Hakuouki Comic Sylph Manga is being Scanalated ~

Hello my little pigeons!
How have you been? It’s been awhile since I’ve posted on my poor blog. Forgive me for neglecting you, my pecan pie ~ *hugs blog*
(in case you’re wondering wtf is wrong with me, blame sleep deprivation)
Man, the end of October just signaled the initiation of the TIME TO MAKE SCHOOL SUCK FOR SYLPH TEE HEE plan. Papers, presentations, mock crime scenes, more presentations, tests…it goes on @___@
Come on! A person can only take so much!
I’m proud to say after slaving away on this paper, I’M ALMOST DONE! I’m sort of PO’d because this paper was supposed to be kind of easy but procrastination and writer’s block made its creation come at a painfully slow rate. Every day I could only write like a page before my brain was all, nope. That’s it for me. Ain’t doing ANY more.
*shakes an angry fist at her brain*
Doesn’t help the lady who this paper is due for goes under the alias the Nazi Lady (and she laughed when she found out her nickname O__O Don’t care if the man can chew tin foil, even Chuck Norris would have felt a shiver go down his spine)
I’m scared :_________:
Now that I’m done crying about my pathetic drama, what was I going to post about again…?

Image from mangafox

Oh yeah!
I noticed on mangafox that someone scanalated the Comic Sylph version of Hakuouki :D Sweet! More Comic Sylph love <3 I was originally thinking of summarizing the manga version but when I looked at it in the magazine, I found it was pretty much just the anime in print form with two exceptions: Chizuru looks more like a boy and the guys aren’t as studly looking as their anime-counterparts.

(man, I really gotta catch up on the anime too…=__=; how many MONTHS have I been saying that? Really? OTL)

Anyway, I think I’ll just stick with Hakuouki Jurenka – though I’ll buy Hakuouki the manga just to finally understand wtf is going on because apparently I’m too lazy to watch anime =_____=; (and also bc I left the magazines with the earlier chapters at home…oops)
Okay, just wanted to let you all know I’m alive ~ (all 3 of you ;3)
I will hopefully get to posting on here again – as well as answer comments and visit my stalk sites – in the future ~ (unless there’s a part II to that plan that I’m not aware of…please no part II ;____;)


PS. Here is that colored page I promised you from SLH, @Rin. Sorry it took so long to get this to you ~ (my present for giving me the awesome Kuga confession page :D)

5 thoughts on “Hakuouki Comic Sylph Manga is being Scanalated ~

  1. well welcome back!
    I know what you mean! I’m tons of HW that I need to do (it really bad because it’s sunday and all of it is due monday….)

    I still need to watch season 2 of Hakuouki buuuut I’ll do it later…


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