SLH Costume Contest and Spice and Wolf Light Novel #2

FIGHT TIME, BABY!!! (also, ignore the fact it looks like her right arm is about to pop out - I couldn't get the raised fist angled like that unless I positioned her arm like that ^^;)

Voting has started for the Costume Contest the Stray Love Hearts Club on Deviantart is hosting :D There are only 3 entries though ^^;
We’re a small club.
But they’re three BUTT KICKING pictures!
So far, me and @myuniques are tied for first place because…we’re the only ones who have voted thus far xD
I’m sure once the Cain fans start to rally, he’ll be stealing the spot light. Because everyone knows Cain fans > Kuga fans ;___;
However, can vampire Cain fight against the moe-moe powers of Asian Hiyoki!?
Kuga: >:U what about me!?
Me: Kuga…do you really think you stand a chance against MOE and VAMPIRES?
Kuga: ;____; I’m the Jacob in this situation, aren’t I? I knew I should have been doodled as a vampire…sadness…
Me: But as a wolf, you get to expose more skin – just the way I like it ;D
Kuga: …basically, I’m man-porn.
Me: YUP!
Kuga: :U

If you’re interested in seeing the entries, here’s the link ~

On to other news ~ I finally got around to finishing the second volume of Spice and Wolf (the light novel). I really took my time with this title! My original plan was to watch an episode of the anime and then read the corresponding chapter in the book. Was going good until school started to get in the way of my geek life. When I got the chance to pick the book up again, I hit a really good part and next thing I knew, I was done xD

I really enjoyed this second volume! I liked it even more than the first volume. The author mentioned in the “Afterward” he forgot the personalities of his main duo and I actually liked the change. Both Holo and Lawrence were fun. If you read my “opinion” of the first book, I mentioned both characters took a while to grow on me. However, this second volume just made me love the two instantly again. Their banter still entertains :)

Oh, I guess I should mention what this second volume is about, huh? Basically, Lawrence thinks he’s made the deal of the century when he finds out he’s actually been duped! Now levied with a heavy debt, Lawrence has to find a way to earn money or his life is at stake!

There were certain bits I liked better in the anime – like how poorly the town members treated Norah. I didn’t really get the feel of animosity the towns members held towards her in the novel. Rather, we just had to assume because of her awesome skills, people didn’t like her and this made her uncomfortable enough to do what she does. However, there are bits I liked better in the book – such as the part where Lawrence got into debt and was asking his friends for help. It was sort of dragged out in the anime. This scene only took like 5 pages in the novel. I can’t say how later episodes compare to the book because I haven’t seen them yet – will hopefully one day!

Overall, I’m enjoying Spice and Wolf with each volume that’s released. I’m looking forward to seeing what future troubles/fortunes encounter Lawrence and Holo!

2 thoughts on “SLH Costume Contest and Spice and Wolf Light Novel #2

    • At this rate, we’ll forever be tied (and I can live with that :3 – means both our stuff are so badass, no one could choose which they like better xD)

      I tried to read the manga but like you said, it was pretty much porn (if you look at the manga-ka’s track record, he does some…risque works, which explains everything).
      The anime has some nekkid parts but it’s not bad like the manga
      I like the light novel though x3 The first was slow but I loved this second one <3


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