Tid-Bits: Kuranoa #5

Gah, this chapter of Kuranoa really pissed me off :I
I don’t care if this is shojo
You don’t forgive someone for beating on your sister just like that
He may be a bishi but that doesn’t excuse his actions
It’s hinting there is a reason for the beat down but we’ll see >___>

Last we left off, Ichi somehow appeared in the real world. Minori is naturally pooping herself over this. When asked wtf is he doing here, Ichi says he’s here to protect Minori though judging by his attitude and ecstatic expression, Minori deduces he just wanted to come to the real world to explore. Chihiro notices Minori freaking about Ichi and asks what’s up. Ichi SMOOTHLY lies explains to Chihiro the reason for his friendliness with “Shiori.” Buying the reason he’s never seen Ichi before because he’s a first year student (which makes me go, so? The kid has an eye patch. As cruel as this is going to sound, rumors would have been floating around about a kid with an eye patch. Because high school is sick like that), Chihiro happily comments on the happy relationship the two have. Minori tells him they do NOT have a happy relationship which makes Ichi cry xD

The bus comes and everyone goes to school.

Random scene jump: Nana is asking Shiori if she wants to use the bullets in his gun. Shiori says she’d rather be a couch potato.
Nana looks at the gun in contemplation (╬ ಠ益ಠ) sadly.

Back to the real world: Sometime during the school period, Minori introduces Ichi to Shou. Shou comments that from Minori’s description, he took Ichi to be some sort of mutant bunny. Minori says even though he’s bunny, he’s also human – he’s a furry. Shou has a, “oh crap she’s has another man in her life” look on his face. Shou: [And he has bunny ears. Girls have a thing for guys with animal ears ;__;]. Ichi notices Shou’s look and comments that Shou is looking at him in envy. Shou blushes at this.

“It’s only natural to be envious. What Minori and I have isn’t like a normal relationship. We’re ALWAYS together ~”  ;D

Shou: *dies a little on the inside*

Ichi randomly challenges Shou to a soccer duel and the two leave (I know, really random, right?). Minori declines going with them because she needs to look for more pieces of her memory (which makes me think, hey Ichi. Didn’t you come to the real world to protect Minori? >__> I guess that soccer ball is kind of intimidating…). While walking around campus, she overhears some kids talking about a fight going down. When she hears “Kago” (Yuiichi), she’s like omg, gotta go see what’s going on (and get some front row seats to see Yuiichi get his face served! Scare the shit out of me in Chapter #3 will you? Muhahahaha!)

She goes over to the place where the fight is happening. I like how everyone is just gathered around staring. Like there’s no need to stop it. Rubberneckers… >__> (or maybe they know that Yuiichi is a wife beater and can handle himself?)

Inside is Nana, only without his cat ears. And he’s about to put the hurt on Yuiichi (Yay! That’s karma for you BITCH! >:D). Minori tries to stop him (WHY!?) but gets slapped aside (by Nana ). Chihiro stops her from falling over. Unlike the others, he actually tries to put an end to the fight. He asks why Nana is trying to slap Yuiichi into next week Tuesday?

“It’s because, this guy, hit Shiori!”

I can TOTALLY see Yuiichi be an abusive lover. No wonder Shiori is messed up man. With a sweetheart like Yuiichi waiting for her in the real world, why would she fight to get her body back?

Chihiro is all, oh that, please. Everyone knows that. He even slaps me around :D and drags Nana out (really, Chihiro isn’t even fazed by this information =__+;). Yuiichi asks if “Shiori” knows Nana. She says yes. Then he asks if he’s ever hit her before. Yuiichi got his beater face on when asking this (O__O;). He knows it’s Minori in there. For some reason, Minori is all, “of course not :D” even though in her head, she’s thinking “after that last time, I can totally see this guy beating my sister.” However, this placates his classmates. Phew! The perfect student body president, who has perfect grades and is the item of affection for every girl in school, beating on his girlfriend? What kind of shojo would this be ~:D

Yuiichi leaves and Minori follows – I guess since they’re at school, she doesn’t have to worry about him slamming her against walls like in chapter #3. Minori asks if it’s true, about Yuiichi smacking Shiori around. He says yup :)

Minori: O________O wtf!?

Yuiichi said he got too stressed out and WAM! Popped three teeth out in the process! But he says “my bad” to doing that (me: ;¯‿¯). He then says that Minori doesn’t know the TRUE Shiori.

(As sad as this is going to sound, I’m betting since he’s one of the love interests in the game, there’s going to be a valid reason for him punching in Shiori’s face. Because even Japan has scruples – they’ll let an old man date a kid but a beater in an otome game is pushing it. I mean, even though Okita was homicidal in Hakuouki (the manga), he never carried out his threats, because that’s not sexy)

Minori remembers the words Shiori left in her stalking book: DISAPPEAR MINORI! Also that she was looking for something. (okay…)

Yuiichi decides to be gangster and say he’s a monster (not sure how saying you’re a monster is gangster but I’m too lazy to delete that xD). And a monster like him doesn’t need a reason to be thug and punch his girlfriend’s lights out.

[Saying it like that is wrong! To put yourself down…is the same as running away!]

Uh…wtf Minori? If I didn’t know better, it’s sounding like you’re thinking of FORGIVING Yuiichi for backhanding your sister. But that’s not cool, right?

“It’s true….you’re a beast for raising your hand against another. But, the Yuiichi before me, who regrets his actions, I don’t think he’s a monster!”

(ಠ_ಠ) Dear God in heaven you have got to be shitting me. She’s FORGIVING HIM!? W.T.F.!? Only in a shojo series can you forgive a dude who beats his girlfriend who is also your sister. OTL And WHEN did he say he was sorry? That “my bad *winku*” part? Please! D: I-I need to go do something else right now to stem off my anger.

Okay, after 4 hours, I’m back. And ready to get this over with.

Minori leaves and starts monologue-ing in her head. She says the old her who liked him sympathizes with Yuiichi. Well, that old you is stupid Minori. Then she thinks, at the same time, she can’t forgive him for hurting Shiori (@$$%# make your mind up woman @___@;). Because it’s her (<- the heck does that even mean? >__>). Minori starts crying and saying she doesn’t know what to do. Chihiro just happens to be walking by and notices Minori having a break down. She tries to cover up her tears by asking what Chihiro is doing here in school. He says he had some OB stuff to do (no idea what OB is ^^;).

(So wait…is Chihiro not a student then? So why was he riding Minori’s bus then? >___> Shouldn’t that have clued her in about him coming to school with her? <___<;)

[EDIT: I looked on the official Kuranoa page and it turns out he’s 19 years old AND in college. K then. That answered part of my question. ^^; Also, OB has something to do with the soccer club at Minori’s HS]

He tells Minori that Nana disappeared. Minori thinks he went back to Kuranoa. This time Chihiro notices Minori’s mood and tries to comfort her.

“Shiori, you didn’t do anything wrong. I know you. And I know, you didn’t do anything wrong.”

Minori lets the tears fall. Chihiro holds her (Chihiro: SCORE one for the megane team :D)

The scene switches over to Ichi and Shou having a soccer battle. Both are evenly matched. As they exchange manly phrases to one another, Ichi’s “Nana Senses” start to tingle. This stops the game. Ichi says it’s almost time for him to go back to Kuranoa. Shou is like, so you’re really her guardian spirit and not some weirdo?

Ichi: =___=

Ichi says he’s glad he came and got to see Shou. He can leave Minori in his care :3 ~

“When I’m stuck in Kuranoa, I want you to protect Minori.”
“I’m serious. Please.”

Shou says he understands. The two sign their bro pact with a high five before Ichi leaves. Minori shows up shortly. After telling her Ichi left, Shou pretty much says, whatever you need, I’m your man!” really, anything <3

We end the chapter with Nana going into Shiori’s Kuranoa. Shiroi says she’s found the thing she’s been looking for and is wearing a beater face expression that is oddly similar to Yuiichi’s from earlier o___O

End ~

Wow, this came out way longer than supposed to. Too much bitchin’ on my part xD  All that’s left in this first volume is another omake and we’re done ~

18 thoughts on “Tid-Bits: Kuranoa #5

  1. Still very interesting. So yuchii beat shiori D: le gasp! But minori forgives him but at the same Time doesn’t uh O___o hmm interesting

    oohh is chihiro a new bishie :D u know a reverse harem can never have enough bishies xD~

    I’m starting to think that maybe yuchii wrote the erase minori thing into shiori’s notebook but
    shiori looks evil too…

    Oh wow I’m kinda disapointed in minori =___= it seems that she needs to be slammed into the wall a bit more so that she can understand that yuchii doesn’t like her…

    Ugh, but I hope this doesn’t end up like HnKnA how Alice chose Blood even though he choked her… If Minori decides screw the nice guys I’m going for my antihero~ I’m gonna drop this series =____=;;


    • From what I’m reading, it said he hit her
      I’m not sure if it’s just one time or several. Nana only said Yuuichi hit her. After seeing Yuuichi’s lovely side in chapter #3, I can totally see him being a beater.
      And I’m a drama queen :P So I totally just milked the scene ~
      BUT like I said, I bet there is a valid reason. Because no girl is attracted to a beater and he’s one of the love interests in the game.
      Shiori was probably trying to beat HIM or something

      Haha, it’s probably how I depicted her xD
      I was just shocked how she could forgive him but maybe because I was thinking in relation to myself. I mean, if my BFF’s bf beat her, I’d go ape sh*t crazy on the guy. Because that’s my friend >:I
      BUT, since he’s a love interest, I guess it’s only natural she’d forgive him
      PLUS…this is a shojo. Shojo heroines forgive EVERYTHING xD lol


      From the future chapters I’ve glanced at, it seems Shiori is doing some crazy shiz to everyone.
      And that’s why Yuuichi punched her (I didn’t look too closely to see what it was she was doing – will do that later xD).
      You’ll see she does her whatever to Shou too o_________O;
      Shiori scares me…


  2. Oh that part, I read it in the short story in a magazine what pushed Yuuichi. I have no idea if they will include that in the manga if ever, it will be a huge spoiler though.

    Regarding Minori’s actions- I think it’s understandable – since she’s still confused about her feelings and also her memories too.

    OB means alumni so Chihiro is taking care of alumni matters.

    If you can’t handle this chapter, I have a warning for you – there will be a “bigger” event than that.


    • I peeked at a couple later chapters in my Comic Sylph (I’m bad like that xP) and Yuiichi does kind of hint at something happening between him and Shiori that resulted in him going HE-MAN.
      Also Shou freaks out too when Minori comes back so I’m thinking Shiori did the same thing to him too
      Shiori is really starting to freak me out…

      Yeah. I was just thinking it in terms of my own life. If my BFF had been hit by her bf, I’d be EXTREMELY pissed. Heck, I’d probably knock his lights out. That’s how much I care for my friend
      But I need to see it from Minori’s POV. She doesn’t really have memories of her sister so she doesn’t have that much of a bond right now with her (plus her sister told her to go “vanish” which doesn’t help). So it’s like hearing Yuiichi was slapping around some random girl who she sat next to in class but never talked to. She knows her, but not that well.
      I don’t know. Just the fact he bared arms against her is a little freaky.
      But that’s just me
      Plus we’ll figure out later why he did it
      (and it’s not just because the mood hit him…or so the manga hints)

      :D ah! Thank you. I was thinking he was some sort of goalie or something xD

      I was just being a drama queen with my summary
      I’m like that :P
      I’m still sticking with the series because it’s Comic Sylph & I love Comic Sylph’s stuff :3

      I’m surprised. I didn’t think you’d read my summaries, because I come off as an a** in them xD
      Sorry if I threw you off with my hostile personality!
      And I don’t hate Kuranoa :3 My a**-ness made it seem so. Sorry for confusing


  3. No, I understand what you mean. Don’t worry about it. I read this because I was curious what were your rants about it *laughs* and also, I was looking at my translation for comparison.

    About Shiori, I have to admit it is indeed scary. To be honest, just reading her note wanting Minori to disappear is scary enough.

    “From the future chapters I’ve glanced at, it seems Shiori is doing some crazy shiz to everyone.”
    >>> *points to Minori and Shou*


    • Haha, thanks :3
      (not sure how my translations compared with yours – I’m still a practicing translator ^^;)

      At first I thought, hey maybe someone else wrote that note. Then after seeing Shiori’s “other” side, I abandoned that idea. o__o; *scared*

      I know Yuiichi was like O___O: DON’T WANNA TALK ABOUT IT! when Minori asked him something about Shiori. And Shou was all OMG! STAY AWAY!!!! when Minori found him in school one day.l He was relieved to hear it’s Minori who is in the body but he was still super nervous around her.
      Dang, what did she do!? *curious* Oh well, we’ll find out here soon ;3


      • I’m a newbie at translating too (Also, English is my 2nd language so I don’t have much confidence in my English ability)

        Hmm…Which chapter was that? Do you mean that’s the first few chapters where Minori chased Shou all day? Or you mean the recent one? If it’s the recent one I still haven’t got Sylph *laughs*

        But judging from the September issue of Sylph – I think it’s where Shiori broke her “promise” with Minori. This is the later part that I want to kick Shou this time. (But then this is also the part I like this series because it’s so different from the typical shoujo manga)


        • :D yay ~ a comrade!
          (Really? You’re English is very good!)

          The Shou thing was Bullet 9 and 10
          The Yuuichi thing is Bullet 6
          Both were like OMG D: *crawls in a corner and sucks on his thumb*
          So far those chapters are only available in Comic Sylph though I think there are enough chapters to be released into another volume. Volume #1 mentions #2 coming out sometime next year :3

          I still need to read the chapters in more detail :3 (I have them but school got in the way of sitting down and reading them :<)
          I'll hopefully get to them soon ~
          This way I can make more sense of what I skimmed over in the later chapters xD


  4. the manga is interesting. but when I read your spoilers, complete with your insightful comments, it is transformed into a hysterically funny manga that is truly captivating. good job!


  5. These tib-bits were interesting. The second vol is already starting to be translated, but i hate these types of heroines so i’ll probably just read the last chapter and if it’s good read it backwards :shrugs: weird i know T_T

    P.s i wasn’t as pissed of as some when Alice choose Blood. But to be honest Julius or Boris were much better picks. Boris was even willing to change his destructive habits for her – so cute!! I’m a sucker for Neko boys.


    • 8D hey that’s what I do! When I find a series I’m kinda interested in, I check to see how it ends first. That way, if it ends shitty, then I didn’t waste my time (and money!) 8D Good to know someone else has the same policy ~

      I figured she’d get with Blood, but what PO’d me was how much of a douche manga Blood was. Apparently in the game, Blood is a lot better so you can see him as a potential love interest. In the manga, he just freaked me out. Like he was some sort of rapist psycho :<
      And that sucked because he had a pretty nice face…

      I'm really looking forward to reading Alice in the Country of Clover: Waltz of the Cheshire Cat ~ x3 I have the Japanese version but unfortunately it doesn't have the little furigana I use to read (because I'm still at a newbie level with my Japanese and I can't read too many kanji by themselves yet :___:). Thank goodness Seven Seas picked it up for us English readers 8D They did a great job with the Bloody Twins version so here's to hoping that trend continued with Boris' story ~ x3
      (I love me some neko boys too xD Hear Hear to that!)


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