Finally updated!

Howdy all ~ Hope your Thanksgiving was pleasant!

Been awhile ^^ Was out of town the last week, spending Thanksgiving with my dad :D My dad is awesome. See, I’ve been having car problems the last few months. Well, I guess after the 5th or 6th time taking my car to Firestone, they felt that maybe it was time to actually check the car out this time instead of just turning the CHECK ENGINE LIGHT NOWS light off. That’s when they found my gas tank was missing a piece.


So, my car was stuck in the shop while they waited to order new parts in. Rather than leave me here to have a lonely Thanksgiving with my dog, my dad drove up to pick me up and drove all the way back to his house (with my dog of course). It’s a friggin long drive! Even MY butt gets numb. And the hick towns…*shudders in fear* It was a fun week though :) Nothing says family fun than murdering zombies (I would have visited my friends but they were all out of town, visiting THEIR families haha. Plus no car :<). We also kept stalking amazon for black friday deals (we are a family of nerds xD all we looked for were video game deals!)

For those who wonder, the car is back and not exploding :3

Any who ~ I finally made an icon for Kuranoa:

AND, I sketched up something quick for the Stray Love Hearts Costume Contest on DA (not what I was originally going to submit but due to returning so late and the deadline coming up, I just sketched something random and with Kuga in it xD):

The costume theme is Red Riding Hood

  • Hiyoki = Red
  • Kuga = Big Bad Wolf
  • Cain = Grandma
  • Uryuu = Hunter

I’m hoping for second prize because I’m the one who is doing the second prize drawing xD And I wants me some Kuga x Hiyoki goodness >:3 (no Cain x Hiyoki. That’s what the manga is for)

Will reply to comments here soon (and naturally stalk my stalk sites >:3)

Take care!

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