DA: Fail Prize #2 Starches

I’ve decided to try something new ~

On DA, when you write a description for your picture, you can only use words (and some pretty hilarious icons <- still haven’t figured out how those work ^^;). So I’m going to post my descriptions here on my WordPress account so I can also include random scribbles ~ (also to keep this updated ^^;)
Hey, it’s pretty much just me on this so LET’S DO THIS!

For those who don’t know, I GAIA with my friend Lady-Tarantella :3 We don’t really go on much except for events though (and trying to save up money to make our avis badass looking!). About a couple of months ago, Gaia had this FRONTIER SKIES event going down. It was pretty much Oregon Trail, only your boat floated and instead of dying from a myriad amount of diseases, your characters died by other various circumstances (ex. zombies, falling off the boat, etc.). FRONTIER SKIES had 5 captains. Being a nerd, I was like, I’M GOING TO BEAT THIS GAME WITH ALL OF THE CAPTAINS!!! The first guy I chose was the Green Bunny (heck if I know his name). I kicked ASS with him. Next I chose was that blue haired chick. Wasn’t the most enjoyable trip but the crew managed. But my third captain choice….UGH! I had Louie. OMG, I hate him >:I

He may be a bishi but he’s the world’s most f-ed up captain! I even drew a comic about my wonderful grand adventures with him:

Yeah, that strip pretty much summed up my wonderful adventure with him. He spent all my money, ate my food, and I’d constantly have to waste time unclogging the toilet (WHAT VAMPIRE HAS CHRONIC DIARRHEA!?). My friend had Louie as her captain. He was a little more productive with her because he sold himself out to a merman for ammo. WHY DIDN’T MY LOUIE WHORE HIMSELF OUT LIKE THAT!? >:U (probably too fat for the merman – THAT’S WHAT YOU GET FOR EATING MY CREW’S FOOD!!!)

Anyway, story short, I had a horrible time and months later I still burned with anger (don’t get me started on Edmund…he’ll have his due justice here soon…). Remember this.

In comes Halloween. One of the events is to beat up ghosts. You’d get money and stuff for pimp slapping the souls of the dead. The main highlight was fighting the bosses and getting their drops~

Or so it was supposed to be. The first drop was pretty pimpin’ in my opinion. However, almost everything afterwards sucked in my eyes :,< ESPECIALLY THAT POTATO! WTF is that!? I don’t care if it turns into a bloody hashbrown, it sucked! (but if you liked it, then that’s cool. Actually, if you liked it, I’d stop reading this and future FAIL PRIZE strips if I were you. I pretty much just bash the shiz of this stuff ~ Fair warning so I don’t get some angry comments)

Anyway, I was thinking, wtf is with this potato? What benefit can this pose? Then it hit me, like a whale with a rocket strapped to its fins: I’LL USE IT FOR REVENGE >:D Against EVERYTHING that angered me in FRONTIER SKIES!

And that was how FAIL PRIZE was born <3


Me: What possible benefit can come from this potato? Hmmm…

Louie: Oh, hello there! You must be the new –

Louie: >+++++++++++<

Me: BITCH let’s make some things clear! You spend my money, I’ll shove a potato up your ass. You eat my food, I’ll shoave french fries up your hole. Clog the toilet and I’ll use CENSOR as an anal butt plug!

Louie: D:

Me: This potato has MANY forms of torture if you anger me! Ever wonder how this hashbrown got BLOODY?

Louie: *emits a high pitched squeal*

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