Art Trade with Aryknox

For Christmas, arynox and I decided to do art trades :D
My request to her was my OC, Red Rabbit.
(Because arkynox knows how to draw sexy guys xD)
I know…how to draw cute jail baits >___>;;;;
Yeah, it’s a mad skill of mine. For some reason, guys I draw magically de-age. Trying to work on that…
Her request to me was drawing Rukia from Bleach, all pretty-like.
Me: (・ε・;) err…

See, I’m more well known for the fugly pictures I doodle. What can I say, drawing a creeper grandpa licking a wall is just full of fun xD So…this was my attempt at drawing “pretty:”

I had the theme as “snow princess” – that’s why her hair, eyes, and clothes are of blue-ish tint.
This is also my first doodle where I have a sword included. I never knew how hard it was to draw a sword o______o;

6 thoughts on “Art Trade with Aryknox

  1. God the coloring is freaking the best i have ever seen! and the snow princess it great cuz her sword is snow and ice! I put thiis in the Ichruki fan cubl but not ichi so it may not go! I still love it! and now am ashamde of the lamy ass shit I have been doing, Will work on it tonight!



    • My dad looked at the final picture and was like “…is that a sword?”
      Me: <___< "Yeah."..
      Dad: "Ah." *walks away*
      Me: ;______;
      *and this is why I never show my stuff to people. Or doodle much. It was actually only recently I started to get back into really doodling. :o*

      I know my dad was just joking. He told me later xD (he had to go poop so that's what his rush was about haha)

      My little random anecdote aside, I'm glad you liked it.
      I was a little nervous about the coloring not being EXACTLY the same as in the series (apparently people get real bitchy about that o__O;). But then I thought, SCREW THEM! This is MY picture so the only one who should care is ME. I like it, thus it stays xD

      It's cool about the club. If they want it, they can have it. If not, SCREW THEM! (I like saying that xD)

      Dude, you'll do an awesome job. Because you know how to draw MEN!
      I…draw BOYS!
      ;______; BUT ONE DAY!

      *hugs back*


  2. I apologize since I can’t give any decent feedback because:
    1) I can’t draw
    2) I don’t know much about art
    3) In other words, I’m ignorant *laughs*

    But – I like your colouring.


  3. That’s a really nice drawing there. Wish I could color like that. It’s been a while since I watched/ gave up on Bleach. I did remember loving Rukia though.


    • Thank you
      I’m not sure if I got her right (another friend said she had to do a double look before she saw the girl as Rukia xD) but I had fun doodling it.

      Arkynox keeps trying to pressure me into reading/watching Bleach but I don’t usually read/watch super long series like that (D.Gray-Man and Skip Beat are exceptions x3). I’m afraid that all that effort will turn about to crap in my face like it did with Tsubasa…


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