Double Meme

My friend and I were tagged to do a meme on DA. OMG…we’re such crazy people xD
Left is my friend, right is me ~

From DA

So, after a month and some days later, Cree and I finish the meme :iconasenva: tagged us to do. We know you all must have been living each day constipated because you were denied seeing this.
But fear not! You can poo in relief for the MEME is OUT!!!!

This was fun to do :D Esp due to :iconlady-tarantella: xD
OMG! I can’t believe you actually drew the COUNT for the kissing part.
For those who are like, wtf to the kissing part. Those two characters come from the anime GANKUTSUOU. Basically the blue smurf there is out to get revenge. The creeper on my side is the main character, Albert. He so had a thing for the Count. I mean, he totally jizzed his pants when the Count put his hands on Albert’s shoulders.
Albert: OHOHOHO <3
Count: (llಠ ,ಠ ) uhhh…
Thus I put Albert as the receiver of the kiss.
Because he threw away his friend for this. So here you go Albert. Enjoy.
(was tempted to draw his dad but Albert farted roses and killed him so that idea died rather quickly…)

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