Angel Sanctuary #1 (manga opinion)

Been a while since I’ve had a manga opinion up here ^^; It’s sad that I have these all written out but I keep lagging behind in posting them.
Well, meh.
It’s just me talking about what I liked and didn’t like about something :3

Gotta admit, this manga was definitely out there.
Whoa boy

Title: Angel Sanctuary #1
Manga-ka: Kaori Yuki

Summary on the back:

At the center of this epic tale of Heaven and Hell and forbidden love is high-school student Setsuna Mudo. He’s no angel – he’s completely tactless around girls, has an unpredictable temper, and can become extremely violent. That he comes from a broken home and is in love with his sister Sara just makes matters worse! Add teenage hormones and major issues with his mother, and you’ve got the recipe for one troubled kid!

And then Setsuna’s reality becomes seriously twisted when his past life as an angel starts to plague the present and threatens to destroy the future…

Got this from my local library (yeah, I’m shocked at a library carrying manga – I’m so used to my crap library that had jack in it!).

The story follows a brother and sister. The brother has a thing for his sister. Later we find that his sister also has a thing for him.
Anyway, it seems the brother has something supernatural about him. Demons and angels suddenly start appearing. Some want to kill the brother, others want to protect him. Seems brother is a reincarnation of someone important – a female angel who tried to overthrow heaven. However, something happened and the coup failed.

Add in the brother of the female angel wanting the brother dead, the fact the brother’s friend might not be who we think he is, and that everyone seems to like to reincarnate into the opposite gender and you have Angel Sanctuary. Oh, and everyone is really abusive.

Gotta say, Angel Sanctuary is definitely…out there.

Never mind the incest thing.

Since this is only volume #1, it’s natural we’d be left in the dark. What happened in the past is definitely playing a part with what’s happening right now.

We are introduced to a whole lot of characters. I haven’t really formed any thoughts on them. I kind of like the brother’s BFF but that might just because he’s the only one not lusting over his sister/opposite gender reincarnation (but from what my friend said, that’s going to change real quick).

Not sure how I feel about this manga. I’m sort of creeped out about the brother x sister thing. Just kind of…weird. But that’s just me personally. The library only had the first volume so this is probably where I’m going to stop. I’m not interested enough to go out and buy my own copies. Plus my friend told me what happened (I love the way she explains things. She made this sounded so wtf messed up that I had to check it out – but I found her summary more entertaining than the source material x3).

Satisfied or Unsatisfied: …
Thoughts: …

13 thoughts on “Angel Sanctuary #1 (manga opinion)

  1. Yeah, canon incest is pretty much what stopped me from reading Angel Sanctuary. Even though the whole angel thing is revelent to my interests. Her other series are okayy, like Fairy Tale if hella depressing


    • I like the angel-demon stuff but yeah, I’m not into bro x sis relationships. It’s just…not my thing. I was looking at Fairy Cube but then I thought, damn this looks dark. I don’t know if I want to read it…
      The other series that VIZ recently just released…something Orchestra…that’s something I think might interest me. Cross dressers falling for one another? WIN!


  2. I don’t think I could read even the whole first volume. I really liked Kaori Yuki’s Cain Saga/Godchild and Fairy Cube, so I wanted to try Angel Sanctuary, but it was just too much. :/ (I’m still plan on trying her newest licensed work, Grand Guignol Orchestra, though, it looks awesome and it’s short.)


    • It got creeper the deeper you went into volume #1. By the end, I was like, OKAY, not reading any more of this. Excuse me while I got watch something funny and NOT CREEPY :X

      Oh, Grand Guignol Orchestra! That looks like a good one :3 My friend told me about it. All I know is it’s got cross dressing romance in it xD


  3. omg is it that creepy? :o

    hehe funny yesterday i was reading one of Kaori Yuki’s work called Bloodhound and it was very good. i loved it and now i’m also a Kaori Yuki fan XD

    i think angel sanctuary isn’t something that i would read but Grand Guignol Orchestra looks fun and it’s already translated in french (they already translated 3 volumes of the 5)


    • OMG, I’m so sorry D: I didn’t see this comment!

      I’m not into brother x sister relationships
      If you don’t mind it (and the gore) then you may like this manga. I’d suggest reading the first volume to sample it first before going out and buying the whole collection.

      I want to read Grand Guignol Orchestra :3
      Looks really good
      Cross dressers falling for one another = WIN xD


  4. Are you serious? This is one of the best angels & demons’ stories ever out there! You didn’t like it because it involved incest? How pathetic! Kaori Yuki included it because it’s the most impossible love of it all. It’s beautiful how the love between Setsuna and Sara grow stronger throughout the books.
    Or perhaps you thought that just because it says Shôjo it would be like all girly and rainbows and shit. Even Kaori Yuki says that it was badly categorized, since it’s gruesome and involves sexual themes. I found myself loving every single character in the series, and the story is simply mind-blowing. But once again, I assume you’re a girl that likes pink stuff and unicorns, so no, Angel Sanctuary is definitely not for you. A shame.


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