Tid-Bits: Zeele Sacrifice Root #8

I’ve been neglecting poor Zeele Sacrifice. I guess to make up for it, I’ll make it go down the Tid-Bit route as well. Because scanning pictures in and PS-ing them takes a while – thus the slow release.
Also, these chapters are SUPER short. I’m serious. Chapter 8 has 22 pages. To show you how that compares with other series, each chapter of SLH usually ranged from 40 to 50-ish pages.

Yeah, there is favoritism in Comic Sylph xD

The chapter opens with Yuiko looking out her window. She’s thinking of the world Diamu and co come from. A world filled with darkness. Where no light shines. As someone who has lived in a world of light, a world of darkness is a foreign concept.

[Is there such a thing as morning? Evening? Do they even know of these dazzling stars in the night sky?]

The scene changes to Chikage and Diamu coming to Yuiko’s classroom to pick her up. Chikage is stuck by how different Yuiko seems. For some odd reason, the girls in her class are all, wtf, why are the only two hawt guys in this manga talking to Yuiko only? Why aren’t our bitchy personalities attracting them?

Yuiko is about to grab her shoes from her cubby when she sees the inside is filled with trash. Quickly she shoves her shoes into her bag, to prevent anyone from seeing them. Yuiko tells the two boys she forgot something back in the classroom and tells them to have a man conversation while they wait for her.


As Yuiko is dumping the trash into a trashcan, she thinks what in the world did she do to attract this harassment?

[No…this isn’t the time to worry about something like this…]

Random shot of Shunran zoning out (yeah, remember him? The guy that was kicking all sorts of ass in chapter #3 but then suddenly vanished off into secondary character land? He’s back <3). Think he’s at work because someone asks why he hasn’t made copies of the documents in his hands. He apologizes but has a guilty(?) look on his face. Wonder why?

Another random scene change. We’re at the Fujiwara base. Chikage is having an anger fit as usual. He demands to know WTF is going on. Kikuichi (yeah, remember him? The guy who is probably going to turn out to be evil? Or at least die?) is all, STFU and chill.

Chikage: LE GASP! (he totally has a LE GASP face in this panel xD).

Chikage won’t be denied his angry train (lol, anger train? xD). He says the Oni called themselves “Byakki” (lit. White Demons ). Does that mean there are different types of demons? (Like, Yellow Demons, Red Neck Demons, black/African American Demons, etc. I’m sorry, but it just sounded so racist. WHITE DEMONS! WE THE WHITE MAN! XD).

Chikage pretty much says screw you all and leaves. Shunran is worried but Kikuichi doesn’t really care. As long as he protects Yuiko, it’s all good. Shunran: o___O; whut!? Kikuichi’s behavior is worrying Shunran but he keeps his faith in his cousin(?).

Scene SKIP ~ (not sure when that last scene skip took place; think it was a flashback? Because Chikage is fast if he was just at home and now he’s at school xD Also it was night time during the Chikage angry train scene). We’re back to Yuiko. She got most of the trash off her shoes.


It’s Aihara! She apologizes for acting all crazy when she heard about Chikage quitting the club (no you’re not). Yuiko nods her head in agreement. She was also surprised when she heard Chikage quit his club. Aihara is wearing a really creepy expression as Yuiko is saying this.

Before anything can happen, Chikage and Diamu appear. They came to get Yuiko because she was taking so long. Aihara says yo to Chikage and flees. Diamu is looking at Aihara like, that mofo smells of evil.

Randomly floating a 100 feet above the school are Master-Oni and Naruto (he’s Daruto but there are too many D characters running around here. Plus it’s just me reading these so I don’t have to worry about someone hatin :D). Basically Master-Oni is filling Naruto on the details concerning Yuiko and the Sohma. Naruto brings up that “Sphere” thing – saying they need to get the Sohma out of Yuiko before her soul turns into a Sphere. Master-Oni is all STFU I know! Dumbshit (lol, he does call Naruto a dumbshit). Naruto thinks to him, if they don’t act soon, that will come. Then they’ll be in deep shiz. The impact of that dark statement is ruined when the two Oni proceed to call the other stupid xD

The next day, Yuiko opens her cubby to find her shoes in an even worse condition compared to…yesterday? Sorry ^^; I can’t tell how much time has gone by.

[My slippers…are covered in mud…]

THANK GOODNESS IT’S JUST MUD! For a second, I thought it was blood. Then I thought, wtf, where’d they get that blood? Then I thought, if it’s a girl…*painface at the realization* UGH!!!!!

Someone giggles but when Yuiko turns around, she can’t find the culprit. Maya comes and sees her shoes. He’s like, OH SHIT IS THAT BLOOD!? WHAT THE!? Yuiko tells Maya to keep mum on the situation. She says she doesn’t want to worry Chikage. Maya is strangely moved by Yuiko’s determination to keep Chikage from having more worry on his plate.

As Yuiko goes through her day, we see more forms of harassment. Written in her books are mean things like DIE, TRASH, DUMBSHIT, etc. Other notebooks that haven’t been written in have been torn apart and thrown in the trash (and you WONDER why no one likes you bitches!). In her locker are more words saying DIE and all that. The bitches even tore up her gym outfit. The teacher is a sweetheart, yelling at Yuiko for not having her outfit and telling her to just sit out :/

[I wonder…what kind of face am I making right now?]
[Hope I can make it look like it usually does…]

Scene jump to Diamu taking a nap somewhere on the school grounds. Maya is trying to wake him, much to Diamu’s chagrin.

“If you’re sleepy, then please sleep where Yuiko is!!!!” *flips Diamu in the air*

Diamu: (ಠ_ಠ); OKAY! OKAY!

As Diamu is looking for Yuiko, he thinks about how pissed Chikage will get if he finds Diamu with Yuiko (lol, Diamu. You scared of Chikage or something? xD Then again…his anger fits are scary indeed).  He spots Yuiko, who is sitting…in a closest? >__>; Maybe hallway? Meh, whatever. He asks if she’s ditching, then proceeds to ask if he’s using the word right xD

Yuiko says she’s observing the class. Diamu then says, I’M NAPPING. AND YOU ARE MY PILLOW!

Yuiko: o____O; eh!?

Diamu lays down, using Yuiko’s lap has a pillow for his head.

Yuiko: o///////////////o

To make the situation less weird, Yuiko comments on the weather. It’s really nice! Diamu asks if that’s what you say when the weather is like this.

“This deep blue…is so magnificent.”

Yuiko then remembers about Diamu coming from a world of darkness.

“T-that’s right! When the weather is good, people’s moods are good, so that’s why we say “it’s really nice!”
“Isn’t it beautiful?”

Diamu: “Beautiful…?”
“That’s something we Oni know nothing of…”

Yuiko: “But don’t you feel better in this weather? Like you’re ecstatic?”

Diamu: “Not really.”
“But…it’s not bad.”
“When I stare at the sky, I find myself getting sleepy…”

Yuiko: *smiles* “Me too”

Diamu: *surprised* “So you can make that kind of face as well?” *touches her cheek* “It’s not bad.”

Diamu then proceeds to fall asleep. Yuiko is currently turning 8 shades of red xD Spying on the two are the skanks responsible for Yuiko’s harassment. Don’t these chicks have class? They say Yuiko is a player…or is that term only valid for guys? She’s a whore? >___>  Meh, they just say she is flirting with both Chikage and Saitou. They mention a Kyoko who we learn is Aihara. Aihara is all drama queen. She told me not to come near them and all this shiz. Pretty much adding fuel to the fires of the angry fangirls…



Dang. Both Kuranoa and now Zeele Sacrifice currently have chapters with bitches. GAH! Go away and bitch on LJ, you nut-jobs!
Also, if you were the guy, WOULD YOU BE INTERESTED IN SOME CRAZY CHICK THAT MENTALLY AND PHYSICALLY HARASSED GIRLS TO GET TO YOU? I’d be all, bitch, you’re crazy. You’d totally beat my dog if you knew I had one, because you’d think he was in the way. Go away. I don’t want some crazy chick!

Totally think that’s the reason why bitch characters don’t succeed in their romance in mangas. If they change, then maybe.

Blah ~

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