Tid-Bits: Zeele Sacrifice Root #9

Hoho, I’ve got a bunch of updates, don’t I?
Well, two chapters were done before Thanksgiving but because I left town early, I didn’t get a chance to post them.
Plus I was too busy cursing at the TV with my dad when I was back home xD
Resident Evil 5 is a painfully sick game…
But we did beat the game. My dad was scared when I was fighting the final boss.
I was truly livid with rage xD
Stupid camera…
The chapter starts with Yuiko readying herself for another day of torment at school (sad that teachers don’t see this, and if they do, they for the most part ignore it :<). She sees the keychain her friend from Chapter #1 was going to give her before she became road kill and puts it in her pocket – for strength.

The first joke of the day is stealing Yuiko’s shoes. Girls around her comment on Yuiko’s feet being nekkid but Yuiko just acts like nothing is wrong with going feet-commando. She sits down and reaches into her desk, only to find her stuff ONCE AGAIN shredded (maybe you should take your stuff home Yuiko…these bitches are crazy bored). She sighs. However, once she opens her bag and finds a book with a decorated cover inside, she smiles.

We jump to Chikage who’s too busy thinking ONI ONI ONI to notice Yuiko’s state >__>; He keeps thinking about what Maya said in Chapter 7: “We have something we must do.” He gets a OMG I NEED TO FIND THIS SHIZ OUT NOWS look and leaves class, much to Aihara’s shock (Diamu is like, go away, I’m napping).

Scene jump to Shunran listening to his ipod. NSYNC Kyaa ~ <3 He gets a call and answers his phone. It’s from Chikage. Chikage basically says THE ONI ARE HIDING SOMETHING AND I’M GOING TO FIND OUT WHAT IT IS! OKAY, SEE YOU AT DINNER TONIGHT! LOVES AND KISSES! Shunran is like, wtf!? Knowing Chikage and his anger problems, he’ll probably beat the answers out of one of the Oni. Shunran freaks and runs to Chikage’s school to placate him.

Scene jump to Yuiko who is outside washing her feet. Diamu sees her. Her figure looks really depressed. However, when she sees him, she smiles and rushes over (the school finally noticed and gave her slippers I guess), much to Diamu’s surprise. She shows him the book with the decorated cover from earlier. Inside is filled with pressed flowers. Yuiko is happily showing them to Diamu who is pretty much like any guy and is all, yeah whatever. He asks about her shoes but Yuiko dodges the subject. Her bracelet then starts to glow. Yuiko for some reason doesn’t notice the BRIGHT LIGHT EMITTING FROM HER WRIST and instead goes back to talk about flowers xD

Diamu: (ಠ_ಠ); that’s skills…

He looks up to see Aihara creeping on them from the second story

Diamu: (ఠ_ゝఠ;) C-R-E-E-P-Y ~

Yuiko asks if he’s listening. Oni is like, enough. Why are you doing this? Long story short, Yuiko says she thinks Diamu wants the Sohma/Lotus so he can change his world into a place like Earth (polluted and filled with angry people + pedos?) – a place with light and flowers. Diamu has a surprised look on his face – not sure if it’s because she hit the nail on the head or because he’s thinking, wow, that’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard *amazed* He gets up and leaves. Yuiko is all, oops, made him made :9 (she really says that).

Scene change (this manga likes to scene change, huh? xD) to Maya leaving the café (I’m guess that’s the new Oni base. Guess they should be lucky that Starbucks across the street was built – kind of hard to have an evil lair with caffeine junkies demanding their Frappuccino during your evil meetings haha xD). He complains about Diamu not waking him. As he walks, he activates a barrier of some sort. Chikage comes out of a dumpster and has a raep face on.

Maya: O___O Oh this is not good…(and judging by that expression, there isn’t going to be anal lube for me…)

The scene blacks out but the sound effects are that of a sword being swung & hitting something.

That’s probably not good >___>; And it’s Maya too! >__< I like Maya!

Scene change to Shunran. He’s trying but to no avail at getting Chikage to answer his phone. So he decides to bust out some bad-ass Shunran-ness.
Here we learn the secret behind successfully origami folding. You use your own blood. Not only can you make bunches at once, but they FLY! And apparently can send you visual feedback via telepathy!

Holy crap O___O;

Anyway, Shunran gets an image that makes him poo his pants.

O__O; What are you doing Chikage!? You BETTER have your pants on. AND the fly UP >:U Maya don’t swing that way!

Scene change to Chikage. He’s got Maya pinned to the floor…

…with his sword; pants still on. Both of them.


He tells Maya to spill about what the Oni are planning. Maya just smirks – like, f you dude. Well, if there’s anything you don’t want to do, it’s piss off the guy doing illegal stuff to you (again, I am reminded of SLH – the Cain x Ren moment). Chikage gets angry and digs his sword around in Maya o__O; Shunran thankfully appears and is like, wtf man, stop that! Chikage says Maya won’t die that easy. Shunran pretty much says THAT’S NOT THE POINT! YOU’RE FLIPPING DICING THIS GUY’S INNERS! STOP IT, SHIT FOR BRAINS!

Watching the exchange makes Maya slip out some details about the Lotus. Turns out it originally is from the Oni. It bestows each Oni power. There are five types of Oni. If you look at the kanji, it’s basically, whites, blacks, reds, blues, and yellows (OMG I TOTALLY CALLED THAT :D African American Oni exists! Refer to Chapter 8). Apparently, the fact the Oni come in Power Ranger colors is shocking to Shunran and Chikage.

[The reason the Fujiwara even exists is crumbling away…]

When asked if their purpose is to destroy the world, Maya does another smirk. He starts to say something but falls unconscious.

Chikage: “My heart has decided” *pulls out anal lube*

Scene change (Maya!!!!!!!! :____:) to Yuiko. She’s eating lunch outside.

[I want Diamu to know more about this world]

That happy thought is ruined when someone dumps water on her.


Well, what a dick move to pull in the end! Who could have done that!?
(I think everyone here can tell who did it… >__>;)

Until next time ~

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