Book Girl #1, Cy-Believers #1, and Butterflies, Flowers #3-4

Howdy all ~

Happy that the school year is almost done? (Well, I guess this would only apply to those of you currently going to school ^^) Well I certainly am! I’m looking forward to some much needed relaxing!

[Here’s to hoping I passed my first semester of grad school though!]

While school did take up a bit of time, I did do other things besides studying and writing papers ;3 I finally got around to reading the next two volumes of Butterflies, Flowers. Oh man do I love this manga. Seriously. The lols are totally worth it. I love the scenes between Choko’s brother and Shou xD

(The suppository! OMG xDDDDD)

Masayuki and Choko also have some great scenes.

(Lol, I never thought I’d see the day a manga had the main guy gyrating in a speedo xD)

But I think volume #4 won with the Masayuki vs his boss scenes. OMG that was just epic.

While things before were a little heated, the reason for the M rating has emerged! Masayuki finally got to pop Choko’s cherry (hey man, those were the words he wrote on his congratulatory banner – don’t give me that look).  Choko’s response was awesome:

I’d never had gone through it if I knew it was going to hurt that much. Damn it. Why doesn’t he try shoving something up his ass and see what it’s like.” xD

This series does not fail to entertain. I’m looking forward to reading volume #5 which is currently waiting for me at my dad’s house ~

Another manga I’ve started is called Cy-Believers. With Go-Comi MIA and presumed dead, I’m finally stepping up on getting the titles I’ve been wanting from them. I got all the released volumes of 07-Ghost along with Tenshi Ja Nai. The next on my list was Cy-Believers. I really enjoyed this manga-ka’s other work, Crossroad; the only other manga I had from Go-Comi before they died… >__>;;;

(yeah, I’m pretty bad sometimes when it comes to collecting manga…)

Cy-Believers is definitely different than Crossroad. Rather than a romance story, this is more like a school comedy. It’s not bad but not what I was expecting. Also, I’m not sure really what is going on story wise ^^;

I like how the main girl’s fiancée totally reminds me of Stray Love Heart’s Cain. Except in this case, Cain is a good 2 feet shorter and wields a whip (something I’m sure Uryuu would love to have used on him xD). I haven’t really found a favorite character as of yet. Everyone seems really sporadic in their personalities. Especially Mini-Cain.  I’m hoping the series will pick up in the next volume ~

(also, I think this series is pushing for some BL fan service. It’s obvious the guys aren’t gay but…you have to be real good friends to let the other feed you pills via his mouth and sleep together with them on a couch…>___>)

Lastly I finished another light novel (yay!). This is another Yen Press title: Book Girl and the Suicidal Mime. I’ll say this much: it was addicting! I thought the story was going to be something cute but whoa man was I wrong. Things turned dark, quick! It got to the point where I couldn’t put the book down because I wanted to know what was going to happen next!

I liked the main female. I was getting a little worn down with all the Tsun-Tsun female characters. A bubbly personality was just what I needed. The main guy was a downer but he wasn’t too bad. I love the art used – especially the colors <3

One problem I had with the book was the way the bolded sections were written. Due to how it was styled, one wouldn’t be able to guess who it was that was speaking until you got towards the end of the book, when all of a sudden there was a switch in words. I guess this is similar to the problems with a certain character in Fushigi Yuugi or in Calling You. In Japanese, their language can overcome this problem but in the English language, we don’t have words for this problem (if you read the book, you’ll understand what I’m getting at).

Well, that’s it :3 Hope to update again ~

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