Happy Thanksgiving

This is a little late but just wanted to say, Happy Thanksgiving to all you out there :) I hope your Thanksgiving was fun and the turkey delish! (and you got to enjoy time off from work/school :D)

This is for all of you going Black Friday shopping…today (wow, this is so late xD). I think this commercial pretty much sums up the chaos that will be unleashed in a few hours:

11 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving

    • You’re a brave soul, venturing out on Black Friday like that.
      For me, my dad and I had to drive to some shop to get our PS3 fixed – apparently it got the YELLOW LIGHT OF DOOM, which I had never heard of until now (it’s akin to the XBOX 369’s RED RING OF DEATH, except it’s the PS3 version).
      But our Thanksgiving itself was fun :D Good food! Mr. Toilet wasn’t too happy afterwards but screw him xD
      Also got to play ZOMBIE madness with my dad – we played RESIDENT EVIL 5 (before the PS3 died). That game sucks but it’s fun to bitch when you have someone with you!


      Plus we get free box cutters :D
      I mean, FREE box cutters! AWESOME!
      And if we act now, we can go touch some old guy and get his goods!

      Okay, never mind. Let’s not.
      He can be touched by other guys…
      (or do some touching himself *painface.jpg*)


    • I heard this Black Friday, some dude got trampled or smtg but kept on shopping. I heard he’s now suing because he got injured.
      Part of me is thinking, WTF!? If you were injured, why didn’t you go get medical attention instead of lifting that 34 inch plasma screen tv into your cart?

      Or do we not feel sorry?
      Perhaps he WANTS to be touched >___>

      Disturbing but possible…


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