Finally got a new header and background

As the title says, I finally changed my header and background for this blog. It was a little embarrassing to still have HAPPY HALLOWEEN! on my header when we’re halfway already through January ^^;

The theme behind this is easy: snow. It’s winter. It’s cold. Thus what else says both WINTER and COLD than S-N-O-W? On zerochan, I typed in SNOW for my search term and started to peruse for pictures that I liked ~

The header features Gakupo. Of the male vocaloids, I like him the best <3 Plus he looks just so darn good in that picture! Nothing major was done to the header. A simple resize and some added text were all that I did.

Here are the original pictures for the header:

I have no idea where the background came from. It just looked nice and snowy ~ Plus I liked the colors :3

I’ll be starting my summaries up again here soon. Because winter break is unfortunately coming to an end, which means not being able to run around and have fun like I have been :< Sad days ahead. To all of you going back to school, I know your pain. Let’s try to make it through another semester!

7 thoughts on “Finally got a new header and background

    • I use a program called Photoshop :3 It’s hella expensive but because I’m a student, I was able to purchase a discounted version (still was expensive ;__;)

      The background I just found on the internet when I was looking around on (a great place to find pictures!)
      I also got my header picture from there, though I edited it in PS.

      Hope that answered your question :D


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