Tid-Bits: Kuranoa Extra Ammo ~ Nana

Oh snap!
My Kuranoa stuff has been getting ACTUAL hits o___O;
I is shocked!
And here I thought it would just be me and my self reading these xD

Well to the bonus chapter and I’ll end with a surprise ~

This bonus chapter continues off the first bonus chapter. Only we follow Nana.

As he’s walking back to Shiori’s Kuranoa, Nana thinks bitterly about how Ichi can be so happy when he talks about Minori. Nana is disgruntled that he can’t be the same with Shiori (dude…look at what she did to you in #3…oh wait, that hasn’t happened yet…*pats Nana sympathetically on the shoulder* My advice: grin and bear it, son). Upon entering Shiori’s Kuranoa, he tries to act cheerful as he inquires about Shiori’s trip to the real world. Shiori is all, you constipated? why are you forcing yourself to smile like that? =__=;

Nana: >__<  “Just as I thought. I’m not cut out for this kind of thing. I thought I could be like Ichi, a guardian spirit who welcomes his master back with a smile. I figured doing something like that could help grant my wish to make you happier.”

Shiori smiles and pulls Nana’s zipper down *raepface* hugs Nana, which makes Nana blush. She tells him her philosophy on smiling. If someone smiles at her, she has to smile back at them.

Nana: (・ε・)ok…

She has a flashback of her and Minori. Minori is telling a story and looks over at Shiori. Smiling, Shiori is all, :D I’m listening ~ But when Minori turns around, she has a (╬ ಠ益ಠ) face. SHUT UP BITCH!

Em, more like :/ face (?).

Basically, I’m not really interested face xD.

We return to the present:

“I kept smiling, even though I felt like I was dying inside. But that girl…wasn’t the real me.”

She tells Nana not to force himself like she did in the past. Just be himself. That is what makes her happy (wtf Shiori!? Why are you so sympathetic now!? Stay a bitch so I can feel okay about hating you). Nana hugs Shiori. He tells her he’ll make her happy.

Shiori thanks him and they hug some more.

[I exist to make your world a reality]
[Your voice, your breaths, your sadness – I’ll hold them all…]
[Until the day you can produce a smile from the bottom of your heart]

End ~

And thus this is the end of volume #1. #2 won’t be released until some time in 2011. Judging from the chapters in Comic Sylph, it should be soon (they’re on like Bullet #12 with this month’s volume).

BUT, I have good news. I brought a few Comic Sylph magazines with me when I moved into my new apartment AND it just so happens they have chapters #6 – 10 in them :D (this was not planned – I just grabbed the volumes that had SLH chapters I hadn’t summarized yet xD). So that means you’ll get a couple more chapters! Yay!

Not sure when they’ll be out though ~

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