …
奴ガ裁カレズ … 生キ延ビルナド … 赦シハシナイ …

Killing…snatching away futures, lights…they don’t judge…and to be the ones to live…I can’t forgive them…

Dunkelheit liegt sich über die Lande.
(ドゥンケルハイト リークツィヒ ウバー ディ ランダー)

月光に照らされて 凶行へ羽ばたいた 旋律が絡み合う夜に

Bathed in the moon’s light, melodies, which flutter about crimes, entangle in the night.

嗚呼 復讐は罪が故に 粛々と受け入れ給え 嘆いたところでもう手遅れさ
終に 宵闇の此の楽団で 憾みを唄いたいなら

Ah, but revenge is a sin! Please accept this without fuss. It’s too late for tears.
In the end, if you want to sing of resentment with this twilight band, the conductor****** here will be your ally!


“Now. Please, before we can start, gather your courage and die.”

[sieben sechs fünf vier drei zwei eins los
(ジーベン ゼクス フュンフ フィアー ドライ ツヴァイ アインス ロス)]

消える影 腕を伸ばせど 闇は既に深く
お嬢さん[Fräulein(フロイライン)] 君の輝き[dein Schein(ダイン シャイン)] 在りし日々は 過去の残照(ひかり)
生前に夢見た楽園(エデン) 嗚呼 然れど忘却
小さな川[Bächlein(ベヒライン)] 緋い葡萄酒[rot Wein(ロトヴァイン)] 乾かぬ間に紡ぎなさい さぁ――

Vanishing shadows. An outstretched hand. But it’s too late, my lady, you’re already deep in the darkness.
Since the days of your death, your radiance is now nothing but an afterglow of the past.
When you were still alive, you dreamed of paradise. Ah, even so, oblivion is a small river.
Spin the red wine while it still runs.
Yes – a history of death!


“Ufufu…I love you, Mar. We’ll continue our revenge together, forever and ever! By helping these fools get their revenge, we in turn will be getting ours! We can continue like this forever. Because humans are creatures that can’t live without hatred! Ahahahaha!”




**浄戒Jyoukai – this has something to do with Buddhism. More specifically, with precepts and purity. Originally the sentence goes “My body burns with the fire of a deception known as Jyoukai” but I changed it to “My body burns with a fire that cannot cleanse me” (bc I think the singer is pissed and can’t let it go (because those precepts are supposed to be about loving your neighbor and shiz))

***メルツ Merz – from what the internet tells me (thank you google), it’s a term coined up by some artist to describe the stuff he made out of scrapped junk.

****復讐劇 Fukushuugeki – Revenge play or revenge tragedy. It’s a type of play back in the old days. Wiki says Hamlet would fall under this category

***** 㐂 This had an odd kanji I’ve never seen before. It consists of the kanji “7” listed three times. Not sure if this is a play on words (for 喜劇) – since the CD follows the stories of 7 people

******屍揮者 I believe another play on words. The kanji read – corpse – leading – person (but the spelling しきしゃ says conductor). I’m thinking this dude is like a necromancer, especially given the line he says next.

Sites I found the lyrics at: here and here

7 thoughts on “宵闇の唄

  1. wow. the beginning sounded like sumthing you’d play to murder someone. i only know that marchen means fairytale, the words pops out a lot. i think a word for ‘folk-lore’ might have been a better choice. ‘fairytale’ seems to scream more happy thoughts. its quite a nice song! sounds like some beautifully haunting tale is about unveiled


    • I know, right! It was all dark and shiz. I was like O_____O (esp when I translated the lyrics!)

      There were two reasons I use “fairy-tale” in my translations. One is due to the kanji used: 童話 (which means fairy-tale).
      [There’s another kanji out there that means folklore]
      The second reason is because future songs will star characters from the Grimm Fairy-Tales -such as Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, and Hansel & Gretel to name a few :3 (from what I’ve been able to decipher, these songs aren’t going to be like their Disney versions o___o;)

      This is my first time listening to Sound Horizon and I am really liking what I’m hearing :D (Maybe it’s just because I like Mar’s voice xD)

      Thanks for the comment :D


      • Not at all :D I’m glad you like the music too ~
        (You know, I’ve been meaning to check out Rozen Maiden. I mean, I really like Peach-Pit’s other stuff – Zombie Loan and Shugo Chara. Oh so many manga/anime out there I haven’t seen yet! Dx darn financial limitations!)


      • well a bit like the first song he said: “sieben, sechs, fünf, vier, drei, zwei, eins… diese Geschichte ist fiction…” (translation: 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1… this history is fiction…)i was like duuh XD
        well i learn it at school i’ve got it 3 hours/week

        well mostly i listen to 1 song and that’s Stardust ^^ but now i’m listening to the Album Märchen :p tho i don’t know which song is connected to which fairy tale XD


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